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Series drawn as All Blacks and British & Irish Lions decider ends in stalemate

As much as I understand the current ruling of the laws recently has been along the lines that you describe and perhaps on any other day, Read (or a player not in black - ahem) would have found themselves on the sticky end of a referee, I still don't like it, I don't think it's a fair reflection of how the game should be played (it isn't tiddlywinks, or ballet or whatever) and I am glad out of all the possibilities Poite could have chosen, he decided to put his choice into a decision which meant there was fair competition for the outcome of the game: kiwis could have dominated that scrum, crossfield kick to some large maori to power through, or a set up of tight play leading to a break etc... rather than a simple kick or even a penalty and card to Read...

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Series drawn as All Blacks and British & Irish Lions decider ends in stalemate

I don't know, I think if anything the AB's lack of shine was probably more due to the Lions defence...

I mean, take for instance the second test, AB's very nearly won that, it was only down to perhaps BB's lack of kicking prowess, probably a handling errors that really sunk them in that game. I certainly won't sit here and say it was because of SBW's red card that they lost the game, I think despite his red card they very nearly won the game - or the Lions very nearly lost the game with their horrendous discipline. Of course you can't resurrect the players of old, however, I think had old DC been the goal kicker, things would have turned out very differently....

Test 3 was very interesting. BB for me is highlighted as a brilliant 10 that just needs more kicking practice, the connection between the stuff he produces with the canes and the stuff he pulled out on the field with the AB's was clear as day. Lions rush defence was fantastic, but the AB's highlighted that quite early on with their cross field kick and try, they tried it again and caught OF in no mans land, but Lions cleverly adapted.

You're probably right that future fixtures will be tempted to produce an upset, but I think much like the baabaas, the Lions thrived off their experience...young players really did their best throw their youth and energy about and the old heads really did well to calm and direct players about. I'm not sure many future international sides will be able to call on that sort of experience and youth in the same way. Perhaps the Lions had the combination just right...

I suppose it could go one way or the other, kiwis might be reeling and looking to damage anyone that comes close, but at the same time it might have knocked them for 6...

One thing to add, they're still dangerous, that final kick off was testament to that, they normally take all their opportunities, this time I think they just let a few go...I'm sure they'll regroup and head forward though...

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Series drawn as All Blacks and British & Irish Lions decider ends in stalemate

The Laws Poite had to choose from...

11.7 Offside after a knock-on:
When a player knocks-on and an offside team mate next plays the ball, the offside player is liable to sanction if playing the ball prevented an opponent from gaining an advantage

11.6 Accidental offside:
(a) When an offside player cannot avoid being touched by a ball or by a team mate carrying it, the player is accidentally offside. If the player's team gains no advantage from this, play continues. If the player's team gains an advantage, a scrum is formed with the opposing team throwing in the ball.

With those in mind, and given the choice Poite made (11.6a) I can understand Hansens call for clarification in some capacity. In my mind the Lions player did 'catch' the ball... therefore, very easy to call it as 11.7....what I believe Poite has given this as is an unintentional an instinctive catch...."when a player cannot avoid being touched by a ball"....

The issue here is that every single game of rugby seems to highlight a grey area in the laws... Lions player caught the ball, then dropped it on purpose (imo, in more or less the same direction the ball was heading in anyway)...what we're doing is either penalising instinctive moves, or not penalising them..

It's a tough call and I can see Hansens point, the only issue would be if say it bounced of Lions 15 and then bounced off Lions 16's chest or something, would we still realistically want to see penalties for that in any minute of the game?

So I think tough call, Poite probably took into consideration Reads contact in the air etc and the fact that the AB's probably wouldn't have recovered that ball anyway and the apparent accidental side of things and made a call... as stated by many on the AB's side, it wasn't the reason they didn't win.

This draw will have happier memories for the Lions than the AB's but I hope the scenes at the end are the real ones that stick. 'Brothers in arms' an all that. Great to have them mixed up!

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The most controversial moments from All Blacks vs Lions 2nd Test

I sort of disagree with the "hand closed-ness or otherwise is utterly irrelevant", if you are putting a lot of force into a swinging arm, it feels more natural to close your fist as you're tensing up to impact.... leaving your hand open is somewhat unnatural.

That being said, what we could possibly be seeing here is a somewhat perfected technique of hitting a maul hard, SOB probably knows entering a maul like that will probably hurt someones body parts - whether it be arm, leg, torso etc, the open hand gives him the options to grab at something after the hit - I can't quite tell if that is SOB's hand that wraps round Naholos chin - perhaps at that point he realised he'd hit a head and also seeing Naholo going down probably thought it's not a competitive situation, so stepping back was the right thing to do...

Regarding the Pape strike... slightly different kettle of was 100% intentional from SOB, no way of denying hand or not, look at Rory Kockett flat hand...

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The most controversial moments from All Blacks vs Lions 2nd Test

He took two steps before the ball was passed, or just as it was passed, when Sinckler jumps and takes the ball, Faumuinas feet are planted.

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The most controversial moments from All Blacks vs Lions 2nd Test

Has this chalked up as a chop tackle, but using your description and watching again, you're 100% right!

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The most controversial moments from All Blacks vs Lions 2nd Test

Did not realise chop tackles were illegal :O

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Captain calls for referee to review opponent's foul play, gets teammate sent off

In some ways, it looks to me that the orange player was sort of losing his balance, which is why he threw the arm out (with the elbow making contact)... I'd have sent him off regardless for acting like such a pansy... I'm not saying players these days have to be quite as unhinged as the flankers of past, but if you're going to wear a 6 or 7 shirt at least grow a set and quit your acting job! Not saying you have to start swinging - sure make it known, but throwing your hands up in the air, falling down and moaning about what frankly didn't look like that hard a punch is pathetic.

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HIGHLIGHTS: British & Irish Lions beat All Blacks to keep series alive

Ok, apologies, but as Pete has said he's not suggesting it be employed as a tactic, but more highlighted as a flaw. Forget gain lines etc, there has to be something wrong where the referee has to intervene in this manner. If this were entirely up to me, I'd say the hit on Sinckler was fine, I'd have no issues with it. We have already climbed onto the wagon of "players must expect opponents to jump for a kicked ball, so they should be prepared even if it is a last second jump" - an ideal that I despise.. so that means, any kicked ball, players should expect others to jump - even in my hatred for that thought, I can see how one can draw lines to connect it all up, but surely you cannot suggest that now we need to say "any kicked balls, and any wayward passes will result in players jumping, so you should all expect them to jump at every kick and every pass"'s illogical.

We have the following number of options:

Ban all jumping for kicks and passes.
Ban jumping for passes only.
Or ignore it all...

Sinckler could have put his hands above his head to try and catch the ball, or he could have left it... the laws protecting him from being touched due to the sloppiness of his own team are wrong imo.

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The most controversial moments from All Blacks vs Lions 2nd Test

ok, but over analysis and knowing everything is pretty acceptable... but I really truly hope you weren't being serious by suggesting that it could have been a yellow because he nearly landed on his head/neck... I mean that is a stretch surely...

Have chop tackles actually been taken out of the game though :/

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