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Rugbydump Training: 5 Nutrition Basics for Rugby Players

Whether it being "cutting" or "bulking" - to put it crudely... I've always found having many meals to be the best approach. This may not work with people who don't have time for multiple meals, but if you can squeeze them in, then I find it works well for me.

Also if people are struggling with breakfast which is quite common, something blended is something that works really well for me.. I don't like having to go through the whole struggle of chewing away early in the morning...

6 Hours, 43 Minutes ago

Leolin Zas red carded and banned after Bernard Foley's awful landing

I think the issue is Veji, that none of these players ever really think they're NOT in the contest for the ball... All these incidents are last millisecond incidents - Foley's foot left the floor right at the very end of the 3 second mark on the video - He then was in the air, sort of caught the ball, made contact with Zas (or vice versa) and his head, shoulders and hips all made contact with the floor during the 4 second mark, just as it turned to 5 seconds his feet flapped back onto the ground again as he was prone..

Effectively the whole incident occurred and was over in about 1 and a half seconds....

So literally right up until the final point Zas was competitive, his slip changed the dynamics of the incident, however we've seen in the past that the defender or catcher always gets the benefit...

As mentioned above - it's probably deemed reckless by Zas, but would throwing yourself up into the air at the last moment when someone is hurtling after the ball not somewhat 'reckless' in itself?

15 Hours, 9 Minutes ago

Leolin Zas red carded and banned after Bernard Foley's awful landing

Hmmm if we keep this up we might be in double figures by 2020! haha

15 Hours, 17 Minutes ago

Leolin Zas red carded and banned after Bernard Foley's awful landing

I've got to agree that there never appears to be any sort of investigation towards the jumping player...

I think players throw themselves into the situation without any self preservation. Yet when another player jumps but mistimes and collides with someone else it's deemed as 'reckless'. I for one would rather players are deemed responsible for their own safety to some degree.

1 Day, 5 Hours ago

Leolin Zas red carded and banned after Bernard Foley's awful landing

I suspect it was more of a flippant comment myself, however it is not without it's truths. Whilst no one wants to see the game get more and more bastardized it is strongly heading in a direction where turning it into some sort of tutu wearing game is becoming the only option left.

1 Day, 7 Hours ago

Leolin Zas red carded and banned after Bernard Foley's awful landing

I'm with you. It's not as if shaking our head at an incident like this (or the outcome of it) makes us callous and uncaring of player safety, however there has to be some form of common sense applied, unless we are genuinely happy to see players carded for real accidents.

I've said similar to yourself, or alternatively only the defending team can jump for the ball... or as was trialled in that hideous looking varsity exhibition, have that bullshit free catch thing...

1 Day, 10 Hours ago

Leolin Zas red carded and banned after Bernard Foley's awful landing

I suppose him not being in a position to catch the ball was somewhat as a result of being underneath Foley who had: a) Jumped higher than him and b) had clattered into him....

Either way, that speed stripe in his hair clearly didn't work... or perhaps he needs two?

1 Day, 14 Hours ago

Throwback Thursday - Harry Robinson's blistering debut try vs the Barbarians

No one can take that moment from the young lad! Very sad to see anyone retire in such a manner however so glad for him that the injury wasn't worse!

Good luck in the future! - coaching/mentoring?

5 Days, 3 Hours ago

Jaguares' Emiliano Boffelli shows brilliant aerial skills against the Sunwolves

Red card and death penalty is appropriate in this instance I think. Possibly with a reduction to a half death penalty for an updated twitter account if applicable..

6 Days, 7 Hours ago

Nemani Nadolo banned for four weeks for tip tackle on Tomas Cubelli

The thing is, what about multiple offences or repeat offenders, cheap shots etc.. I came into the rugby scene probably around the same sort of time as the TMO for trys - back when rucking was acceptable. I love the game, I don't like the way it's turned/turning somewhat, however as above, I don't think bans are a bad thing if they're used properly.

This is never a ban, couple of players having a disagreement and clocking each other, again never a ban in my eyes... However when you have repeat offenders say the likes of Cudmore, I don't see why bans and cards are a bad thing. I'd be happier if there was some sort of clear guidelines that were adhered to for bans, rather than having some sort of ban lottery where things are seemingly picked at random.

6 Days, 10 Hours ago