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Paul Williams red card for strike on Heinrich Brussow

Brussow was hitting him repeatedly, which the TJ recognized, and Williams gave him a smack.

I may have gone yellow for Williams, but I don't necessarily disagree with the red. However, Brussow deserved a Yellow for those strikes, and it is those repeated strikes that lead to the headshot.

You want good game management... Brussow gets a yellow, Williams gets a red (or even a yellow) and both get a break. Teams are 14v14, and play goes on.

6 Years, 7 Months ago

Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu's outrageous dummy for Gloucester

Well, i know what dumb-ass move I'll try at training!

6 Years, 7 Months ago

Tony Woodcock and Adam Kleeberger head clash

You hate to see a guy rag-doll like that... glad that both seem to be doing well. Imagine what would have happened to Kleeberger if he didn't have that beard to protect him!

6 Years, 7 Months ago