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Rynard Landman red carded for elbow to face against Connacht

Hm, do u seriously think L'Equipe would be able to write that kind of bullshit? Any serious proof? I just ask because u seem weirdly precise.
Fortunately, Dupuy attack is considered by many french fans and journalists as the most vicious ever. Plus, it annihilated the rest of his career with the french selection.

As for the comments in l'equipe, they are just as ridicule as the youtube or dailymail comments. Fool.

Conspiracy? Certainly not. Let's leave that for Mourinho..
I think french fans just want the same bans whatever the nationality and the image of the player. for example, many 'bitterly' smiled with Cueto eye-gouging, Hartley long criminal case or Atwood stamping on a romanian player.

2 Days, 2 Hours ago

Rynard Landman red carded for elbow to face against Connacht

don't worry, i perfectly know most of posters are intelligent and rugby-lover enough to not fall in stupid conclusions or clichés.
and i certainly won't compare the uncomparable, as papé ban will learn him to avoid his dirty tricks during the world cup, if st-andré still wants his olf-fashion presence.

but sometimes, i'm quite fascinated by the obsession and the double-lecture of some people when an agression involved a french player.

but don't count me to fall in the 'victimisation' speech, rugby is not for victims. maybe, i'm just victim of my rugby passion

2 Days, 22 Hours ago

Rynard Landman red carded for elbow to face against Connacht

I guess people and medias will be as severe and objective as they were with papé.
but we already know it won't be the case...

3 Days, 10 Hours ago

Jamie Heaslip accepts cited Pascal Pape's apology but is out injured

Breaking news.
Papé is suspended for 10 weeks for his knee in Heaslip back.
Just to remind and not polemic, Heaslip was suspended 4 weeks for 2 knee charges on McCaw head.

Vahaaminha will replace him in the France group
Good night and good luck.

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Sean O'Brien's monster ruck cleanout against France

Great clear out... followed up by a wonderful 'holding down' obstruction on 2 french players ;)

1 Week, 3 Days ago

Ireland hang on against France to stay on track for title defence

I'm kind of groupie of wesley... though, i agree he seemed a bit shy in his runs. His early ko isn't stranger to that.

Such like Basta, nobody he's untouchable
Dumoulin, chavancy, fickou or mermoz could may appear in the last 3 matchs.

1 Week, 4 Days ago

England lack early intensity but pile points on Italy in second half

A good victory by England with great performances by joseph and youngs. but the score clearly flattered them.
That vunipola 'try' which was never a try changed the momentum of the game.

But we can't always find excuses to italy. The 60 minutes minutes 'physical' step seems too big for them.

If only the 15 players could match Parisse hyper-activity..

1 Week, 4 Days ago

Ireland hang on against France to stay on track for title defence

Congrats to Ireland, and above all, what a match by Sexton.
He imposed the tempo of the match and pressured very well the french back three with his delighting kicks.
Furthermore, he never backed off even after some big Basta charges and defence.
They definetly gave rdv to France for this autumn if POC, Sexton or Healy are fit.

France were a far better side than vs Scotland, but they stayed too steterotyped and physical. The forwards are ready as they dominated the irish in most of the rucks and mauls. I'm not worried by the indiscipline which costed the victory, i'm more annoyed by the link 9-10... Huget and Thomas always received the ball on the back foot. Parra and Dulin comebakcs should bring more creativity in the next weeks.

And finally, few points:
- Papé is an old-fashion thug and should be ban for 4 weeks in order to see more from Taofifenua or Flanquart
- There was no vendetta on Sexton despite all the 'trolling' on bastareaud since few days
- Saint-André should install the clermont pair Parra-Lopez, can he?

1 Week, 4 Days ago

World Rugby accepts George North should have left field after concussion

This "hard men don't quit the pitch" rugby syndrom begins to become a problem for clubs and feds.
Refs should be formed to these concussion signs in order to have the last word vs very laxist medics.

But i fear rugby law makers always needs shocking injuries to create big statements.

2 Weeks, 2 Days ago

Scotland left frustrated as France kick their way to victory in Paris

Man, for any sour grapes or enormous clichés, please go on YouTube.

Scotland played with heart but were killed by their indiscipline, especially beattie and russell. Home they will transform their promess in success with Cotter.

France played badly and could only count on their huge physical pression. Dulin and Parra would bring more creativity.
Win ugly, ok, but build strategy please.

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago