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#TBT: Peter Stringer's brilliant low tackle on Jonah Lomu in 2002

Well I've seen stringer run with the ball, make increbidle tackles and achieve his role of being the pivotal point between forwards and backs with diamond sharp passing, so to do that, to be a sneaky ferret and to tackle lomu, all at the size of a pint glass is pretty bloody impressive, especially at his ripe old age now.

But sure, I bet your rugby career is far greater than this amateur....

5 Days, 13 Hours ago

New Zealand Super Rugby 'BOOM BOOM' advert comes under fire ahead of tournament

Hahaha, loved all of that ^^^^

5 Days, 13 Hours ago

Ross Moriarty's thumping late hit on Owen Farrell in Cardiff

Oh don't be such a back....

5 Days, 13 Hours ago

Ross Moriarty's thumping late hit on Owen Farrell in Cardiff

....You are aware there are two different 'already committed' tackles right?

There is a genuine 'already committed' which applies to players 1-15, then there is an 'already committed' which applies to us horrible players up front where we giggle like school girls about breaking someone....

5 Days, 13 Hours ago

Elliot Daly late try secures England win after titanic battle with Wales

Wot iz u mad abt dan m8?

5 Days, 23 Hours ago

2017 Six Nations: Best of social media from Round Two

Interesting predictions, I think England and Ireland have the best shot at top position. I'd say England is most likely 1, but Ireland gave Italy such a hammering that if it does come down to points it could be close...

Italy I'd guarantee are bottom, probably the safest bet if you are a betting man.

I can see how you've put France ahead of Ireland, I'm not sure what this current Irish team are like, I personally found that the old Ireland definitely became complacent after big wins, not sure if this team will be the same. France are definitely still the most chaotically random team, I can see them finishing everywhere between 2 and 5 inclusive....

Wales are still pretty ugly, they're still trying route 1 which may or may not work against the next targets. I think they'll struggle against France with that tactic.

Scotland are very odd for me... I don't have a clue how to predict their positioning. They're playing fantastic rugby, but the loss against France was probably due to being out muscled and stupid penalties.

6 Days, 17 Minutes ago

Old man Radike Samo smashes young fellow Fijian in Brisbane

Hahaha, that was beautiful, immense, perfect....That's the kind of hit you can suddenly smile about randomly as a hint of it pops into your memory..

6 Days, 27 Minutes ago

Ross Moriarty's thumping late hit on Owen Farrell in Cardiff

Actually good point there, if Moriarty completes a perfect tackle, one could argue he was committed (at least in a split second view), if he half pulls out and shoulders Farrell then he has neither tackled or left Farrell alone, so it becomes late and an illegal hit....

6 Days, 29 Minutes ago

Taniela Tupou AKA Tongan Thor meets Liam Messam in a collision for the ages

I'd agree I guess, a suspension or a red card for that is ridiculous, that's my first and foremost thought, but then he is a young guy and that sort of action has been unacceptable since before he started pro playing...

6 Days, 37 Minutes ago

Ross Moriarty's thumping late hit on Owen Farrell in Cardiff

This whole article has a very "backs" aura about it.... Any forward (apart from Mr whingy Moore) would tell you that Moriarty was blatantly committed...

6 Days, 6 Hours ago