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The peculiar Vannes vs Narbonne 'no maul' stand off

i heard somebody grumpily wail "it's not rugby"

more seriously, it's this kind of astonishing defence tactics which will help players and managers to find astonishing ways to attack it.

2 Hours, 55 Minutes ago

Racing 92 and Stade Français merger called off - A recap

Tricky situation to burry a 145 years club just like that.
But the Stade gestion of Thomas Savare wasn't good: Too much big names, not enough formation and not a long-term vision.
Furthermore, rather to wait few others months to find a new owner and sell the club, Savare preferred to meet Lorenzetti without consulting players, staff and fans... very bad process.
Dont know what will be the end of this story, but i'm of those who think Paris can have 2 rugby clubs. I'm pretty sure Laporte is already in the backstages to find a new SF owner, to help Savare dilemma.

6 Days, 47 Minutes ago

Win Tickets to the European Rugby Champions Cup Final in Edinburgh

Going in Edinburgh in april, for work
Would be genius to come back in may, for fun

6 Days, 7 Hours ago

Jordie Barrett brilliant behind the back pass for Hurricanes try

"band of brothers" - season 2

preview in nz, june 2017

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Fascinating 2017 Six Nations comes to a close - Final Weekend Highlights Wrap

I personally use to nickname François as "Trou-duc" which basically means "asshole"
but in a sympathic way.

Serin is a big thing, Antoine Dupont is the next big thing. Machenaud and Parra can be worried

Fickou surprised me, he took his chance in Fofana absence

There is not plenty of choice with french fly-halves, and i must say that i'm not the biggest fan of Lopez, but his way to attack the line is better than before. If he can improve his fitness, i'll begin to become a fan.
And as some think i'm nostradamus ;) please follow the likes of Romain N'Tamack (the son of Emile) who could become the future 10 of France in 3 or 4 years

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Fascinating 2017 Six Nations comes to a close - Final Weekend Highlights Wrap

Like you, i listened Maestri being disgusted to be arbitrated like shit, but i hate people bringing the conspiracy theory. It's more surviving clichés and a deep language barrier named: the channel.

I'm much more annoyed by Rob Howley comments about "integrity", but that's another story

1 Week, 3 Days ago

Fascinating 2017 Six Nations comes to a close - Final Weekend Highlights Wrap

England deserved winners of this 6N as the most complete team and... bench.
Ireland professionals in chief for break parties and winning streaks.
Les bleus achieving to win a curious game, they would have certainly lost few months ago
Scotland future can be bright with Townsend (one of my favorite 90's players)
Wales needs to bring creativity to complete their "crash-test dummies" defence
Italy unfortunately lack talents to match Parisse brilliance, imagine 15 Parisse clones..

Back to this weird France-Wales,
it's not only Wayne Barnes fault as welsh players and the french management may have used tricks to test his nerves and influence his decisions.
We could debate on its double-standards decision to give a yellow card to Vakatawa for the same offense made by Davies, who received nothing... But his manner to deal with the scrum in these 20 minutes was quite extraordinary as he could and should have given a penalty try after at least 5 penalties (i think we reached the double)

My theory: Barnes may thought the french management may have played with the borders of the rule with Atonio hia and then decided he would never give the penalty try wished.
As Jimmy said above, we will see what will happen with the 6N review, but regarding the hia episode, wales delaying their subs, the bite allegations... this game was not rugby, it was a comedy. Shit, i'm talking like Eddie Jones.

1 Week, 3 Days ago

Scotland's Fraser Brown shown yellow for dangerous tackle on Elliot Daly

"Forward pass"


2 Weeks, 2 Days ago

England crowned Six Nations 2017 champions after demolition of Scotland

My bad, i confused with the other brother duo, Jordie Barrett (centre), the young brother of Beauden who seem quite promising.

Vs Lions, The All Blacks could present a team with 2 duo of brothers. Bloody.

2 Weeks, 3 Days ago

England crowned Six Nations 2017 champions after demolition of Scotland

Yep, forgetting scotland meltdown, that was the first time i was impressed by england backs play since EJ arrival.

As for the best 10-12-13 combination, it's working well but still not convinced by Ford.
I'm waiting to see how Ardie Savea will combine with Barrett, how Australia can find a 3rd man to the duo Foley-Kuridrani... And as a french fan, waiting for the reunite Fofana-Lamerat-Lopez this summer or later.

2 Weeks, 3 Days ago