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Functional Gym Training for Rugby - Why It Makes No Sense

I don't doubt you, I suppose awareness and heart are two attributes that are extremely hard to teach (if possible to teach at all!).

Perhaps players like Rupeni Caucau are similar examples.

Am I correct in assuming that you would not write off cross fit training if it is used in a package, rather than on it's own. For instance, the Tongan back row you mentioned, could he perhaps have been an even more immense animal given the fact he clearly already had or has the rugby skills..? Whereas, for instance, someone who is an animal at cross fit, won't be a great rugby player simply by remaining in the cross fit realm..

I'm reading a bit about the England training camps (purely because the injury levels that it's totting up are quite large) and I see they're incorporating judo etc. Of course, the argument is "become an immense judo fighter and it doesn't mean you'll be any good at rugby" however, be good at rugby and some judo techniques could make you better...?

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Functional Gym Training for Rugby - Why It Makes No Sense

TJ, interesting point I remember coming across a little while ago is lifting requirements for the springboks, actually come to think of it, I think it was all round stats. I think there was lifting stats for front row, second row, back row and backs... (maybe there was further division in the backs), the I believe there was sprint times as well as distance times, or perhaps bleep test.

Unfortunately it was a while ago so I cannot remember when or where I saw it.

I suppose much like your article above it's important to look at the whole picture, which is, I guess those stats are designed to whittle down some possible entrants and not to be used to determine a good rugby player.

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Maro Itoje performs some sort of wizardry to steal ball

I actually remember one occasion where I did the exact same thing.... I surprised myself, the opposition (who started yelling at their team mate asking why he gave me the ball!), and also surprised my team.... I think I made it about 15-20 metres up the field before getting scragged... I was sure I was in for a try, but evidently I wasn't fast enough!

sad times....

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Functional Gym Training for Rugby - Why It Makes No Sense

I suppose to some extent functional training in position specific form has it's place in guidelines.... for instance you might be 6'8" and chunky but not having much going on in the leg mass, so functional training so that you cover leg power in rucks, mauls, scrums isn't a bad heads up.

But really as 10st10 says, the game is changing astronomically. I believe I posted a link to a BBC article written by a player manager (and perhaps he was an ex scotland player too...) who basically wrote that the 'buyers' of these players are interested in numbers too... g-force being one, how much shock can they produce in their hits.

I think a bunch of us have said it before, we remember school days rugby of idk U13, when we shivered onto a pitch in our baggy shirts and bold pasty legs only to see the great hairy bearded beast who was coaching the opposition with his 3 other fellow coaches were indeed not coaches but players themselves.... and of course, the pummelling ensued. The fact is I remember hitting 1st team rugby and we'd all sort of caught up one way or another... some sporting stubble, others just sporting less puppy fat and a bit more mass....

Nowadays, it's teams of mini Haskells and bloody Joe Marlers all running around at the age of 12....

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Johnny Leota banned for dangerous judo throw on Aled Brew

Out of all the spear tackles etc etc, this actually looked like one of the worst landings, entirely on the point of his shoulder. Nasty.

1 Week, 6 Days ago

Nick Phipps warned for pushing medic during Argentina Test

What is the age old thing we hear players being told "don't take matters into your own hands!"

Sure it's easy to say that and hear other people being told that when you're not in the game yourself, and sure it's difficult not to react, but there was no need for it and I'd hope it's something that doesn't get repeated...

In the 'what ifs' camp, what would have happened if hypothetically that physio was injured as he fell?

I remember that referee being caught in between two players or being tackled or something and he ended up with some horrendous spiral fracture or something, even though the incident looked fairly innocuous.. I'm 'just saying' what would have happened if this guy had fallen awkwardly and broken his wrist or something... would we be looking at a punishment?

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New Zealand score 45 second half points to CRUSH South Africa

...Hahahaha, oh dear, hadn't even considered how what I wrote could be taken!

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Aaron Smith apologises for toilet romp as New Zealand media react

I guess because you're in an elevated position of power and with great power comes great responsibility >.<

Football players appear to be the most horrendous group of athletes in the world... if Aaron Smith being outed makes him check his attitude, then it's all positive...

But yes I agree with your examples above...

2 Weeks, 17 Hours ago

Aaron Smith apologises for toilet romp as New Zealand media react

I'm not saying I'd view him as a great leader, I'm just saying who knows if he has the potential to be one when in position, but chances have been potentially destroyed because of his personal; nothing to do with running a country, comments...

Aaron Smith, no doubt a fantastic player, but his personal, nothing to do with rugby actions, have landed him in hot water....and rightly so imo... but I do understand if it's not shared by others...

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Aaron Smith apologises for toilet romp as New Zealand media react

Of course one would have to be a bit one eyed to not look at attributes of many worldwide people rather than solely setting your sights on being Aaron, however he is a representative of the sport and the country...

But again, you're in the public eye and I'm afraid you have to uphold basic morals.... If you can't deal with the pressure of simply behaving yourself then you shouldn't be in the public eye.

Look at the latest controversy in the US presidential campaign with Trumps comments... Sure perhaps it's a wrong example, but his character is smudged (more so) as a result of those comments. He had a lot of followers based on his principles or the party direction who have since stopped backing him purely because of "locker room comments" - he might have been a fantastic leader but he may lose based on those comments.

Smith might be a fantastic player but his off field antics reflect who he is, and maybe it doesn't look good on NZ to have someone like that representing them...

To end, I guess we have a different views on this subject and although we agree that perhaps we may not use a player as a moral role model, we disagree that in his elevated position his actions should have repercussions...

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