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France hang on to beat Italy in entertaining Six Nations opener

Don't agree on the high tackle as Parisse ducked down
Agree it was a harsh penalty as Camara didn't hold Parisse enough. France was lucky on that one.
Impressed by Parisse perf, he was always everywhere for the best, and rarely for the worst.. with that dropgoal.

Mixed feelings towards les bleus. Plisson, Bezy, Danty and Vakatawa were great but the defence and the pack were TOO permissive. France won't win vs Ireland if they aren't agressive enough in the rucks battle

1 Day, 19 Hours ago

England maintain Calcutta Cup winning streak with victory over Scotland

More surprised by Scotland lack of solutions than England moving forward thanks to their forwards.

I understand Eddie Jones "only win counts". This english side certainly needs more self-belief than rugby basics lessons now, Hartley's choice being a first sign.
Time will say if his punchlines work on this group. Did he really asked if Italy had a "panini cup" as England-Italy reward..?

1 Day, 20 Hours ago

Dan Carter bags first Top 14 try with lovely chip in Racing win

Got the feeling that Racing can win everything this year.
A lot of bad choices in the past, but they slowly took their time to build something coherent.

Strong and vintage pack with Ben Arous, Nyanga and Swarzweski,
Carter, Machenaud and Phillips at the "baguette"
Some magic legs with Imhoff, Teddy Thomas, Dulin and Rokocoko
And some very promising club talents with Dupichot and Camille Chat

Can't see Toulon win them without Giteau

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Jacques Burger lines up and nails Luke McAlister with textbook tackle

Seems a fantastic tackle for me. He anticipated the pass by sprinting on McAllister.

With Fa'asavalu last one, we should be relieved watch these big hits rather to debate on hands in the face becoming vicious eye-gouges.

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Ashley Johnson's huge hit on Bryan Habana at the Stade Mayol

It's true you can can compare Chelsea and Toulon as they are 2 historic clubs which were rebuild by the influence and the capitals of a man.

But you actually can't compare both fans base.
Stamford Bridge is for example famous to be full of snobs and the ambiance is generally quite cold.
And even if i didn't like toulon crowd reaction with Simpson injury, you can't deny Mayol is one of the most exciting place to play rugby. From the pilou-pilu to the "Nice Matin" throwing celebration, it's not marketing, just tradition

Furthermore, depsite the "expendables" team, Toulon is also famous for his academy. Did you know that historic players like Champ, Hueber, Herrero, Dominici, Delaigue, Mignoni... and actual ones like Maestri, Chiocchi, Orioli, Tuisova, Fresia, Belan... were formed by the club?

I'm not a big fan of Toulon concept, but to accuse them to every evils on earth is a bit rich.

Furthermore, would you say the same about Saracens? They also benefit Nigel Wray big money since 20 years with big historic and actual signatures despite the salary cap. How do you judge their "success"?

2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Another mass brawl in France leaves referee with no option

Maybe because they live in a socialist country with a fair repartition of "pains" from the top14 to the lowest district tournaments.
They also sacrify snails and frogs at full moon.

That said, Federale 1 (4th french division) often offers this kind of 99 calls.
2 red cards and live goes on.

2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Clermont flanker Viktor Kolelishvili shoves referee Wayne Barnes

Seems that the ban entrance for this kind of offenses was recently increased...
Koleshvili firstly received 24 weeks, divided by 2 for his excuses, mitigating factors, and then +2 weeks for discipline record.

ERC bans: maths and ethic

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Chris Ashton penalised for dragging Luke Marshall down by the face

No clear gouge evidence, but a clear pression on the eyes area at 03:13
Marshall was clearly annoyed.

So regarding the poor camera angle, the 6N approaching and that he's not islander or from a top 14 team... Be assured he won't be in trouble ;)

3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Clermont flanker Viktor Kolelishvili shoves referee Wayne Barnes

I won't debate if it was yellow, red or pink card.
It was just a stupid and unnecessary shove. He penalised his team with this 3 pts penalty, before many others dubious decisions vs Clermont during the rest of the game.

You don't have to like the ref, but trying to be liked by the ref is part of the job.
So yes, stupid, really

3 Weeks, 2 Days ago

Josaia Raisuqe red carded and heavily banned for eye gouge in Stade Francais win

Correct red card and ban.
Not shocked by the sanction, as long as these bans will be consistently high in the future, for every profile players and nations.

I was assisting at this match, i don't know what was the most embarassing: this Raisuqe stupid reation or munster 20pts defeat with 15vs14 players.

3 Weeks, 4 Days ago