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Ben May and Loni Uhila warned for flipping Warren Whiteley in lineout

Surprising there was no card/cards/bans....

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Rugbydump Academy official sponsor of Rugby Nations 16 ‘Career Mode’

Shame it's not on PS4.....

Give me a reason to go spend more money and buy a ps4 >.

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Wallabies turn to experience with Rugby Championship 33-man squad

Thoughts and prayers with Lealiifano.

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Fred Tuilagi Junior yellow carded for high tackle just 7 seconds from kickoff

Well, it was sort of one of those "runs in the family" type of moments... But I for one am interested in the prospect of another bloody Tuilagi... Rather terrifying really... Sort of an underlying jealousy of the fact this guy has some immense brothers to coach him to be the player be can be, but this guy has a good way to go but I'm sure he'll get there.

Not long before they can have their own team I guess...

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

TJ Perenara escapes ban after kicking Sam Cane in the face

I think he meant to kick Cane, just not in the face... if he could have stuck some studs into Canes chest, stomach, etc something slightly low key... but it seems he struck out to say "you dick"... and caught Cane in the face, then realising that his snap angry movement suddenly had a far more severe outcome than intended he goes into super apologetic mode. Whether this is because he doesn't want to be caught for what he did, or whether it's because he felt bad, or even because he felt bad for where it landed - rather than the action...

1 Month, 4 Weeks ago

TJ Perenara escapes ban after kicking Sam Cane in the face

At least he wasn't ban...

2 Months, 2 Hours ago

TJ Perenara escapes ban after kicking Sam Cane in the face

Hahaha, I actually sort of agree there.... citing the famous cases of folk that have survived hangings and therefore been pardoned... seems only fair...

Citings and subsequent bans are just ridiculously inconsistent... as is 90% of the game of rugby these days...

2 Months, 2 Hours ago

TJ Perenara escapes ban after kicking Sam Cane in the face

It also seemed as if he was concerned about what he'd done in the sense that "did the referee see it".... his continuing gazes in the direction of the referee etc...

Red mist, something like that...

2 Months, 2 Hours ago

#Throwback Thursday: That time Sebastien Chabal knocked Marc Giraud out with a slap

Well CC, you've already got my answer from the two other replies, but what I find funny is your first 3 words... "that's rugby mate".... what is precisely? and according to who? You? Your generation? etc?

I mean no disrespect, but as mentioned "thats rugby mate" is what would have been said to Giraud in the early 2000's, you play a cynical game and expect to get some treatment. If you want a watered down or clean game, then behaviour like Girauds and any other cling-ons must be punished...

The more you police the game, the more it will need policing....

2 Months, 12 Hours ago

4 Popular Recovery Methods - Should You Be Using Them?!

Interesting comment Denis.

I have to agree that there are many differing outcomes and ideas of what works for who. As for the exact science of what exactly one should do before, during, after training differs from person to person (or at least the answer they feel is correct does).

Your example of training when fasting or having fasted... the type of training makes some sense.. but also little sense for precisely the reasons you highlighted. Many people reach there own form of barrier with their regular training when it comes to eating and timing. Eat too early before training and you risk going into the session with a slight rumble that could alter your focus... eat too late before training and your digestive system will be going into overdrive coping with the food that is now sitting inside you - less effective and the risk of barfing.

I remember being told to hit the sauna after a work out as it encourages blood flow to all the extremities etc... now we see the pros are being told to sit in a glorified freezer after their sessions...

I suppose the problem us mere mortals have is that we do not have people who are highly paid and highly in the know telling us what to do... we have to do our own figuring out and own thinking... who knows if in the long term effects on the modern player will make us glad we did our own thinking, or wish we had someone to think for us?

2 Months, 4 Days ago