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Francois Steyn red carded for attempting to take Johnny Sexton's head off

ok then

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2 Days, 4 Hours ago

Francois Steyn red carded for attempting to take Johnny Sexton's head off

Not surprised to see François Steyn involved in a stupid decision which cost his team.
He also shot during a Myler penalty attempt few months ago.

Unlike the majority, i find it's a severe red card as Sexton was passing low, but any head clash is now considered as an automatic red so..
I would say yellow for this reckless tackle, but i would give red for Steyn commenting ref decision.

2 Days, 4 Hours ago

Two players singled out in French second division mass brawl

Yes, a good "générale" but not so ugly after all.

Found this one, i like its war reporter style:

Need motivation for this afternoon? Some french rugby good "words".

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5 Days, 4 Hours ago

Double tackle KO of Geoff Parling leads to a red card and citings

All replays show Barritt arm in Parling face, caused everything
But only Barrington is red faced

6 Days, 9 Hours ago

Courtney Lawes trademark hit demolishes scrumhalf Will Cliff

Perfect tackle
If a blooding nose is judged as a serious injury, i quit this sport

6 Days, 9 Hours ago

New directives under fire once more as Brice Dulin gets carded for challenge

"RIP air contest"
We will miss you.

1 Week, 4 Days ago

Tusi Pisi sees red for in the air challenge during breakthrough Bristol win

We can't critic refs to apply the new world rugby laws.

Even if these laws are good for players safety, do World Rugby really expect players to watch the ball, watch the player, evaluate his speed and care about the player fall... at the same time?

I predict others controversial red cards during the 6N.

2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Friday Funnies - Awkward post match chat with Conrad Smith

Well done comrade
In term of awkwardness, i pretty remember this embarrassing one after the rwc 2011 final...

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3 Weeks, 17 Hours ago

Connacht snatch win over Wasps after new law directive calamity

Terrible piece of referring. It proves a serious lack of authority or lack of laws knowledge.
But to be fair, we are all a bit lost with new world rugby directives since 1 year, so some rare mistakes happen and will continue to happen.

Very harsh for Wasps, but it would have been also unfair to overturn the connacht result. They simply played the ref incompetence and may would have score after a scrum or a quick tap.

4 Weeks, 7 Hours ago

Player banned after filthy off the ball tackle on female referee

why the fuck..

1 Month, 1 Day ago