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The Top 5 Best Haka Responses ever!

HAHAHA at your last paragraph!

I know Irelands call is not quite the same, but by the same token it doesn't 'need' to be sung anymore than the haka NEEDS to be performed, but you agree surely that just because it is not within the 80minutes play of the game it is still PART of the game?

3 Months, 6 Days ago

The Top 5 Best Haka Responses ever!

I personally and perhaps incorrectly, view the Haka as part of the game, in a traditional sense, it is something done before each NZ game and that part I love, just the same as the Samoan and Tongan counterparts. As someone mentioned Irelands Call is the song the Irish team (and everyone else) sing before each of their games, THESE my friends, are; as I said, part of the game. I think it's a wonderful part that also shows the 'other side' of the game, rather than literally picking up the egg and running. They're what make each of the teams unique aside from their National anthems.

Of course I'd imagine those that have teams that don't have any of these traditions find them a bore and a waste of time - Perhaps there is also a taint of jealousy that their team doesn't have anything in particular to perform back. But lets face it, even teams like England that have the worst national anthem known to man still have a crowd that sings 'swing low' and drowns out the AB's Haka..

But I am sure many of you believe the same as Mr Nonu:
"The haka is the haka, then afterwards there is the game"

If everyone truly believes this, then I suppose it will sadly and in theory SHOULD be the end of the ALL these traditions: Irelands Call, The Sipi Tau, Siva Tau, Cibi etc...

3 Months, 6 Days ago

The Top 5 Best Haka Responses ever!

"If you stand and take the Haka, that is the greatest sign of respect for the challenge laid down"

Well, not really, one of my (many) posts above highlights comments by Ma'a Nonu, not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure he is a genuine bona fide Maori... and he seems to think standing up to it is disrespectful..

3 Months, 6 Days ago

The Top 5 Best Haka Responses ever!

Well, yes the IRB do set the laws, but it takes an All Black player; perhaps one with a missing eyebrow to step up and say "yeh we lay down a challenge and the ____ team picked it up! Great game, great atmosphere etc" instead of crying and bitching...

He was hurt and upset... Come on...

Imagine hundreds of years ago a battle scarred Maori returning home after winning battle and saying to his wife:
"It was so horrible, I don't think I can ever go out again"
"Why my dear?"
"Well, me and Tana and Ma'a, the way, tell their wives that they're both dead... anyway, we did the Haka and the other lot just STOOD there and LOOKED at us, it was horrible, I'm so upset and disrespected"

The Kapa O Pango has/had a throat slitting gesture... I'm sure one could take far more offence to that being aimed at them than someone who just stands there looking...

3 Months, 6 Days ago

The Top 5 Best Haka Responses ever!

I really do like to see the Haka but like others above, I think some; not all I'm sure, players seem to get a little too precious...

To break it down (and yes, forgive me, I used wikipedia for this info):
"A haka (plural is the same as singular: haka) is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the M?ori people of New Zealand"

So it's a war cry, dance or challenge... Well, I'd imagine the most applicable definition for a rugby match would be somewhere close to war cry and challenge, bearing in mind it's done before the match. So if someone lays down a challenge, or is producing some sort of war cry towards you, then surely they'd be expecting a response?

Then Nonu kicks up a fuss:

"What the Welsh did wound us up," he said. "They were probably told by (Wales coach) Warren Gatland to stand there and wait until we leave. But it was really hard. The Haka is a war dance. If you're going to stand there like that then in the past people would have charged, but it's a rugby match and you can't do that. People back home will have been hurt by what they decided to do. Standing in the way like they did is asking for a fight. My blood pressure was pretty high but then I regained my composure. I was a bit upset about it. If I was facing the Haka I'd respect it. The Haka is the Haka, after that it's game time."

So he basically says the Haka is a war dance, but you cannot front up to it, because it makes us want to run over and fight??? Well, as much as I love the Haka, if you cannot take it into context i.e. you're challenging the opposition to 'war' through the game of rugby, then I suppose it has no place in the game...

Have your cake and eat it, springs to mind.

