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Nigel Owens unimpressed by naughty Francois Steyn shouting at goalkicker

I don't think there are (m)any other refs that do the game proud like Nigel Owens, sad day when he retires...

5 Days, 19 Hours ago

Matt Toomua escapes red card decision after dumping Finn Russell

I'm still not convinced his elbow changed the landing by more than a whisker...

Elbow on ground is almost instantly followed by his back/side hitting the ground, it's quick, even in slow mo! I'm not sure there was enough time to actually change his landing..

Perhaps I'm wrong...

6 Days, 11 Hours ago

Matt Toomua escapes red card decision after dumping Finn Russell

Wasn't the cous cous guy was he? I kind of meant the general consensus, not, "in NZ we believe that killing someone on the field and using your studs to decapitate them is all part of the game" kind of comments......

6 Days, 17 Hours ago

Matt Toomua escapes red card decision after dumping Finn Russell

I wonder how many RD users are in their late 20's and up and how many are early 20's...

We're either seeing older guys embracing the direction of the modern game, or young guys not knowing what the game was like 'back then'..

If I get time (more time), I'll have a look back at some old videos Rd posted and try and retrieve some comments from users, compared to the general comments these days...

Don't get me wrong, in the current game this wasn't a 'good tackle' in the extra safety aspect.... But it was far from one of the typical red versions....imo...

1 Week, 17 Hours ago

Functional Gym Training for Rugby - Why It Makes No Sense

1010, are you talking to me?

If so, I actually appreciate the importance of strategy, however I feel that the modern game is inducing some sort of bulk first think later image onto the up and coming, rather than as you said, get the basics, then work from there.

I remember us talking a long while back about how the youth is most countries kick a football around in the park, and that the reality is, consistent world winning teams in rugby won't be developed until that football is replaced with a rugby ball.

As you mentioned in the past, there is only one Lomu, however replications or attempted replications of him have been crude battering rams who have focused mostly on speed and bulk. Lomu, lets not forget did have skills, these skills I'm sure were developed from familiarity...

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Matt Toomua escapes red card decision after dumping Finn Russell

What can we say.... he did land on his back, I personally don't think his elbow really changed his landing all that much...

So dare I say it?... was this a dump tackle? In the age old fashion of the word? lifted up, dumped on his back or arse...

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Functional Gym Training for Rugby - Why It Makes No Sense

That last paragraph was exactly the sentiments of the player manager I was talking about. No player is ever 100% fit, because they're always pushed to their limits and past, all the time. Players are also relatively speaking, replaceable....

Perhaps less so in the fly half region, and perhaps the back row, but beyond those two areas, it's more or less a free for all... and it's hard to say that is the wrong way it should be, because as you mentioned, the entire game has changed.. winning is everything, money is everything.... apparently..

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Functional Gym Training for Rugby - Why It Makes No Sense

I don't doubt you, I suppose awareness and heart are two attributes that are extremely hard to teach (if possible to teach at all!).

Perhaps players like Rupeni Caucau are similar examples.

Am I correct in assuming that you would not write off cross fit training if it is used in a package, rather than on it's own. For instance, the Tongan back row you mentioned, could he perhaps have been an even more immense animal given the fact he clearly already had or has the rugby skills..? Whereas, for instance, someone who is an animal at cross fit, won't be a great rugby player simply by remaining in the cross fit realm..

I'm reading a bit about the England training camps (purely because the injury levels that it's totting up are quite large) and I see they're incorporating judo etc. Of course, the argument is "become an immense judo fighter and it doesn't mean you'll be any good at rugby" however, be good at rugby and some judo techniques could make you better...?

1 Week, 3 Days ago

Functional Gym Training for Rugby - Why It Makes No Sense

TJ, interesting point I remember coming across a little while ago is lifting requirements for the springboks, actually come to think of it, I think it was all round stats. I think there was lifting stats for front row, second row, back row and backs... (maybe there was further division in the backs), the I believe there was sprint times as well as distance times, or perhaps bleep test.

Unfortunately it was a while ago so I cannot remember when or where I saw it.

I suppose much like your article above it's important to look at the whole picture, which is, I guess those stats are designed to whittle down some possible entrants and not to be used to determine a good rugby player.

1 Week, 3 Days ago

Maro Itoje performs some sort of wizardry to steal ball

I actually remember one occasion where I did the exact same thing.... I surprised myself, the opposition (who started yelling at their team mate asking why he gave me the ball!), and also surprised my team.... I think I made it about 15-20 metres up the field before getting scragged... I was sure I was in for a try, but evidently I wasn't fast enough!

sad times....

1 Week, 3 Days ago