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Scotland end 10 year drought with famous win over Wales

Thought the game was immense, got a few things to take away from it though....

The final score 29-13.... I'm starting to think that a new score technique should be brought in. Whistle goes at the end of the match and it states that it is whatever tries and kicks scored, then the score is assessed.. In this game out of things I noticed, 3 point deduction against Rhys Webb for his shaking of his head when his "try" was disallowed.... I'm sorry mate, it was shown on the big screen you were out, did you not watch the replay as the referee was requesting it? (is that possible?)

So that takes Wales down to 10 points, then Dan Biggars constant arguing and petulant gesticulating, especially around that Scottish "try", the one which had exactly the same 'crossing' as the Welsh the other week, that's another 3 point deduction, with an additional 2 points being removed for prior offences by that prick.... So Wales are on 5 points..

Then I've since read that Alun Wyn-Jones stated that the team should take the points but the kickers said they wanted to go for the corner, so disobeying your captain, AND having a captain who is too weak to take charge is another 6 point deduction, so at the end of the match it looks like Wales scored negative 1 point...

Didn't pay too much attention to Scotlands indiscretions, I was too busy watching Biggar flip his shit!

Back onto the AWJ comment I made though, I'm sorry but I now don't rate the guy based on his comments... How can you have a bloke like him picked as captain due to his immense experience (Johnny Wilkinson said at some over the weekend that experience is immense), and have the bloke not get final say over a decision to take points or not.... HE WAS PICKED FOR HIS EXPERIENCE, then 2 young guys - Biggar or penny decide against his experience....


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Super Rugby 2017 - Round 1 Highlights

One word: Money

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Awkward discussions eliminated with new SANZAAR Super Rugby TMO Protocol

Maybe they write the laws, Nigel Owens reads them, then does his own thing and they all turn around and go "hmmm ya know what, ol' Nige is right again, better change the laws to what he said..."

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Rieko Ioane gets hat-trick in Blues Super Rugby opener win over Rebels

I'd say some of the Scottish players are pulling in some exciting rugby, Hogg could be capable of it perhaps, Nowell maybe too?

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Rieko Ioane gets hat-trick in Blues Super Rugby opener win over Rebels

Hahaha, yeh I can make exceptions. To me I think it's more the celebrations after one perhaps we'll worked try with still another 40 mins to go that get me....

...If you're racking up hat tricks or scoring final minute winning scores then celebrate away... The one that comes to mind is that pile of Welsh man love after Williams scored a try from an admittedly we'll worked move... It wasn't Williams fault he became the centre of attention for a bunch of testosterone filled blokes, but when the final score fell in England favour is sort of makes being raped in the try zone seem a little less tolerable...

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Fraser McKenzies comes off second best in Tommy Bowe collision

Wonderful news!

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Martin Johnson reflects on England win over Wales in Lions context

Fortunately I'm a ventriloquist in my spare time....

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Martin Johnson reflects on England win over Wales in Lions context

Actually the article addresses the SH issues when it states that historically Wales has always done piss poor against the SH, so that is not an excuse for the loss stats in Gatlands era.

As for 1/3, it depends which way you read the stats....That's a 33% record.... it's not bad, but considering the real runnings this làst decade is between England Ireland and Wales (minus that one inconsistently French presence), it's about right....

Although stats can be misleading...

The issue for me is that Gatlands was in charge and one it first year, then it was poor placings, then 2 years running (very good, but also in a time of less than desirable England teams), then back to AVG placings again.... Perhaps we can blame Gatlands "materials" (players), in the sense that when he has the right ones, he can make it work, but the wrong ones and it all falls apart...

Let's hope for the Lions lads, WG, picks the right men for the job..

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Martin Johnson reflects on England win over Wales in Lions context

...I have so much more important things to be doing right now... but it's not as interesting as rugby fact chasing haha...

I've looked into it. I found an article:

I am with you in the sense that he's not the worst coach out there, but I don't think his success is quite as glorious as one might think..

I agree with you regarding Jamie Roberts, it's just my view of route 1 being the only option Wales has had for nearly the last decade is a little less favourable. PLUS, I don't like how Gatland takes that into the Lions games, I personally don't think it'll work if he tries it against the kiwis... then again, maybe nothing will work.

I'm not an England fan (nor a Wales fan), however I have a lot of time for Eddie Jones and manner in which he appears to coach. I genuinely think that is the winning ethos that is used with the big teams down south, when it's not used, they don't perform. It's also the sort of mind set that scares players into working for their jersey each game.

I enjoy good rugby and right now the kiwis are top dogs, which makes the Lions the underdogs - imo, the Lions are always the underdogs, so I always want to see them perform well, or at least create a contest, so with that in mind, I hope you're the one that is right about WG.

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Martin Johnson reflects on England win over Wales in Lions context

"He did the best he could do with Wales and and has been very successful."

Really? Just a quick glance at wikipedia shows that in 2016 Wales played 14 games, they lost 7 and drew they didn't win 8 games... so that's a win% of 43%. The year prior they did much better, losing something like 4 out of 12, but the year before that they again did abysmally and lost something like 50% of their matches...

Might want to double check the exact figures, I may have miscounted somewhere along, but it's basically a pretty poor ratio in the last few years - I didn't go back any further than that. Then couple that with the fact he's killed any sort of Welsh rugby imagination, Gatlandball Gatlandball Gatlandball....

As for your suggestions on players, I'd agree Biggar is not good enough, as a replacement, Finn Russell possibly, Paddy Jackson, George Ford are all look ins, not sure picking Gopperth is allowed... (probably is theoretically) but on principal..

Given how Sexton is starting for Ireland this coming weekend (not Gatlands decision I know), I can't help but feel like WGis going to need more than a pencil to remove "Sexton" from his list if the guy gets injured.....

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