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James Haskell humble after smashing tackle on David Pocock

Not really buddy, don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure you and myself are more or less on the same page with regards to how rough the game should be, perhaps me being up with the big boys has me wanting the game a tad nastier than you, but we're about the same. But honestly that semi tip tackle spiel I left up there isn't exactly far off reality in this day and age.

As for the rest of it, Pocock did not have a foot on the ground, so he was taken out in the air, of course as you stated above in another comment (I hadn't considered this previously) Pocock himself could have been done for jumping into the tackle.....

Perhaps as it stands maybe the referee looked at it and went "penalise Haskell for taking guy out in the air, or penalise Pocock for jumping into tackle,.... or just leave it and play on?"

You and I have commented on far too many things we thought we'd never see being ruled as red card worthy, or yellow card worthy, citing worthy, or even law worthy - As Dan recently said, he's actually disappointed that new laws regarding feigning have been brought in as it shows how low the game has sunk...

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

CJ Stander banned for 1 week after red card for knocking out Pat Lambie

Think you should probably add the Jared Payne Alex Goode video in the related posts so that we can all see how clear cut this is!

I'd definitely like to say congratulations to CJ Stander for not losing his head and berating the referee for such an abysmal decision* - He took the decision and left the field without any gesticulation, shaking of the head, swearing etc...

Coming to my *, whatever the outcome is, it is wrong, if the referee made the correct decision, then I disagree with it, if the referee was wrong with his call, then I disagree with his call. We've all seen tackles where the victim literally bounces off before the player can grasp him - then there are the tackles where the player feigns some sort of pathetic attempted grasp, neither of those are penalised, so what we have here is Stander jumping to charge down the ball, he either meant to charge down the ball, or he feigned and did a good job of feigning it... Either way, his success in reaching a great height should not be penalised.

Furthermore, if he had made contact with the ball, what would be the ruling? It could have still ended with an arse to the face....

Another awful hypothetical, what if Stander had tipped and landed on his head? Should Lambie have been punished as well, for taking out Stander in the air?

I suspect the consensus is that Stander recklessly threw himself into the air....

So, did Alex Goode not recklessly jump into the air to catch the ball and thus take out a totally unsuspecting Jared Payne?

Or are we basing things on the successes of challenges? You can do something totally bloody ridiculous, and as long as you either catch the ball, or touch the ball, you'll be ok....

They're taking their time with the rulings, why? Because if they let Stander off, then it says their referee made a pitifully bad call... if they punish Stander then they set a new precedent.

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Courageous Ireland beat Springboks in South Africa for first time ever

I believe I've heard it uttered that it was a largely quota driven team - whether there is truth to this, I do not know...

They might be lacking experience, however they do have some strong names and strong players in their ranks:
W le Roux
JP Pietersen
P Lambie
T Mtawarira
A Strauss
E Etzebeth
L de Jager
F Louw
D Vermeulen
All names I've heard and I believe are quality players ^^

L Mapoe
D de Allende
F de Klerk
F Malherbe
S Kolisi
Not heard of these guys before, maybe Allende and Klerk, but not sure..

L Mvovo
I believe I have heard of him, and I believe he isn't great - (may be wrong)...

But they're definitely missing the strong smart heads, and of course losing Lambie early on wasn't great.

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

James Haskell humble after smashing tackle on David Pocock

I'm going to play the devils advocate here...

Haskell hit Pocock when Pocock was still in the air, looked to me like it could be argued that in his hit, he also lifted Pococks legs, definitely didn't turn him, but he did make him land on his back...

I think the tackle was great - minus Haskell perhaps getting a knee to the walnuts, but depending on how nitpicking referees can be, I'd say this could have gone either way..

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

England start series on a high with first ever win over Wallabies in Brisbane

Farrell is definitely a safe 10, his kicking was very good. Ford is more creative and spicy, but there are a few things that people expect 10's to be 100% on (kicking being one of them), and Ford is not quite 100% on them, but I think the 10/12 combo with Farrell and Ford is the best option.

Farrells defence was pretty poor for that second Aus try. As for the rest, I missed it - along with the match itself.

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

New Zealand composure leads to 27th consecutive win over Wales

Can't say I'm particularly surprised by the result... New Zealand tend to follow a pattern... they win the first test - somewhat narrowly, after playing **** for their standard, then they blow the teams away in the next tests when they've decided to wake up a bit....

Whether it'll happen in the next test, I don't know.... but I highly suspect that this could have been Wales best opportunity to nab a win over NZ...

oh well...64 year wait then?

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Courageous Ireland beat Springboks in South Africa for first time ever

"Pat Lambie was taken out by Ireland's South African flanker CJ Stander, resulting in referee Mathieu Raynal making the bold call to send the Munster man straight from the field."

I disagree... I think that Pat Lambie took out CJ Stander who was lucky enough to land on his feet and only needed to brace his landing with his hand. Why you ask? Well because you cannot touch a man in the air can you? That seems to be the way all the bloody rulings are going these days and I'd say recklessly using your face to hit someone in the arse is utterly outrageous! Just ask Jared Payne!

I suspect Lambie is fortunate that CJ didn't tumble, otherwise he could be facing a citing and a ban..

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Fox Sports Australia pull no punches in new promo mocking England ahead of series

Kind of was mentioned before.... Also you can't blame Aus for talking about the 2015 RWC... I mean Aus losing a final isn't exactly comparable to Eng getting knocked out in the pool stages...

For the record, I didn't like the video, it wasn't natural. The participants are very good with their natural banter, so for me it was even worse that it was a cringeworthy scripted attempt.

SH rugby has huge bragging rights, they are/were (not sure after today) the holders of the top 3 spots in the world rankings, they're traditionally the best teams going into most matches, they're the holders of the Web Ellis trophy, the final of the 2015 was SH teams, the semi final was also SH teams, then the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the RWC 2015 were the big 3 down south....

So you can't blame them for playing on that....

Also consider that in the SH view, the NH 6N competition was won by the biggest failures of the 2015 RWC.... so again, it doesn't say much (on face value) for NH rugby....

Of course this is all looking at the statistics and using them to suit whatever agenda you wish.... but they can be twisted in a way that doesn't look pretty...

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

South Africa vs Ireland preview and look back at explosive 1998 Test

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago

South Africa vs Ireland preview and look back at explosive 1998 Test

CJ Stander red card >.< Are you kidding me?

2 Months, 2 Weeks ago