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Carlin Isles inexplicably fails to score what would have been a great try

Ahh horrendous, he is bloody quick though, how he managed to start on the inside of the defenders but still run around them on the outside is unreal. Possibly a bit of luck with the last man back slipping, but he took the gap all the same... But that's one of the most awful errors, but at least everyone saw the funny side (to some degree)

4 Hours, 41 Minutes ago

Teddy Thomas makes a howling error as Racing 92 slip to defeat in Europe

Well.... At least when the camera panned to him he didn't stand there with a look of angry disbelief that the try was not awarded...

22 Hours, 41 Minutes ago

English teen prospect scores bruising solo try in U-18 final

Not in this day and age...this is soccer MK2..

Days gone by we'd be talking about how player xyz did well to avoid getting 7 shades beaten out of him in the next maul because of some indescretion he did that the opposing team missed...

Nowadays we have a good old moan about how human referees are not super human at reffing and carding everyone left right and centre... I guess if EA just hurries up and sorts out a decent rugby game then all future matches can just be played on that and no one then has to get their boots grubby..

2 Days, 23 Hours ago

Kiwi Hadleigh Parkes chokes up from messages of support after Wales debut

Difficult one really... any idea what his connection to Wales is..

I also find it difficult because, lets say I am not good enough to play for my home country, but I decide to up and leave, take all I have, and go and settle in, I dunno, soccer land, where I'm suddenly the greatest rugby player to ever exist, I'd be given the opportunity to play international rugby on a stage where I'd never get that chance back home because; lets just argue, my natural abilities are not as developed as the rest of the population - therefore I've been held back due to nature and not my desire/work rate (yeh,..that's life).

For Hadleigh, I wish him all the best, at the end of the day, Wales gave him an opportunity, why wouldn't he take it..

5 Days, 5 Hours ago

Tala Gray protects opposition player after nasty injury

Which French player do you mean? The French Toulouse player born in Melbourne?

6 Days, 18 Hours ago

England Deaf make history beating New Zealand in international series

I know what you're getting at, but personally I'd never have assumed a deaf player wouldn't be good!

6 Days, 18 Hours ago

England Deaf make history beating New Zealand in international series

Brilliant! I'd watch it on tv, or in person if it was near me!

Lots of aspects I'd be interested in seeing, such as line out "calls"... scrum engagement calls etc.. If you had a front row of players with 50% hearing, vs a front row of profoundly deaf players, would that be an advantage or is there obvious referee hand signals etc..

1 Week, 3 Hours ago

Rene Ranger somehow finds Victor Vito with unbelievable reverse flick pass

I think that was more one of those forced professional errors... Grassroots props don't pass.... So I suppose he had to accept some changes in joining the pro game...

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Midweek Madness - Powerful scrum sends pack and posts backwards

You know, that's probably the most sensible option that they could take to solve that problem...instead they'll probably re-address the scrum engagement calls and change those, remove the need for flankers, make scrum halves be continually bound to the scrum, make the front row 4 players, then eventually play scrums across the pitch rather than end to end, before finally making them uncontested...

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Tala Gray protects opposition player after nasty injury thing I love in rugby is that this is fairly normal in rugby, (players guarding others!)

1 Week, 3 Days ago