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All Blacks beat determined Samoa in historic first ever Test in Apia

Ah, that makes sense, although to be honest, it seems a 'vastly understrength' All Black team is still better than the majority of others!

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

All Blacks beat determined Samoa in historic first ever Test in Apia

Do you think the AB's did their usual thing of playing a mostly understrength side? So as to save their best players from certain death at the hands of the crushing Samoans?

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

All Blacks beat determined Samoa in historic first ever Test in Apia

Very interesting scoreline!

Pool B sounds like it could be quite a tough pool for 2nd place; assuming of course that SA has nailed the 1st place easy enough, (which may not happen).

Japan has played some good rugby and had a lot of professionals play along side their own guys which will surely have a positive influence. I don't think they'll make it out of the pools though.

Scotland has a lot of noise surrounding them, there were years of "we're almost there" without ever quite getting there, but the team they've got currently, the coaching staff, I suspect they could be strong contenders for second place.

USA of course is another strong contender, perhaps a somewhat dark horse, I don't know much about them, they've played some strong games in the past and they're not shy about making an impact.

Also reckon Pool A is going to be an interesting bunch to watch. I don't see Fiji or Uruguay making it through, but they could be troublesome, but I don't think I could pick who will be left behind out of Australia, England or Wales... I suspect either England or Wales...

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Craig Joubert carding Jacques Potgieter riles commentator Phil Kearns're right, I did indeed wonder your sexual orientation, perhaps if you are indeed homosexual then your views will differ from my friends, as no doubt my 'straight' views will differ from other peoples 'straight' views...

is straight acceptable?

Well then, you state you did not say the word gay should not be used, therefore is it not an acceptance that the word gay and what we all know to be the 'n word' are two totally different topics?

I mean, if you were to ever ask someone about their sexual orientation, you may ask them if they're gay. You're hardly going to ask someone if they're a n****r are you!!!

The notion of a gay rugby fan/player is too far for me to consider? One of my all time favourite players is Gareth Thomas... perhaps you've heard of him.. Then there is always Nigel Owens, a referee who I personally consider to be a great referee; as well as him being recognised internationally as a top referee... Then of course 'my gay friend'... did you indeed ask me whether the guy is into sports? I guess by your assumption of me, there is no chance, as the notion would be beyond my capability.

You fail to see my point, I understand that you feel the word gay should not be used negatively. I agree, that is why when it is thrown about among a group of friends in private, there is no harm done. I have already stated it should not be used on the rugby pitch. My point; if you care to address it, is that homophobia is the fear of homosexuals, and as I repeat, the right or wrong adaptation of it, is that it has become a word meaning the hatred of homosexuals. Now, point being, do you know whether Jacques hates homosexuals? Or, as I said above, is he simply a loud mouth that needs to be told to shut up.

This whole thing has stemmed off intolerance, I suspect because of Jacques past intolerance, you're now firmly in the camp that whatever he achieves, you'll always have an intolerance towards him.

Ignorance is bliss, but hypocrites are 1/2wits

1 Month, 4 Weeks ago

Craig Joubert carding Jacques Potgieter riles commentator Phil Kearns

Firstly I never described it as lad banter.
Secondly, I fail to see how you are telling my gay friend how he should behave? Last time I checked, he was the gay person, and if he feels it's appropriate to speak in the manner that he feels then who am I to argue?!
Lastly, following on from 10stone10, if my gay friend felt aggrieved by anyone on a night out, chances are he would dish out a left hook...

All in all I fail to see the rift he is creating by acknowledging that it is just a word that doesn't have to require any more meaning that the person using it implies:..

The word cunt, which I detest, is quite common on the rugby pitch, is the speaker of this word anti feminine genitals? Have a fear towards female genitals? Or is he simply grabbing at anyword his brain can get and spurting it out to show his unhappiness...

The difference between the movements is nil, the difference between the words is phenomenal.

In public I can guarantee you'd read the racial slur as 'the n word' because of the FEAR of misunderstanding by people around you, however 'the g word'?!? Would that happen? I doubt it, because it's has been adopted to describe someone's sexual orientation and adopted by gay people....

Anyway, onto the point at hand, your first post, Jacques is homophobic. Homophobia is a fear of homosexual people.... It is also rightly or wrongly adopted to describe a hatred of gay people... Do you really think he has a hatred of gay people? Or do you think he is a loudmouth that needs to be told to shut up!

I suspect any adult or child that has ever uttered the word gay is now homophobic for life by your rationale?

Is my gay friend homophobic?

1 Month, 4 Weeks ago

Craig Joubert carding Jacques Potgieter riles commentator Phil Kearns

You're really going to drawn the similarity between a racial insult and this?!?!

