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Chile prop gets knocked out by his own teammate's boot

What is the entry level ban for feigning injury again?

1 Month, 12 Hours ago

Fraser McKenzies comes off second best in Tommy Bowe collision

I think the word you were looking for is "woz"...

1 Month, 1 Day ago

Martin Johnson reflects on England win over Wales in Lions context

I'm very interested to see how this six nations goes and it's correlation or potential lack of, to the Lions tour.

I'll put in the usual "some may disagree", comment, but I'm not even sure that even the Welsh fans would disagree that Wales on a whole has been pretty poor. What concerns me is how close a game it actually was, even though Wales have been playing pretty poorly. I don't know whether the Welsh are individual talents who can't gel as a team (due to tactics perhaps?) Or whether they are not that great as individual but gelled well, therefore used their strengths against England? Or a mix of both?

In my opinion I think there is a mix of players that deserve to be there and players than don't, couple that with tactics and it's a recipe for disaster, even before you have taken into account bounce of the ball luck etc...

I don't know who WG is going to pick, but I don't think we'll all be thrilled with every choice. I think Eddie Jones currently has the best formula for picking players - pull your weight or you're out... I think Gatland will pick players based on their aura of past successes, I can see Sexton being included (good player but off for ages), Bigger will definitely get a look in, and he's a petulant prat...

Ahhh exciting times...

1 Month, 1 Day ago

Dan Vickerman death at 37 shocks rugby world

Last paragraph highlights social media entirely.

People are so connected yet so distant. We've lost the ability to maintain contact directly with people because a simple post on twitter or FB lets everyone know exactly whats going on....

No need to ask someone if they're ok, or what they've been up to, because all you need to do is check facebook and you have your answer....only issue is perhaps that person isn't what their facebook suggests. People have lost the ability to converse with individuals or even start a relationship with others. I was chatting to a good friend of mine the other day and he is not on facebook, but he was telling me his thoughts about it, basically saying that in order to become someones friend nowadays (real life friend) you make acquaintances face to face, then add them on FB and learn all about them, their mum, dad, granny, auntie, dietary requirements, favourite films etc, all without actually talking to them.. It was quite shockingly true. There are a lot of youths now struggling with the pressures of social media.

As for this man and the void after a sports career. I agree, these guys are hitting a skill level unheard of at 17-18 years old, peaks of fitness in early 20's which will continue providing injuries don't occur, but come 30 when the rest of us are starting to get quite into our careers, their career is nearly over... All they have ever known is egg chasing. What seems to strike me as more shocking with Vickerman (as others have said on the news) is that he seemed to have a "after rugby" plan...

1 Month, 1 Day ago

Dan Vickerman death at 37 shocks rugby world

I guess at this stage any cause is purely speculation, but it doesn't sound good. Very sad hear about.

If this isn't illness related (at least not a physical illness) then at it's least it can only be an example of how troubled anyone can be. This guy is a giant of a bloke, but it's an example of looks being deceiving. Big gnarly looking tough guys have their own issues too.

RIP Vickerman

1 Month, 1 Day ago

Fraser McKenzies comes off second best in Tommy Bowe collision

Referring to Vickerman...

1 Month, 1 Day ago

Fraser McKenzies comes off second best in Tommy Bowe collision

We're losing an awful lot of rugby players at the moment....2016-17 has been pretty deadly...

1 Month, 1 Day ago

Fraser McKenzies comes off second best in Tommy Bowe collision

cous cous...

1 Month, 3 Days ago

Fraser McKenzies comes off second best in Tommy Bowe collision

Wonder if he felt his neck jar as a result of the clash...

Very strange to see a big man drop like that.

I personally don't have an issue with it however. Looks to me that rather than turning round, he stepped round in order to "accidentally" block Bowe and I don't have an issue with Bowes method of dishing out punishment for it (if intentional or not)....

That being said, glad it wasn't a bad injury..

1 Month, 4 Days ago

Elliot Daly late try secures England win after titanic battle with Wales

I'm with Dan (I'm afraid).... The defender was not blocked from making the tackle... If the dummy runner was running parallel and in the same direction as the try scorer then it would have been blocking but I'd say that welsh dummy runner was heading for the gap between the two english players (yellow boots and socks down player).... The England player chose the wrong bloke and his outside man stayed on Johnathon Davies....

It was well worked and I don't personally have a problem with it, however I think case by case basis is definitely needed for these types of tries...

1 Month, 5 Days ago