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The amazing story of Robins Tchale-Watchou and his rise to the Top 14

Watchou gonna do when he comes for you?


3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Springboks survive Salta scare after excellent Argentina performance

I don't see anyone criticising the Argies? Nobody expected Argentina to come onto the big stage and win all their games...

3 Weeks, 2 Days ago

Springboks survive Salta scare after excellent Argentina performance

Seems vastly narrow minded from the powers that be. Probably one of those things that will fix itself through time, but I can imagine it's frustrating as an open eyed fan!

One thing the rest of the world might actually hope for, is that the Argentines DON'T get their rugby in order...

I mean they've shown the power they possess.. At the moment it isn't translating into straight wins, but they're damn close against some of the toughest oppositions out there...

They're doing all of this with half their players up in the NH clubs, the rest are elsewhere somewhere... Could be quite scary if they actually got on the same regimes as some of the 'big' teams.

3 Weeks, 2 Days ago

All Blacks post match reaction after stunning Bledisloe Cup victory

Something in the rugby universe is no longer aligned :/ Could The Blackness' reign of terror be coming to an end?

3 Weeks, 2 Days ago

Huge tackle on Wisconsin Rugby Club player after inside switch

Haha, I believe he has followed Rupeni Caucau's "backs guide to the Ultimate body"..

Great effort getting back on your feet though!!!

3 Weeks, 4 Days ago

All Blacks put 50 on the Wallabies to continue Eden Park domination

Yeh...Nonu if you want a player with a HUGE amount of Union experience on his shoulders who still tackles like a guy who just converted from league.....

3 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Springboks survive Salta scare after excellent Argentina performance

RUGBYdump, would probably be a more appropriate way of putting that...

Are you sure that the Argentinian rugby team doesn't give a crap about England, Wales and Scotland?... I'm not sure I've heard about many teams that would simply turn up onto a pitch and say, "ah it's these guys again, who cares...". Last time I checked the Arg teams have fought pretty hard against all three.. Whether they've been able to produce their top teams or not is another matter, I suspect that they would produce higher player if club commitments etc didn't take priority. Italy don't count? I wish the rest of us could take attitudes like that with our teams.."We don't care about NZ, or Aus, most of them have UK ancestry anyway, they're mostly just brits"... That is clearly not the case. Otherwise one could ignore who ACTUALLY holds the RWC and just proclaim that it's Brits in disguise...

You like Arg as the underdog? That is fine, I can't say I like it or dislike it, they are the underdog, so it's a case of accepting it. That in itself is not a bad thing as it makes the games all the more exciting when they have a near victory against one of the top 3 teams in the world.

To address your final paragraph, what I have written is not patronising, nor intended to be insulting. What I am trying to say is that each team in the world, goes into the game with a plan, on appearance one could say:
Aus, traditionally requires fast play, quick open and loose rugby with a lot of 'back orientated play'.
NZ is more tight and well drilled, still focussing on fast, quick play, but the forwards will get involved hard.
SA is MORE forward orientated, the backs are fast and deadly, but they appear to need the forwards to get them in place.

So focussing on SA style, I'm saying that the Arg team seems to know how SA play and seem to know how to kill their style of play. This is not a negative (only for SA), they can get under the SA style, which stops SA doing what they do to 99% of the world.

3 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Springboks survive Salta scare after excellent Argentina performance

I think wins are very important, but they must not gained at the expense of the team, but of course continual losses are not good for a team either, however as you've mentioned the contracts and commitments etc I see where you're coming from.

I know exactly what you mean about player depth. Everything is fine if you have just 20 players who are all fit and healthy, but when your start fly half/scrum half/prop etc gets injured you need to replace them with someone else who is equally as good and not a fresh face baby.

NZ is the key to this at the moment. It seems like they have the best players in the world in 1-15, but if one of them gets injured they can bring in someone who is almost BETTER as a replacement...

Good luck with the Argentinian future!

3 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Springboks survive Salta scare after excellent Argentina performance

Regarding players, ok, I see that, there are only a few names that are the same in the Scotland games.

Of course there is more to just rankings and of course it is important not to just put wins ahead of overall development. But there is also a good correlation between a teams standard and their rankings... NZ aren't hovering around number 1 just because it looks cool...

At some point Argentina has to pull out wins in order to improve. Perhaps playing just subs against 'winnable' teams isn't overly bright,

Anyway, as I've said, my point was not to insult or undersell the Argentine side.. I think we can all agree that they are not as good as NZ, SA, or Aus.. at least YET!!! Of course the future is bright I'm sure. My point was indeed to highlight how a team that can be seen to struggle against some, can smother the South Africans.. as if their style is a direct contradiction to the SA style.

3 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Springboks survive Salta scare after excellent Argentina performance

Well, to be fair when was the last time Argentina played Fiji, Japan, Tonga and as far as Scotland is concerned... well did you see the results of the last game? So no, I don't think I will shut up with the rankings.

Did I say Argentina didn't improve? No. I am aware, as is the rest of the world, how much more organised they've become as a team. This is not the point I was trying to make.

"If you think the world starts and ends with the Bledisloe Cup, one day we┬┤ll come and snatch it before you realiza what happened."

Good luck doing that, you do realise you'll NEVER get the Bledisloe Cup, unless of course the layout of the competition gets drastically changed.

If you calm down a little and just read, no one is crying about anything, because SA won, so even if I felt all the decisions went against SA, I'd still be happy with the win wouldn't I?

The point I was indeed getting at is that Argentina, are NOT as good as the other nations, yet when they face SA they seem to close down the style that is so deadly to most other teams. Last year SA beat Australia by at least 20 points in both games, but they only beat Argentina by 5 points in one of their games.

As much as you must love them, Argentina are the underdogs of the Rugby Championship... They can play some great rugby, but all in all, they're not going to win it anytime soon. This is not an insult, this is a fact and lets face it Argentina's rugby is developing whereas the other nations rugby is already developed, so it's only natural they'd be behind.

So don't get defensive, "this is not soccer" - Nigel Owens. We can all talk to each other properly and without the need to go a little loopy.


3 Weeks, 6 Days ago

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