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Controversial red card sees Sergio Parisse suspended until further notice

At first sight, the decision can seem harsh. But after watching it 2 or 3 times, Parisse stupid action could have cause an awkward neck injury

Even if it's not malicious, player's safety first.

Let's remember this one:

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1 Day, 8 Hours ago

CJ Stander player mic captures comment about opposition flanker

I hope they would never mic up a french captain during a test match.
"Excuse my angliche, soeur"

3 Days, 7 Hours ago

Double BITING allegations get Chris Ashton banned for 13 weeks

Completly out-of-subject and unlinked
But Ugalde eye gouging case will be judged by the LNR commission the 28th.

1 Week, 13 Hours ago

Double BITING allegations get Chris Ashton banned for 13 weeks

... and scream: "Armageddon"
>> extra week ban

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Double BITING allegations get Chris Ashton banned for 13 weeks

"The panel concluded it was a low-end entry point aggravated by his previous record."

I wonder what's the high-end entry point?

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1 Week, 1 Day ago

Eye Gouge denied by Brive's Mathieu Ugalde despite incriminating footage

Cheap shot and coward.
Hope the LNR will heavily sanction him to teach some lessons to the SANZAR.

2 Weeks, 1 Day ago

The Best Tries from the opening rounds of Top 14 and PRO D2

I can agree with you
And i can also disagree
As rugby is a 15 players game, not a try scorer contest
That said, french clubs don't serve the national team interest

3 Weeks, 3 Days ago

Compilation of the unpunished Teboho Mohoje high tackles against Argentina

Very dangerous action of the player and... the ref.
If he had sanctioned Mohoje early in the game and threatened him with a next yellow card offence, the guy would may have corrected his poor technique.

3 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Further discussion and angles on Owen Franks' finger in eye of Wallaby

To move on (def): to put a difficult experience behind one and progress mentally or emotionally

Some have stopped to read before the word "progress"

4 Weeks, 3 Hours ago

Owen Franks somehow escapes punishment after fingers in Wallaby face

I will never buy the 'conspiracy' theories
But this is the kind of decisions which reinforce the skeptics

Especially from Argies, Fijians or Frenchs fans 'double standards' point of view

1 Month, 2 Hours ago