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Darren Dawidiuk banned for six weeks for tip-tackle on Dave Attwood

6 weeks????!!!!!

What a bunch of clowns.

5 Years, 2 Months ago

Darren Cave picks up concussion after two big tackles vs Treviso

The first could be an alleged "no arm" tackle and the second was what is now classed as a "tip" tackle.

I'm glad this referee's inconsistency allowed both.

Strange no citing commissioner is getting all excited - I think it's probably because it was only on Irish TV so didn't get into the press when Stuart Barnes or some ignorant BBC commentator makes a fuss of it. The cynic in me may be starting to think the citing bodies are affected by publicity...

5 Years, 2 Months ago

Edinburgh's Nick De Luca flips Tom Grabham in dangerous tackle

What a muppet!

5 Years, 2 Months ago

Tim Nanai-Williams finishes amazing passage of play and scores great solo effort

Given he was still being held onto as he got back to his feet I'd have to disagree.

5 Years, 2 Months ago

Tim Nanai-Williams finishes amazing passage of play and scores great solo effort

Lucky Walsh was refereeing, any halfwit that knew the Laws would have blown up for a penalty at 2.20 when the tackled player didn't release. Not a complaint, just saying...

5 Years, 2 Months ago

Big fight between Belgium and Georgia in Rugby World Cup qualifier

I had a good look and all he did was walk towards the original scuffle, then he got unleashed upon. It's not just #6 that needs a ban, about half the Georgian team were punching anything that moved.

5 Years, 3 Months ago

Billy Ngawini brilliant stepping and pass sets up Michele Sepe try

This story is sums up the modern game. What we have here is undoubtedly one of the main reasons we love to come onto this website, a piece of play that is just a joy to watch, performed by an individual with the talent we all crave. BUT it is said he didn't progress in the game due to his size - he is 5' 8'' and 13st 12lb (wikipedia). Yes he is not tall but he is hardly small by normal standards. Who is the better rugby player this genius or Chris Ashton, a player so thick he can barely string a sentence together, the vision of a bat and the skill of a donkey - the only difference is Ashton has been pumped full of every barely legal supplement under the sun in order to make him succeed in the modern game. Ashton is just the unfortunate person I picked as an example out of the hundreds of players of the same ilk. It's times like these I wonder whether we will ever see a stepper like Jason Robinson ever again or witness a try like the famous one of the Barbarians...

5 Years, 3 Months ago

Ian Keatley clearance kick hits Wayne Barnes square in the face

I think pretty much every player in the whole game will be smiling after seeing that. Who would not like seeing this pretentious man getting walloped?

5 Years, 4 Months ago

Tom Varndell tip tackle on Horacio Agulla

This is getting silly.

Please please please, before saying this is dangerous, can you give an example, any example when a player has been injured by a tackle like the one in this link.

I'd love to know when the last time referees and citing commissioners actually played a game once. I fear they all sit in their offices and have conferences about so called incidents whilst forgetting what it is like to play the game. An industry has now been created where a citing commissioner is employed, unsurprisingly a result of this is that s/he wants to build up a CV with some stats and slowly but steadily more and more and more becomes illegal. I'm getting thoroughly sick of the professional game, it's getting ruined as a spectacle for rugby players in the vane attempt to draw in a new audience.

How long will it be until a player or coach has a considerable outburst at how daft the situation has become? I think such a person may find themself being regarded as a bit of a martyr!

5 Years, 4 Months ago

Hooker Dylan Hartley cited for striking Ulster's Rory Best

If this sort of thing warrants a citing it's extremely fortunate lower level rugby isn't routinely videoed. There would be about two players left free to play.
Remember the Lewsey/Rogers incident a few years back, we all loved it, now they would both be banned for 5 weeks for cuffing each other round the ear and Lewsey would probably receive and additional 8 weeks for his tackle.

The whole citing system is turning into an absolute joke.

5 Years, 5 Months ago