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Brian O'Driscoll dropped for series decider against the Wallabies

I do really hope we win and I was excited about this weekend, I feel really flat now. Not because it's Wales + guests, but because players that have put their bodies on the line and earned places have been overlooked for reasons that are unclear.
The story of a Lions tour is meant to be a side developing with different players pushing for test spots including a few surprises, it shouldn't be that when the pressure's on the coach reverts to type and picks all the players he knows best with not much regard for what's happened over the last 9 games.

4 Years, 11 Months ago

Brian O'Driscoll dropped for series decider against the Wallabies

It's harsh if BOD is carrying the can for lack of penetration, the stats posted are revealing on his effectiveness, looking at the tackles made/missed stats it looks like he made a much greater contribution in defence than Davies and neither did well going forward.

I'm inclined to agree with DrG that Manu probably offers our best chance of breaking the Aussie line. Roberts is a big lad for sure but on his way back from his injury I don't think he's the threat Manu what Adam Jones has to say about Manu on the beeb

4 Years, 11 Months ago

Brian O'Driscoll dropped for series decider against the Wallabies

some baffling & frustrating selections. Faletau played poorly early in the tour, was rightly dropped and is now back in having done nothing new.

Warburton gets injured so why not bring in Tipuric who has kept him out of the Wales side half the season & is a like for like swap?

Phillips was useless in the first test and everyone seems to agree that both Young's and Murrays ball distribution is better.

BOD hasn't been great but I'd still want him for such a big game. Given the complete lack of penetration in the centres in either test I can see why Manu's got the nod ahead of him. I'm not sure whether I agree or not but I can at least see his thinking on this.

Lineout has looked much better with Croft but then again Hibbard can't throw it as far as the back anyway so that cancels that advantage.
The only changes that really make sense are the front row ones, much as it's a shame to lose Vunipola & Youngs loose contribution they can't afford to have the scrums like last week.

Gatland is guilty of picking a game plan and then picking the players he thinks fit it, unsurprisingly a lot of these are Welsh. He should be picking his best XV and then finding a game plan the suits them. The way he's approaching it there is no plan B, wihch given that Plan A didn't work in the last test seems an error to me.

This selection really has taken a lot of the anticipation out of saturday's game for me. Don't get me wrong I'll still be cheering for Wales, but it would have been nice to cheer for the Lions.

4 Years, 11 Months ago

England power past Scotland to retain Calcutta Cup at Twickenham

I'm surprised how positive people are being about this England performance. I thought it was oddly lacking in direction from both sides, as did others watching it with me. England came out on top because in most cases they are man for man better than the Scots but the same game plan (or rather lack of game plan) won't work against better sides.

I'd normally be looking for the 10 to provide some structure and given this I'm amazed that Farrell got m.o.m. Lots of positives for certain, good debut from Twelvetrees, lots of good ball carrying from the back row especially Morgan. Overall though a lot for England to do before next week, allowing Scotland to score 18 points away from home isn't great.

5 Years, 4 Months ago