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All Blacks score late to deny Springboks in another Ellis Park classic

As long as i understand your point, i didn't see any information from top14 clubs recruiting nz teenagers... Are you sure of that?
Toulon, Racing and others are generally more interested by SH famous "veterans" to increase tickets selling, than young talented anonymes.
In both cases, it would be bad for young frenchmen and kiwis.

And by the way, Piutau will go in Ulster, not in France.

6 Days, 16 Hours ago

All Blacks score late to deny Springboks in another Ellis Park classic

As a french fan, i would definetly exchange our famous 'best losers' with your 'worst winner' one during a world cup.
But after 3 boring St-andré years, i think we're ready to watch and accept something ugly ;)

1 Week, 13 Hours ago

Michael Hooper cited for off the ball punch against Argentina

More on more annoying cases of players holding back others in order to delay a support and gain a penatly for retaliation.
Up to the IRB to figure out this fashion or up to commissions to sanction it with consistency.

I remember for example Nyanga holding back Sean O'Brien and receiving a severe swinging arm in the face during a Hcup semi final in Dublin. Both werent penalised or cited.

1 Week, 14 Hours ago

Wallabies snatch dramatic victory after Springboks fail to run down the clock

The last penalty shoud not surprised the boks staff if they had followed Nigel Owens way to ref this season >> Racing VS Sarries
Correct or not, he never fears this kind of decision.
The problem is these decisions appear often inconsistent

2 Weeks, 16 Hours ago

Ed Morrison admits that Springboks probably scored try in 1995 World Cup Final

These old-fashion rules were stupid.
It would have been a shame if France have been qualified in case of postponed or abandoned game.

French fans haven't any bad feelings with this moment. French rugby lived many moments of injustice but also had others lucky games such like vs Wales in 2011, that's rugby.

I'm not confident with France chances in this world cup, but a 3 months 'commando' preparation can often be more rich than 3 years of poor management.

2 Weeks, 3 Days ago

Ed Morrison admits that Springboks probably scored try in 1995 World Cup Final

Even if it's a bit biased ;) thanks for this very interesting article, and not only for that Benazzi moment.
Tension, cataclysmic conditions, violence, politics, controversy... it was more a theatre piece than a football match.

Benazzi gave his version of the story in an interview for rugbyrama

"Yes, I put the ball on the line, just before dropping it. But in the dressing room after the game, I told the guys it wasn't a try, so that there is no frustration and everyone turns to the match for third place against the English, that we had not beaten for six years. What I regret most, in fact, is that the referee refused the try, without even consulting his assistants. Furthermore, Francois Pienaar, I knew later as coach at Saracens, confirmed me Kruger try was invalid...
I guess the conditions and the politic context was difficult, fortunately, the vision of Mandela raising his arms just next to François during the final, was for me the best memory of the world cup."

2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Ed Morrison admits that Springboks probably scored try in 1995 World Cup Final

I also think Eddie-G was more questioning the video ref process than the decision itself, as Cueto foot slightly unfortunately or fortunately (whether u're bok or english) touched the line

2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Craig Joubert carding Jacques Potgieter riles commentator Phil Kearns

I can't judge Kearns comments as i didn't see that game. But Kearns reaction just seem like an ego-patriotic tweet than a real analysis.

Concerning Joubert performance in the 2011 final, everything has been said and repeated.
Personally, i just remember a ref who literally shitted in his pants during the last 20 minutes... But how can u blame him? he didn't want to waste the party.

3 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Five classic underdog tries at the Rugby World Cup

Ze dance of Zee N'Gwenya in front of Habana was something else.

I also remember others moments such like the Samoa vs Wales in 1991 or another Caucau zigzag vs France in 2003

3 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Touching Haka from Under 20's in honour of fallen hero Jerry Collins

Byron Kelleher was also there

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago