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Mass Brawl between Perpignan and Carcassonne in French second division

Translation at 0:43: "A nice game of bowling" ;)

Fiery Marty follow the steps of the his old chap Greg Le Corvec

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13 Hours, 18 Minutes ago

Stade Francais start title defence with win over new boys Pau

Burban has really become a great player since 1 or 2 years.
Will be interesting to follow him during the first european cup matchs

3 Days, 21 Hours ago

France convincing winners over England despite late comeback in Paris

The gap between convincing winners of a warm-up and world cup challengers is huge, but France plan becomes coherent.

As many sceptical french fans, i'm prepared to watch some boring perfs during this rwc maybe disturbed by few audacious moves by Fofana, Huget and Dullin.
But, these 2 last matchs proved that the charnière and backs can play with serenity and confidence behind that monster pack.
So it's not surprising to understand psa choice to take 6 props and 4 kickers and forget the versality of FTD. A boring bet, "certes", which will only suceed if Dusautoir & co achieve their demolition work.

On England, i still don't understand (like others posters above) how Lancaster can do without Armitage when u see the weakness of Robshaw and co in the breakdown area.
Australia has Pocock, Wales..Warburton, France.. Dusautoir, NZ.. McCaw and Kaino, SA has Brussow.
If England can't solve this problem and find a strong sunit in scrums/mauls... Talented guys like Joseph, Watson or Brown won't often see the ball. A guy like Cipriani can also bring something special at 10,12 or 15.

1 Week, 1 Day ago

France convincing winners over England despite late comeback in Paris

Forget Trinh-Duc, he was dropped for the boring boot Talès.
As St-Andre is in love with Toulon success, I bet on a Tillous-Michalak duo

1 Week, 1 Day ago

André Watson looks back on 1999 RWC final in Referee Perspective feature

I had to rewind the video to check if i had listened the same.

1 Week, 6 Days ago

England get the better of France with some great tries at Twickenham

Since few months, i unfortunately tend to agree with you.

The freezing strategy of PSA is just as cold as his relations with the LNR (french pro clubs).
It's just like if he decided "ok, it's my last year, i can't work with my players more than 1 month in a row since 3 years, i can't settle creative solutions, let's go for a steel tank". Kind of things he can't say to french journalists and fans.

I've stopped to hope anything from PSA, but if he can stop to change his team every 2 weeks and install a strong axis:
---a big pack presided by Dusautoir---Parra/FTD---Basta/Fofana---Huget
it would be a minimum.

2 Weeks, 17 Hours ago

England get the better of France with some great tries at Twickenham

For both teams, this match is a good summary of their performance since 1 or 2 years.

England trying to settle an attacking game and achieving some flashs of brilliance, followed by youth mistakes and repetitive indiscipline. Very french isn't it?
I discovered Slade and Burgess, and i was personally more interested by the first. Ford is better than Farrell, any day.

A clumsy France often lacking of killer instinct and sometimes too concentrated on the bish-bash and scrum destruction. But there is clear room of improvement if PSA can install Parra-FTD and stop his obsession to test centres on wings, and vice versa.

2 Weeks, 19 Hours ago

England get the better of France with some great tries at Twickenham

I think Clark yellow card was more about refs testing the irb recommendations in term of high tackles or dangerous clear-outs than his reputation.
On the trip, i guess the ref didin't want to lose time with another tv check, but the ball was already out.

2 Weeks, 19 Hours ago

Ireland cruise to comfortable RWC warmup win over Wales in Cardiff

The Ireland-France will be something interesting to watch.
That said, both welsh and irish defences weren't really strongin this game

3 Weeks, 1 Hour ago

Australia stun New Zealand to win the 2015 Rugby Championship in Sydney

This Australian victory is a very good news for this world cup.

Ps: Where is Genia?

3 Weeks, 2 Hours ago