Gay people refer to themselves as gay, the vast majority of black people don't tend to introduce themselves as "hi I'm xyz I'm a nigger"... So gay is not really an insult whereas "nigger" is offensive!

Surely I know what I am saying; I have a gay friend... Or are you suggesting that putting gay before friend is an insult... I mean I have black friends too...or is that an insult?!? I mean I have a 'friend who is a dick' or do I mean a 'dick friend' (now it's getting gay in here!).

Onto the topic at hand, my gay friend is actually showing how pathetic drawing fixed lines is... If he was to purposely make an issue about how different we all are because he is gay and I am not, then wouldn't that further fuel the fire?! Wouldn't it be better if he took the sting out of the word and so instead of it being used like a direct insult (like 'nigger' which let's face it, is a direct insult to black people...or is it racist to say black now?!) it just becomes a word?

Granted I don't want to hear it being batted about on the pitch as we are trying to make an inclusive sport and I certainly agree, the pros should be setting a standard, however to label someone homophobic is pathetic! You don't know if he has a hatred or intolerance for gay people do you?

The problem with people like yourself is that if you don't let something go then it'll forever form a rift! Would you pass up a chance to meet the Tahs because Jacques would be there? Would you shake everyone's hand but his? Are you being intolerant of his intolerance? Or would you rather just say "Jacques you made a mistake with your language, let's get on with life"... If he continues then by all means nail him to the wall, but to come on here and start the ball rolling by calling him a homophobic thug just shows how we all think we're better than everyone else....

"he who is without sin cast the first stone"?

..uh oh..I brought religion

1 Month, 4 Weeks ago

Craig Joubert carding Jacques Potgieter riles commentator Phil Kearns

Mate, to be fair, Potgeiter is not the first bloke to call someone gay or a fag or something along those lines on a rugby pitch or anywhere else in the world... Nowadays it's labelled as homophobic, in the past it was flitted about as an insult without any sort of thought...

If you called someone a dickhead, do you really mean they have a Penis instead of their head? Or are you just trying to verbally inform someone you dislike them...

I'm not trying to defend upsetting gay people, but I've got a gay friend who will call someone 'gay' and get called gay all as just a dig... The actual meaning tends to get lost...

Anyway, point is, he may actually not hate gay people, which your comment suggests...

2 Months, 13 Hours ago

Craig Joubert carding Jacques Potgieter riles commentator Phil Kearns

Except there have been studies concluding the opposite of what you state...

It also comes down to context, if I as a referee let a knock on go that is on the halfway line, should I then also let a knock on go for the other tean if it's on the tryline? Or should I try and wait for another half way knock on? Or should I not have let it go in the first place?

2 Months, 13 Hours ago

Craig Joubert carding Jacques Potgieter riles commentator Phil Kearns

I disagree with you barry, obviously we won't see eye to eye regarding this incident, but then if you don't agree that the Highlander was going to reach the line then it falls down to a judgement call, I think he would have reached the line, you don't... That's another topic..

But, when you say "rule (law) of giving a yellow card with a penalty try is basically unfair", again I have to disagree (again). I have been lucky enough to be kicked in the balls on two occasions when I was clean through, the first time I limped over the line, the second time I hit the deck and that was it.. I would have made it to the try line had the player that kicked me, well not...

2 Months, 1 Day ago

Craig Joubert carding Jacques Potgieter riles commentator Phil Kearns

I don't understand the controversy over this decision....although no doubt I will create some common controversy with my comment...

- It's clear to see that it was a forearm to the head of the highlanders player. It may have been entirely accidental, however it happened... therefore...

- That can, and in this instance, was punished with a yellow card...therefore...

- If you are punishing a player who committed foul play you must also look at what cause his foul play had on that instance in the game... therefore...

- A penalty try was awarded because HAD Potgieter not been there at all (which is the direction of the penalty try), then the highlanders player would not have been shoved slightly sideways and would (in mine and others opinions), have scored that try...therefore..

- correct decision..

So I believe a line can be drawn under that particular incident.

The other subject is Jouberts overall refereeing, I did not see the game, therefore I cannot comment on whether he had a shocker or not. I will say, that on a whole, I have found Jouberts refereeing to be questionable, maybe 'my team' has been on the wrong end of his refereeing (I can't honestly say yes or no definitively), but I do believe that *sorry I'm going there*, his refereeing in the 2011 RWC final was appalling...

Kearns shouldn't have said the words (because of his stature and position in the public eye) however "That same ref gifted you the World Cup final in 2011 - just ask the rest of the world." is kind of honest...

2 Months, 1 Day ago