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New Zealand's monstrous schoolboys look ready to cause some damage

Fortunately this isn't cause for concern, in the UK I hear their is talk of suggesting tackling should be banned at school level.... This will leave the British players 100% fresh for action when they reach 18! Whereas the AB's by that time will be partially worn out and ready for the scrap heap! It will be a slaughter!


3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Michele Rizzo facing ban after this shoulder to Gareth Davies' face

One ruling after another has lead to this...

Rucking was stopped, so more players lie on the ground, can't put your foot through and kick the ball now, etc...

I mean this was wrong sure, but you can't help feel some of these incidents are manifestations of previous unnecessary tinkering with the laws.. yeh sure, Dan comments about his kid(s) playing, no one wants their kid to get hurt, falling off a bike, tripping etc... We can water the game down for kids as much as we want, perhaps we'll have ageless players in the future as a result, and your kids safety is not my call, but I can't see NZ talking about banning tackling in schools...

3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Michele Rizzo facing ban after this shoulder to Gareth Davies' face

Except in the good old days we had 'rucking' so their wouldn't be a pile of bodies that big for the scrum half to lie on...

3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Nigel Owens warns all thirty players, as only Nigel Owens can do

It's weird because the more of a deal this gets made and the more of a media storm or party that follows Owens, the more cringey this has the potential of becoming when frankly it's a top job... I didn't see the match, but clearly he felt 15v15 was in the balance and that he'd rather not be the referee to give someone a red telling everyone to put on their big boy pants and grow up is a nice touch...every single person on that pitch knows the score now...

I'd rather this than a couple forwards getting a warning then some back 10 mins later getting a red card for something fairly innocuous because the referee was having a semi-shit game regarding player behaviour...

3 Weeks, 2 Days ago

New Zealand crush the Springboks in shocking 57-0 demolition

Of course rugby is a small issue by comparison, but the rugby issue was a scaled version of the real problem...and of course the powers at work decided to go for what they seemed a quick fix, which instead hurts everyone all round.

SA needed to get stuck in at grass roots, get more black kids into the game, away from soccer and other horrible things, these young guys would have progressed and fought their way into the team like any other player (of any colour)... But instead they start forcing hands, classifying players based in their colour and forcing teams which shouldn't happen.. How much respect and gelling would you be able to have with a player that has been picked over a better player simply based on skin colour? Take the Habana for example, the guy wasn't even classed as acceptable for their shitty little experiments..would it look good if he was replaced with a lesser because he isn't quite what they want! It's sad to see the books struggling... hopefully they'll come back with a strong Green team!

4 Weeks, 1 Day ago

James Haskell loses his cool with Joe Marler after water and choke incidents

You post a link title "reprimanded not suspended" how much of a wet blanket are you if you genuinely think he should have been suspended??? I don't even think yellow cards for either, but if I enter into this pathetic politically correct rugby attitude then the most I could settle for is yellow for both... But what, someone should be suspended?

You're allowed your opinion, but frankly you have one of the most sour grape opinions going. If Marker sneezed in a scrum I'd have my suspicions you'd be on here claiming he was trying to infect the opposition and should be banned.. purely because of his past indescretions... Yeh, sure if he headbutted or punched someone or something actually violent then I can understand it....

4 Weeks, 2 Days ago

James Haskell loses his cool with Joe Marler after water and choke incidents

So two rugby players go at each other which in the past would have probably been included in the slow motion intro to try savers rib breakers and the PC brigade on here go ape shit...

I'm with fine disregard on this, just get on with the bloody game. Warning for both at the most and carry on with the game. So many times we see scuffles break out and players then sort of split themselves up because the game continues...

No one threw a punch and everyone was fine...

4 Weeks, 2 Days ago

James Haskell loses his cool with Joe Marler after water and choke incidents

Oh give it a rest... "racist insults"... a world class mountain was made out of that mole hill and they typical snowflakes melted as fast as physically possible when they heard what he'd said...

1 Month, 14 Hours ago

James Haskell loses his cool with Joe Marler after water and choke incidents

Le Haskell..

1 Month, 21 Hours ago

Schalk Brits angered at cynical play by Kahn Fotuali'i

"it was more likely that your 9/10 just weren't on your wavelength ;)"

Precisely, I could see the try line... albeit about 50m away... but it was my try to be had!

I do agree with what you're getting at, but I almost think there has to be some sort of law to say Brits wasn't offside or something... sounds odd I know, but basically Brits makes a tackle, ball is recycled and yards are made... Now Brits is technically offside... if he cannot retreat, then there is something wrong with the game.. he didn't walk offside, he was already offside, so surely there has to be some sort of consideration.

I think the issue here is that things are getting tighter and tighter, and the spirit of the game is being lost. Brits strikes me as an old school player, I could be wrong, but sort of player that would go to the defence of an opposition player if he was about to be reprimanded for something he didn't do - I'm sure we've seen videos in the past of players saying "he didn't actually hit me" or something like that... These days are being lost and I find that extremely sad.

Seems to me the only way to truly avoid this sort of thing would be for players to make a beeline for touch, then run up the side then rejoin the line - or have a stoppage after each 'down' a la NFL... or just accept that it's a shit thing that will be exploited on the odd occasion...

1 Month, 5 Days ago