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Clermont brilliance sees off Saracens to set up place in Champions Cup Final

And the jaunards are back in final, again.

Like many, i will root for them.
But, i fear Toulon talent to annihilate any opponent talents.

Ps: That Ashton 'tackle' non-try decision was a joke.

5 Days, 9 Hours ago

Mark Richards KO'd after colliding with the shoulder of Willem Alberts

The laws, the hits, the tackles...
Nothing really changed since 30 years
Apart the players who are 20kg bigger than 20 years ago.

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Marcelo Bosch last gasp Quarter Final penalty sinks Racing Metro

a bish-bash match saved by bosch ;)

even if i'm not a big fan of the Racingmen, they were very unlucky to lose this match as they blew away many chances vs a very conservative team. Exactly like bath vs leinster.

2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Get Excited For The Rugby World Cup, Less Than Six Months To Go

This video would be a perfect Richie McCaw tribute...

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Julian Savea and Eben Etsebeth slap one another while smiling

"I love this game"

3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

George North knocked out again as Nathan Hughes gets red card for knee

Shockingly realist and brave analysis by Hape.

IRB and rugby feds always tend to create laws or extend bans when big 'immediate' injuries occure.
But concussions 'a posteriori' effects aren't well approached.

I love rugby union physical vision of the game, but the influence of rugby league and american football defences has increased risks. If not big changes, i fear rugby players will have to wear helmets in 2020

3 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Courtney Lawes lays into another unsuspecting flyhalf, this time Jules Plisson

I still don't see the link between french league thuggery and this tackle... So as lawes demolition entreprise and lima/wilko physical defences...

140 deaf and mute comments
Rdv for his next 'late' tackle (cause yes it will happen again) to try more objective analysis

1 Month, 1 Day ago

Courtney Lawes lays into another unsuspecting flyhalf, this time Jules Plisson

'last defender' point is interesting, but out of subject and context.

the attacking player will have anticipate this tackle such like the last defender who has to make a do-or-die decision. i don't think fly halves are anticipating to be smashed after each of their pass... or maybe when they play against.. Lawes.
Isn't it his goal, after all ;)?

1 Month, 2 Days ago

Courtney Lawes lays into another unsuspecting flyhalf, this time Jules Plisson

You-do-understand it's a rugby forum... do you?
The sort of place where 'ignorant' and 'intelligent' posters are free to express.
I too believe the Facebook page may have brought some haters, but that's a kind of mathematic rule.

Forgetting the trolls and your unfortunate comments on french or saffa fans or players... i'm more interested on debate:

On Lawes case is a perfect example opened to debate.
For me, this tackle is brutally textbook and Owens choose the good decision during the match.
However, i'm worried by the repetition of Lawes short 'late' tackles where he never got the player and...the ball. Deliberate or not, Intimidation or not, it's a debate.
How to protect a player who wasn't aware to be destroyed (after the pass was made) without penalising a truly committed tackler? is also another question.

It's up to everyone to elevate the debate rather to fall in crass finger pointings
and ThankyouverymuchI'llbehereMaybeNotEveryWeek) to recall it ,)

1 Month, 2 Days ago

England and France's Twickenham thriller not enough in dramatic title chase

a werther's original ad.

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1 Month, 3 Days ago