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Bakkies Botha not too concerned about horrible fractured finger

Also Botha earning £389,000 a year, sounds a little like peanuts... in some respects.. don't get me wrong, I'd be over the moon if I was earning that much (and playing rugby to do it!)

...Also I think most rugby players have it very tough, not exactly like you can get modelling/advertising contracts as much as the footballers get - (especially if you're a hand model!)

6 Days, 47 Minutes ago

Bakkies Botha not too concerned about horrible fractured finger

That looks pretty damn gross, I don't think mine was as bad (although I also had ligament damage), only thing I can say was that it didn't hurt at all...just the angle was perhaps a bit inconvenient... made me feel a bit light headed looking at it going the wrong way but as for pain, there really was none...

Had time for a quick post match drink, then took a trip to the hospital to get it sorted...

Not sure whether anyone else has any damaged finger/toe stories and whether it hurt?

6 Days, 48 Minutes ago

Sam Burgess big tackles on Ben Jacobs plus first try for Bath

Yeh, I'd agree with that.

I wonder how the 6N is going to play out, Wales v England first.. with Wales coming off the back of a big win against SA. Although that's 1 out of many..

6 Days, 52 Minutes ago

French rugby shows solidarity after Charlie Hedbo terror attacks in Paris

Yeh true. I think it's easier to keep all of our 'friendships' down to a rugby level, otherwise things will continue to rear their ugly heads in the future.

6 Days, 1 Hour ago

A look at the Top International Try Scorers of 2014

Really nice to see some of the 'smaller' nations in the rugby world getting some attention :)

Julian Savea, bloody hell, bloke just seems to have so much going for him on the rugby front! Brilliant to see!

6 Days, 1 Hour ago

Sam Burgess big tackles on Ben Jacobs plus first try for Bath

I think the problem is largely the fact that you have a few 'randoms' you can throw into the mix. The likes of Tuilagi, if he is fit and isn't played and England lose something, the halfwit media will wonder why 'the big cannonball' wasn't played... because that's just what rugby is isn't it?? Big guys running at bigs guys? The team with the bigger guys will win? - Yes media, go back to football please...

6 Days, 9 Hours ago

French rugby shows solidarity after Charlie Hedbo terror attacks in Paris

Wish people could just keep their hands to themselves...

I dunno, don't get me wrong, the reprints were a heck of a middle finger reaction, but it sort of makes things difficult to come on here and say "if people just left each other alone then...blahblah"...

I suspect the lack of comments on here are to do with the majority of people wishing to stay out of politics on here... I've watched for days at the '2 comments' bit and seeing Colombes comment really makes me think that people need to put differences aside.

Charlie Hebdo has a habit of attracting controversy - perhaps in the same manner as South park, I guess it's all kind of funny until they pick on your problem/religion/following/lifestyle etc... but I suppose if you can sit back and chuckle at the stereotypes of it all then maybe that is the key...

Depictions of Muhammad? Aren't all photographs or drawings of male muslims 'depictions of Muhammad' - Don't the majority (if not all?) of them carry the name Muhammad? Granted I'm no lawyer and would rather not get into technicalities with a bunch of gun toting lunatics, but you know... thinking about stuff might help more..

I suppose no one is 'holier than thou' so we'll all do something that pisses someone else off... I suppose the majority of reactions we face are just words...and more on the pitch... but mainly words...

6 Days, 22 Hours ago

Sam Burgess big tackles on Ben Jacobs plus first try for Bath

This is the article Stroudos - about Eastmond

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Sam Burgess big tackles on Ben Jacobs plus first try for Bath

To reply to Stroudos first:

I believe at a guess it was Eastmond... Although I can't recall exactly... definitely not Bananaman, I suppose I said a while back, but really I'm talking about last years rugby...

To tag onto 10stone10... I believe we definitely have a similar attitude to the whole thing. I personally want to see Burgess shine, however perhaps I feel an air of responsibility to NOT join the bandwagon so as to give the bloke the best chance he can - I get the feeling that if I join in on all the hype with a really positive future outlook, things may indeed turn bleak.. I feel like perhaps we all need to sit back and say "yeh, when he turns out to be the decent player the world wants him to be whilst wearing an England shirt, then we'll give him a chance." - which is perhaps unfair (he needs to get a break before he'll get into an England shirt) but I guess I'd love to see him be hidden to the media, just playing good rugby and entering the international scene as a new guy... rather than the media pouncing on fairly 'average' things for most club players with what you can imagine would be titles like "the sidestep that MEANS Burgess is going to win the RWC for England" or some sort of thing like that.

The bloke is going to play his heart out and play to the best of his abilities, the sooner the media lets him go and do that, make a cock up without them hanging him, make a good play without them lumping the world on his shoulders then the better... I say anyway...

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Sam Burgess big tackles on Ben Jacobs plus first try for Bath

Utility backs comments are very close to my own.

Rather than the press working with the national teams, they often appear to be the bane of them.

As you said, the press will hype everything up, everyone will question why Burgess ISN'T included (if he isn't) etc, then when he doesn't prove to be the 'big kid' (as mentioned in my previous post) and run over everyone, he'll get hounded by the press and thrown on the scrap heap.

Stroudos, don't get me wrong I have a huge like for Lancasters generally smiley overall attitude, but I posted a comment a long while back which linked to a BBC post about picking players to fit into the gaps whilst still playing out of form players. I can't give you the exact details, but it was pertaining to a centre that was picked because he was brilliant at club level, throwing him into an international shirt against a top team (NZ?) whilst England were still playing a shakey 'off form' Farrell... and because this centre didn't perform any magic he was never given a look in again. I believe the article then went on to say about how Farrell was swapped and the aforementioned centres club 10 came in, and still there was no sign of inclusion.

I mean consider bringing in any tank of a second row for his first cap - lets say a player with the strength and size of Bakkies Botha, and then partnering him with a human noodle and then blaming the scrum failures on 'Bakkies mk2'....

1 Week, 2 Days ago

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