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Chris Ashton reflects on his controversial 10-week ban for gouging

I do feel sorry for Ashton as I don't believe he wanted to gouge someone, however for me the ban still should stand. Intention or not, the actions DID occur...and people can be the victims of significant damage due to recklessness or "carelessness"... As LD put it.... -_-

The game is a dangerous game and if world rugby want to be consistent and black and white the entire topic then I'm all for it...

As mentioned above by others, Ashton looked like he was going for a neck roll... That was my view... So it's already illegal...

I suppose put yourself in others shoes, would you feel any better ending up in a hospital bed blinded with the guy that did it next to you saying "I'm really sorry, it was a total accident"? It's just easier if players are forced into a position to double think everything and avoid the face...

5 Minutes ago

Ireland and Wales open Six Nations campaigns with a frustrating draw

Just judging by the 38 min onwards mark, I think Ireland were lucky to get the draw. They played well but their attack was well stumped. Wales looked dangerous in attack and held the ball well for continuous phases.

I think Ireland probably don't feel lucky at all, but I think they either deserved a draw or a lose.. Sadly..

1 Day, 10 Hours ago

Carlin Isles unhappy after being caught and hit hard by Augustine Pulu

I guess NZ rugby is definitely better than everyone else. I've since learned why we're so disadvantaged on the pitch, the rest of the world has to attend maths classes, it's not in the kiwi curriculum, it's replaced with "more rugby"...

1 Day, 10 Hours ago

Midweek Madness - Bath's forward pack take on a Formula 1 car

That was sort of what I had in mind... I mean can you imagine the news articles had this not carefully been calculated as a DEFINITE pack win:

"8 dead in tragic scrum machine and Formula 1 accident"....

It's a bit of fun, but the perceived variables involved are just far too risky for someone to genuinely put their pack at risk.... Much like the Habana Cheetah episode "springbok devoured by cheetah" might sound like a fairly innocuous headline, until you realise it's about BH!...

I suppose some sort of restricted vehicle say with straps, so it only has a metre and a half to go, could form and interesting video... Or are we really just clutching at clearly obvious outcomes, hoping for entertainment...?

5 Days, 12 Hours ago

Midweek Madness - Bath's forward pack take on a Formula 1 car

I had an incline that there was something like that, however they do say an F1 car has a fair weight and the info was 1000 bhp per ton.... So I wasn't sure...

5 Days, 15 Hours ago

Midweek Madness - Bath's forward pack take on a Formula 1 car

I want to believe this, but I'm not sure I do :/

6 Days, 14 Hours ago

Throwback Thursday - When Sebastien Chabal took on the All Blacks

I was quite surprised Nallet didn't take the chalice when Chabal disappeared... Similar appearance PLUS the ability to play some decent rugby..... Or maybe that was the problem...

1 Week, 10 Hours ago

World Rugby introduces world rankings for Women's 15s game

This is great news for the women's game, I definitely welcome it! Women's game is great in the sense that it currently has that "pre-pro era" charm or early pro charm that the men's used to have. (I mean that in a positive manner!)

1 Week, 10 Hours ago

World Rugby introduces world rankings for Women's 15s game

Because 6 Nations has; and always will be, a closed competition, that is what makes it interesting, the team that got spanked last year doesn't have to play some sort of tactical "don't get relegated" type of gameplan.

That being said, I'm all for additional teams to be introduced, or a new competition to be formed.

I know zilch about soccer, but I am aware that there is the world cup and then in the interim there is euro cup(?) or something like that. There could be room for a rugby version?

But as with everything it's cost.

1 Week, 10 Hours ago

Rodrigo Capo Ortega's sneaky push in the face, with his fist

Penalty, end of. :)

1 Week, 13 Hours ago