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Dropped Teddy Thomas shows dazzling feet in Racing 92 win over La Rochelle

This would be the best XV of the moment:

Priso-Guirado-Ben Arous

But regarding this late scot night, injuries and moustache coachs, we can continue to dream about it

3 Days, 26 Minutes ago

Romania's dangerous high tackle that helped Spain to an upset victory

I would say Eastmond was sent-off for his whole masterpiece.

On this case, the spanish player seems to duck in the tackle, maybe explaining the yellow card decision. Anyway, head-contact tackles decisions are more and more strange.

4 Days, 18 Hours ago

Thomas brace not enough as Scotland edge out France in Murrayfield thriller

A match which is a good summary of the actual french rugby: Talent will always be here, but wasted by bad coaching, poor fitness and lack of gameplan. same old story since 10 years.

Forget the bad discipline which clearly costed the victory in the last 20 minutes, this team won't be able to win these matches without a new rugby strategy and philosophy. One game, France send the forwards, another time play a kick and chase game, the other they'll be invited to offload like fidjians... How can you imagine players finding their marks in that black hole?

When they will be back in their clubs, they will find these marks... and in 2 weeks, they'll be back in selection with the same questions. With all respect to Brunel, if only Laporte had the bravery to name Cotter. French rugby doesn't need new players, they need a new vision.

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Questionable France HIA tactics investigation moves to next stage of review process

Here is a footage of the incident in french commentary.
Pundits also thought it was a hia before understanding it was the knee.
At the end of the video, they even joke about "this magic medic who find head commotions on the knee" to finally conclude "but, nowadays, nobody wants to take risks"

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2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Questionable France HIA tactics investigation moves to next stage of review process

I guess everyone will have an opinion on these incidents, whether you are irish, welsh or french.
And it seems too soon to have a clear view of the reality of the events. My view:

Firstly, these incidents have nothing to do with the match vs Wales.
During these last 20 absurd minutes, there were a forest of incidents: Barnes failing to give a penalty try, Slimani replacing a "concussed" Atonio, Samson Lee shambolic replacement, biting allegations, etc...
Whatever, i'm now almost sure the french staff played a cheeky card vs a cheeky welsh staff to put off an exhausted Atonio. No proof, took your blame.

On Jalibert case, the player injured his knee but was also dazed by the shock with Aki, so i can guess the HIA was given by precaution. And it had nothing to do with sub tactic as Belleau wasn't already used. Move on.

Dupont case is more tricky. If you look at these bizarre minutes, Owens and his assistant firstly thought it was a head shock... before the french medics said him it was a knee injury. It's quite possible to imagine the french WR medic (the WR medic is always from the host nationality) stayed on his and owens first impression, asking for a HIA check.

I'm pretty sure irish fans prefer the conspiracy theory of a diabolic Laporte texting to the WR doctor "do the hia, sacrebleu!" and then Dupont milking a head injury when he was more worried by a possible ACL... but it seems a bit absurd.

If conspiracy proven, it should be severely sanctioned as France was already under the radar... But like stated by DrG, i'm pretty sure rugby would win time by allowing the ref a direct contact with the WR medic OR join this medic to the TMO team for HIA checks.

2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Johnny Sexton's last minute heroics hailed as 'inspirational' by Joe Schmidt

Rather to spread rumors, i politely invite you to read this article.
It sounds more a chaotic communication than a conspiracy theory.

Btw, there will be review.

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Johnny Sexton's last minute heroics hailed as 'inspirational' by Joe Schmidt

A 75 minutes rainy and grey show which was saved 2 magic moments of Thomas and Sexton.

Even if the conclusion is cruel, the result is rather fair regarding ireland possession and control. Without panache, they respected their Up-and-under gameplan vs a penalised and inexperienced french side.

The result is bad for France, but the real bad news are the serious injuries of jalibert and dupont. There is now a whole french selection on hospital beds.

PS: regarding the hia "controversy", the real debate is why limit the "10 minutes sub" to blood and commotion injuries? On Dupont accident, Owens clearly saw it was a knee injury but seemed to indicate "hia" to the independent medic. I've already this tolerance in premiership and top14 for last minutes serious injuries.
New rule to come? maybe.

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Filthy tackle leaves Josua Tuisova seeing red

I would not put botha and armitage in the same basket.

The rest of your comment is just as poor as the few toulon whistlers.

3 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Two Referees do the unthinkable and admit they made mistakes

Good to see refs assuming fails, but what does the law says on it?
2 refs admitting clear mistakes, only one changing his decision, odd.
It reminds me this another one.

1 Month, 2 Days ago

Mathieu Bastareaud shocks fans as homophobic slur is heard worldwide

So if i follow your logic, Bastareaud, who is not fluent in english, should in the space of few seconds, pick and understand the meaning of "cunt" "dickhead" or "asshole" (or asshole is also an homophobic allusion in your book?) before to let go his frustration?

Bastareaud was pretty brutal and incorrect in his reaction, but to pretend without analysis he's homophobic through this social media lynching is quite annoying.

Did you throw your book at them few months ago? Were they sanctioned?

1 Month, 1 Week ago