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Powerful report on mental and emotional health in rugby

Well this tugs on the heart strings!

I have to say I somewhat disagree a little Scott... I don't think the game should be watered down regarding big 'hits' (you mention knocks, which for me seems to come in the form of injuries which I don't glorify). Rightly or wrongly, it's always been the case of "if a guy runs at you, you knock him back so he doesn't run down your channel again"... that has to be glorified, especially when it's a David v Goliath incident. I'm also not so sure that the culture has to change, more so, it has to be known that "it's ok" to talk, to talk about your worries and fears and all amongst what should be your mates... I'd say that needs to filter down to the grass roots where we're still all a bit rougher round the edges. Talking is something people need to be able to do and need to know that they are able to do it - but listening is also a massive aspect - some guy not looking as good as normal, wait until he's on his own, ask him if he's alright, it'd probably be easier at grass roots because the drinks all come out.

We've seen Gareth Thomas, Nigel Owens - two rugby stars in their own right who have come out as gay and mentioned mental health issues. I mean this positively, their issues are things people don't care about.. no decent person is going to judge them based on their sexuality when you can see what they have achieved, it sounds ridiculous, but they show what can be achieved by anyone regardless of sexuality and that is what filters down to people so that they learn not to judge others.

Vickerman on the other hand looked like he had everything going for him, except maybe he was missing the camaraderie and support of his other players. But people have said in this video - tough exterior, soft interior... he's a big guy who achieved so much, he shouldn't have been ashamed or worried to talk. It's a tragedy.

Then again, it's all so clear as I sit and type this hear, but everything is blurred when you're lost in your mind.

10 Hours, 13 Minutes ago

Referee knocked out by disgraceful punch in rugby league game

My favourite part is how he then took a swing at an opposition player giving the opposition free reign to jump in and try to beat the shit out of him....

1 Day, 5 Hours ago

Welsh legend Gareth Thomas talks about the Lions taking on New Zealand

I think a SH Lions could be an awesome idea, I suppose the only issue with the bonds that tie them... The Aussies and Kiwis are probably ok - probably a bit of a celt v anglo sort of bond between the two of them (in their own version)... but SA is a bit of an odd one out. But it could be a very interesting effort.

I do like the way it's very much potentially one sided.

I know what you mean regarding Aus and SA (if it was this time), but I'd say that is more down to the dismal things going on with their own rugby rather than them potentially being out muscled by the Lions...

I'm not massively well versed on the Lions subject, but it seems to me that if the Lions go away as the underdogs, then all is rather well in the rugby universe, if they pull off a win then it's a dramatic effort.

2 Days, 57 Minutes ago

Andre Esterhuizen red carded and banned for 6 weeks for dump on head

To be fair to 45678.... look at some of the tackles on Lions in that kiwi tour that Thomas was on.... we'd be screaming for life bans these days...

2 Days, 10 Hours ago

Welsh legend Gareth Thomas talks about the Lions taking on New Zealand

Hahaha, brilliant episode.

One question which I know was asked with a bit of banter, disbanding the Lions if they lose 3-0..

Do people on here reckon that if or when the Lions ever win any tests, that it's more surprising than if they lose?

The Lions always strikes me as a bit of a more serious version of the Baa baas, I mean... a lot more serious. I understand why Gareth Thomas didn't say the words, no one wants to be accused of coming up with excuses before the planes even been boarded, but he did sort of hint at the somewhat ludicrous team that it is...

Do the B&I L fans agree that it's a team destined to lose all the time, but is still an incredible set up?

Do the kiwi fans, or even Aus and SA fans see it as a team that is technically destined to lose? (sorry Aussie fans)... Of course, I dare say it's a bloody hard game of rugby for all involved, and all the home teams have to have their heads screwed on...

2 Days, 19 Hours ago

Brian O'Driscoll and Ben Kay react to 2017 British and Irish Lions squad

I'm actually with IM regarding the eligibility issue of say Riki Flutely and playing for country is an honour...

That is where the current sport has gone beyond the level of a sport and representing your country to a business where winning is a must...

I mean if someone came knocking on my door saying "look, you're not good enough to play for your country, but move to Pakistan and you can represent them in rugby... I'd decline... but why? It gives me the chance to play international rugby doesn't it? Granted I know that generally some of the players have some sort of tie to a country (grandparents or otherwise) but it's still a little bit businessy now for my liking..

3 Days, 4 Hours ago

Brian O'Driscoll and Ben Kay react to 2017 British and Irish Lions squad

You know Gatland is going to go for some mix it up combo of AWJ and Warburton or something outrageous like that...

3 Days, 4 Hours ago

Ardie Savea puts in massive hit against the Brumbies

I suppose that is why the kiwis international team is so good... that being said, Dan Biggar and the rest of Wales, with a few token other nationalities are doing a Welsh Lions tour with the unpredictable tactic of Warrenball which should have the kiwis shaking in their boots!

5 Days, 31 Minutes ago

Brian O'Driscoll and Ben Kay react to 2017 British and Irish Lions squad

Thanks for educating me guys. Apologies for bashing Kruis.

6 Days, 32 Minutes ago

Martyn Williams describes Jamie Roberts' emotions as he missed the B&I Lions Tour cut

I'm quite surprised any of the players or the players friends even bothered trying to contact them about what the media is saying....

I remember reading a few of these claims of immediate selections or lack of selections and I had to start searching as nothing was saying where these claims were coming from, when I didn't find any information in particular I just started ignoring them, who knows whether they were troll driven, bookie driven or otherwise...

You'd have thought a mate of Roberts would have sat around with him having a beer or meal or whatever with him rather than going "@JRoberts M8 jst seen on interwebz tht u iz gna b pikd 4 d lionz" .....or however the f**k people tweet these days...

6 Days, 21 Hours ago