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Marcelo Bosch takes over from Owen Farrell to land huge penalty kick

Good kick
But nowadays, u've got many kickers who can achieve these 50-60m penalties
Few years ago, it was a sort of breakfast exercise for a guy like Beauxis

22 Hours, 3 Minutes ago

Heineken Cup 2014 Quarter Final Highlights

I won't react on your comments on Nigel Owens, cause i think it's a bit unfair to say he was biased, he's one of the best ref around. Munster was deserved winners.
And if you refer to the one-eyed Hcup final in 2008, i can understand, but it's far away now.

But i clearly join u on the florian fritz incident and i think ERC should reallly investigate!
Novès who rarely complain was dejected.

Only 2 large plans were offered to the video-ref by the irish television... which didn't help nigel owens to decide something.

Most surprising, british, italian and french tv had access to 8 others plans showed a clear deliberate stamping from an irish player on the head of Fritz.

40 pts defeat happens... but that sort of "incident" let an even more horrible taste in the mouth

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Jared Payne banned for two weeks after red card challenge on Alex Goode

No discussion on the red card, regarding Payne took Goode in the air, the fall on the head and the fact Goode can't play again.

On a ban, the erc will be only judge

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Japanese celebratory swallow dive try goes horribly wrong

soon, Chris, very soon..

2 Weeks, 2 Days ago

Ireland win 2014 Six Nations after late France forward pass

Congrats to Ireland.
The most regular team during the whole tournament. completly deserved and a nice farewell for Brian.
Schmidt is building an interesting total rugby which is quite inspired by the Clermont of Cotter. I like their way to adapt during the game. For example, when the irishs were physically down, they used foot and their "vice" to slow the game. Signs of experience. But i wonder how Schmidt will deal with BOD absence and Darcy clear lack of fitness... It was a hard night for them vs Basta and Fickou

On France, it was a nice but messy answer to the critics. But like every 4 years, i can see les bleus performing well during the RWC despite the sceptics. Deception: An irregular scrum and the touch... Good perfs: Huget and Dulin... Prospect: The return of Dusautoir, Nyanga, Parra, FTD, Fofana who can bring more serenity if PSA want to open his damned eyes.

Healy headbutt? Will may be cited, but be assured he will received a light ban

1 Month, 3 Days ago

O2 Inside Line - Season 4 Episode 8

Looking back to the last scrappy England-Italy...
2013: 18-11 in Twickenham
2012: 15-19 in Rome

and now, reading posters to debate on how many points england will score to the azzuris,
can i feel a certain over-confidence?

1 Month, 6 Days ago

France break Scottish hearts with late winning penalty at Murrayfield

Huh, i don't really get the "french players are arrogant" debate, a bit of topic, i would say. Where does it come from? We're talking about rugby..

On the match, Scotland can feel quite unlcky, but in fact, they shot their own bullet in the foot. If u're not able to score easy penalties and risk a long pass just in front of a sprinter like Huget, u're not lucid enough to win the thing. Ask to Italy, when they lost vs.. Scotland.
But i tend to believe some talents like Hogg, Visser, Maitland, Denton and Beattie will florish with Cotter "hardwork" management.

France is quite the same since 3 matchs: some flashs of brilliance erased by long moments of forwards game lethargy. I don't really get the problem, cause this strategy doesn't looklike and suit to these french players.
The long list of injured players (Dusautoir, Nyanga, Picamoles, Parra, Trinh-Duc, Fofana, Swarzweski...) is a tree hiding a forest of problems. I've got the impression that players don't understand St-André tactics, and prefer to concentrate themselves in a restrictive strategy.
I don't think St-André is a bad manager, far from that, but rumours said that he didn't install a clear communication and relays between the staff and players. Lagisquet, for example is often described as a tyran..

Whatever will happen vs ireland, the future return of Dusautoir will help the dialogue.
France will be physically ready in autumn 2015, but they will need to work their mental approach.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

Leigh Halfpenny injured making brave try-saving tackle on Luther Burrell

Exemplar player who never fear to put his body on the line
2 years ago, still vs england, i remember he did the same cover tackle on Strettle.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

Jamie Mackintosh off the ball shoulder shot on Richie McCaw

Poor defence anticipation by McIntosh,
but sincerely, u can't really blame him on the action. His tackle intent became a reckless shoulder charge as soon as he saw the ball wasn't here.

Let's take ur 3 points on penalty and move on.

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

Morgan Parra banned for two weeks for head butt on Rene Ranger

Waw. just discovering the "let's abuse parra" comments party.
a bit pathetic isn't it? ;)

Whatever, Ranger wasn't at 10 meters but Parra reacted with silly manners. So he will swallow it and assume his ban, such like Picamoles will learn to hide his frustration by watching scotland-france on tv.

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

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