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Three Kiwis banned for punching or striking in Round 2 of Super Rugby

Eddie, it's fine if they want to include the red card as part of the punishment, however they ought to reword it better... I mean they pretty much said they've reduced the guys ban because his team suffered.... well... yeh... that doesn't make any sense..

Whilst we are all individual thinkers (well 4-15 are) running around on a pitch, we are part of our teams, therefore our actions and subsequent punishments are on a collective front, if I punch a player and get red carded, the referee is punishing ME individually, by making me leave the field, but also my team who are tarred with the same brush.

I can't quite word it - work has my brain fried, but... lets say in this instance red card = 10 week ban.

So red card for me, and I'm banned for 10 weeks, but my team suffered, so 2 week reduction.. so really red card now = 8 week ban, because a team will always suffer one way or another.

The only way it could possibly have room to allow a reduction for 'team suffering#, is if we brought in a new law; whereby a captain can 'swap' the offending player, so the team is never down to 14...

Therefore, red card for me, I'm banned for 10 weeks, but my team DIDN'T suffer, because they chose the 'swap' option, therefore no reduction...

I dunno, get my drift? You can't give a referee the option to card players if you are going to take the fact a player got carded and put his team in difficulty into consideration for his ban?!?!?

I am of course happy to take into consideration a player NOT getting carded when he should have been.

2 Days, 2 Hours ago

Six Nations 2015: The Journalists' Midterm Report

I guess I'm the odd one out, I've actually enjoyed a lot of the rugby.

Although personally I've not found the England matches to be massively entertaining. They've played well and I really enjoy seeing the potential there, especially without Farrell, but it's not been as 'exciting' game by game. There is still of course some big big games to come.

Btw, I still wasn't thrilled by the first England game, I think a lot of the criticisms down to it perhaps being their first game of the tournament.

Scotland and Italy have played some thrilling stuff, even if they've been on the wrong end of the results.

Ireland France game was good to watch.

2 Days, 2 Hours ago

Three Kiwis banned for punching or striking in Round 2 of Super Rugby

I would also like to know what Vermuelen did to provoke Triggs.. Also, how is 'leaving his team at a disadvantage' something to take into consideration?? you were dumb enough to strike someone like that, you get carded for your actions and this your team suffers... BUT, you get rewarded for your team suffering by getting a ban reduction???

3 Days, 20 Hours ago

Three Kiwis banned for punching or striking in Round 2 of Super Rugby

I'm guessing SANZAR and world rugby have the same entry requirements - you have to be thick as ****... Wales comments on Norths' concussion and Franks story about "moving a bloke"..

3 Days, 20 Hours ago

Rynard Landman red carded for elbow to face against Connacht

To be fair Dan, he's a second row and a Saffa, he should get a two week reduction for being able to string more than 2 words together..

5 Days, 2 Hours ago

Rynard Landman red carded for elbow to face against Connacht

Fair enough.

I think there are certainly calls for French fans to feel aggreived with the disciplinary processes and the subsequent bans. However as you stated, most of the rugby world follows a fairly narrow band of similar mindedness.

Some would say this is worse, others say not as bad.

It is interesting how things often pan out:

French - tend to get worse bans than the rest of the world for comparable incidents.
South Africans - Appear to get lesser bans on a whole.
Kiwis - Well they don't get carded or banned. :p
Pacific islanders - Common place was to get red carded during a game, followed by a very small or no ban.

Then to me it feels like the rest of the world floats around somewhere within those parameters, depending on the location of the moon.

5 Days, 7 Hours ago

Rynard Landman red carded for elbow to face against Connacht

What do you want people to say exactly? Personally I have less words to say about this incident purely because it was so damn ridiculous... At least Pape made an abysmal attempt to make it look accidental - there isn't much of a spin you can put on this incident to make it look any less damning.

My dear French friend, please read between the posts.. I'm sure there were posts asking for Pape to be banned for life etc, we're all aware these are not the majority thoughts.

Also please don't condone what Pape did by stating this was 'just as bad, if not worse' or anything like that.. they're both bad!

5 Days, 20 Hours ago

Waratahs lock Dave Dennis makes two brutal hits against the Rebels

You mentioned 'trying to grasp a player'...

So a tackle is not made unless a player is held, however an attempt at tackling CAN be made if the player attempts to grasp an opponent...

Ever been 'tackled' then got up and continued running whilst the referee shouts 'not held'? Well, by your statement, the referee should be shouting 'advantage' or blowing his whistle, because the moment you hit the deck and weren't held the opposition player would have 'probably done something illegal'....

6 Days, 6 Hours ago

Rynard Landman red carded for elbow to face against Connacht

...Why should he get a ban reduction for anything?

I don't know, I was one to sort of defend Hazell by stating 'something' must have happened to provoke that reaction.. (so perhaps I was asking for a sentence reduction..)

But this incident... it was on a player who isn't in the forwards - so not likely to have done something niggly. It wasn't a scrum/ruck/maul etc - again no 'dark arts'. I have no real idea why he did it, a late tackle, a shove or anything, but to elbow a bloke in the face on a rugby pitch right after he kicks the ball (or anytime for that matter), is not likely to have any good outcome.

6 Days, 6 Hours ago

Jamie Heaslip accepts cited Pascal Pape's apology but is out injured

Not 100% sure Stroudos... Heaslip assaulted two players in that clip...

He kicked a team mate in the spuds at the same time..

6 Days, 21 Hours ago