War dance for rugby war, then it should be fronted (if the oppo wants too).
War dance for WAR - then after is a rugby game, then it shouldn't be allowed..

Again, I love to see the Haka and it's variations, I'd hate to see it gone, but it cannot be 'untouchable'!

3 Months, 1 Week ago

Griquas centre Jonathan Francke cited after awkward tackle and sending off

You'll have to be more specific... a 'few' is; I believe, traditionally three.. however we often use it to mean an amount - now I know time flies but I remember there being more than 0 subs in 2004 which was 10 years ago... So you'll have to clarify that. Subs, are also not a bad thing in my opinion...

I'm not suggesting the tackler takes it easy on anyone, but the tackler has to have control.

Spear tackle: This tackle, or another example

Dump tackle -

Tip tackle - some faggy excuse for watering down the game -

View Videos

3 Months, 1 Week ago

Griquas centre Jonathan Francke cited after awkward tackle and sending off

This wasn't a dump tackle though was it...

I get you, I understand where you're coming from. I enjoyed the ability to use my boots on someone killing the ball only a handful of years ago. But this incident and the punishment/outcome, is hardly a new phenomenon nowadays.. It's been done and done again and more often than not, the result is a red card. That is exactly what the governing bodies are after.

Of course, I could play the dramatic "he could have broken his neck" card, but we all know could/would/should etc are pointless. But that is what the governing bodies are looking at - giants vs giants. You mention lack of cards over the years, but really 25 years of rugby takes you right into the amateur stage when the game was; for the most part, entirely different. Look at the average 2nd row, he was built like a teenage basketball player, now they're built rather more like the Hulk... So again, I suppose the powers that be are looking at statistics of injuries - which I don't doubt look worse now than in the past - though I'd be inclined to put that down to better record keeping than anything else...

As for the last line, as I said previously, this was a spear not a dump, so if you apply that to the quote you get: "They can only spear you if you let them"....which is surely a bit like coming off the field with a broken nose and a black eye and being told "they can only punch you if you let them"... Running low is brilliant, but again progression of the game requires players to break away from the old school technique of 'head down and charge for the line'... Marais did look a bit indecisive here, not quite looking for the offload, unable to find a gap to run through and not committed to charging through any potential tackle, but the onus is still on the tackler and forced ostrich impressions are never really a good thing...

3 Months, 1 Week ago

France are top seeds as New Zealand go out of Women's Rugby World Cup

Just to confirm, my example was more something I'd seen in mens rugby rather than the womens, it was just serving as an example of when PT's are awarded for repeat offences.


+1 on your comment!

3 Months, 1 Week ago

Griquas centre Jonathan Francke cited after awkward tackle and sending off

I'm all for a red here, I know it's harsh because of the intent; or lack of, but as 10stone10 said 'we saw what we saw' ... there is no alternative image here, 13 was the primary tackler and Marais landed on his head(ish)..

I think it's an incredibly difficult situation for any player or referee to be in. The player does not want a card, especially with 73 minutes left to go and I doubt any referee wants to pull out a RED card that early on - especially when it is probably fairly clear that it was less than intentional.

I'm not a fan of Joubert, but points to him for having the balls to make that call, the cards are there for a reason, the time on the clock or the stakes of the game are not supposed to be taken into consideration.

Some people would have it that red's are never shown:
"it's a friendly game like the baa baas with nothing at stake, there should never be a card shown there"
"It's an important deciding game, there should never be a card"
"It's too early in the game to show a red card"
"It's too late in the game, might as well let them all get on with it"
"The referee has already red carded one player from that team, why does he need to card another?"

3 Months, 1 Week ago

Griquas centre Jonathan Francke cited after awkward tackle and sending off

Bit of an appalling statement that don't you think?

'Doesn't mean the ref has to ruin the game'...

At the end of the day as 10stone10 said, 'we saw what we saw' did the referee, to blame the referee for a decision that was probably harsh but ultimately correct is a bit weak.

I dare say that because Francke was cited, the citing commissioner also felt a red card was the correct decision.

3 Months, 1 Week ago

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