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All eyes on Jaco Peyper after controversial Beauden Barrett yellow card

I somewhat feel my views echo the above posts.. but...

If Barrett accidentally knocked the ball, we'd probably expect a card no? So the actions of interfering with the ball resulted in a yellow? As can be seen, Barrett interfered with the ball, either purposely or otherwise.,... So no arguments....

....What the Canes needed was a Warburton...

4 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Incredible Lions comeback to beat Hurricanes and reach Super Rugby final

Oh apologies to all, I didn't have sound on and ass-umed it was for the tackle, I hadn't even noticed the travel of the ball and Barretts influence.

Looking at it again, I think it was a pretty fair effort to make it not look deliberate, or it was an accident that looked somewhat attempted... either way, big impact in the 22, opposition has a strong attack on, yellow seems fair...

...Apologies once again.

4 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Incredible Lions comeback to beat Hurricanes and reach Super Rugby final

Some lovely rugby and great awareness, but that card for Barrett was BS!

4 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Belmont Shore powerhouse demolishes tackler who goes too high

To me, the arm was an after thought, the bloke took the hit solidly then pushed away the rebounding tackler with his forearm....

4 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Steam train Tongan Thor runs straight through Lima Sopoaga

Haven't yet compared, but if you were to post a related topic, would Tuilagi's card (red?) against Japan(?) Be appropriate?

5 Months, 18 Hours ago

Jordie Barrett's casual booming dropgoal after the halftime whistle

Ball boy chasing behind, "hey Jordie, hey Jordie, I've got to get that ba-....."

5 Months, 3 Days ago

So that's how it feels to kiss your sister - Kiwi Tony gutted with how it ended

I don't disagree with you re the Lions wanting to win. I just don't feel that in the NH that winning is classed as everything as much as it is in the SH at least....

Seems to me the kiwis sort of adopt a Ricky Bobby if you ain't first you're last sort of view, whereas many national teams in the North will sort of say, "well, we didn't come first, but we did jolly well to come from where we were 2 years ago at dead last to now 4th" (or something like that. Which in ways it means that they're being positive about the journey they're making to get to the peak, whereas the kiwis, perhaps if you're not first, then you've not done well enough etc...

So again, a bit like Tony said, it was probably a Lions draw...

But you're right, they were up against the ropes from all angles before they even got on the plane...

5 Months, 6 Days ago

Series drawn as All Blacks and British & Irish Lions decider ends in stalemate

I did notice someone mention that as the Lions beat the Maori All Blacks, then it's technically 2 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw to the AB's 2 losses, 1 win, 1 draw...

...I'll just leave that on the table...

5 Months, 1 Week ago

So that's how it feels to kiss your sister - Kiwi Tony gutted with how it ended

Kieran Read is such a likeable bloke.

Also, wtf was going on in that changing room? A buffet!!! Best we get is all you can view props arse as we wobbles round the bloody room...scratch that, "brushes past you" might be a better way of putting it, as we're cramped into a broom cupboard at an unknown location on a cold windy Saturday!

Again, the Lions test will go down as a draw, but it's sort of like a win or a draw for the Lions is a bit of a win....anything but a win for the kiwis is a loss.... that is more due to team set up (the Lions being a speciality team an all) however there is something that does deeply highlight the difference between NH vs SH rugby or at least Rugby vs AB rugby, that is the importance of a win.

The AB's are humble in victory, draws and defeat, however they are deeply wounded with anything that isn't a win, Kieran Read had a sort of 0% view. By contrast, Sam Warburton seemed to sort of carrying around a 60% sort of view, like a "well, we nearly did it, but at least we got a draw"... again, perhaps I already covered that with my talk of speciality team above, but I feel it sort of transpires into each nations team also. "well we'll look forward to next week" "well we almost had them" "next time"... AB's probably say the same thing, but the meaning underneath seems stronger and more painful.

5 Months, 1 Week ago

Chance Peni-Ataera suspended for 3 weeks for shoulder shot

Exactly, being a forward I've found myself being caught out on a two on one, had no chance so lined the carrier up and did my best to ruin his day legally.....Ended up getting a knee or leg or something in the spuds for my trouble, but it felt brilliant to put in a hard legal hit as I saw the benefits of the guy passing much earlier later in the game.... I don't remember the outcome of the two on one, they probably scored and I probably got schooled on a number of further events in the game haha.

5 Months, 1 Week ago