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Test Rugby Results - November 15th weekend

....Has the spelling universe got it's hat on backwards or something?

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Test Rugby Results - November 15th weekend

I'll try and remember yours, hopefully you'll have passed grade 2 by then.

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Test Rugby Results - November 15th weekend

He hasn't been thrown off as many planes and punched as much as Gavin Henson and Henson got multiple opportunities....

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Test Rugby Results - November 15th weekend

Really enjoyed the Scotland match. Briefly saw some of the Wales Fiji match, I think Gatland has to be concerned. I find Wales have the ability (somewhere) to play some good competitive rugby, but somehow they can't seem to continually do it.. No disrespect to Fiji, but I viewed this game (before the game) as a Wales win, I thought they'd win by more points than they did. So actually well done to Fiji and to run one in when they were a man down!

Sky games I didn't see.

So onto the Scotland NZ game - Wow.. I enjoyed that! Let's of course go through the facts, we all know NZ fielded a 'b' team or partially 'b' team, but they would have done so knowing it was going to win. NZ wouldn't field any old team without looking to keep up their current rankings/standards etc. So Scotland could only play who was in front of them and I thought they played very very well! I really thought they looked like they have a promising 10 who seems to be really getting involved physically! All in all, Scotland did very well. I thought the scrum decisions were pretty abysmal on some occasions, but then Poite isn't renowned for his scrum policing. I just enjoyed seeing that 'Scotland belief' from last week carry across to this week too!

I thought Scotland seemed to play like they deserved the win, they deserved to play with the AB's, whereas in the past, they've played a little like they've been forced to get run at and they know they'll be beaten!

Great weekend for the majority of teams, some close results!

1 Week, 3 Days ago

Referee decisions in spotlight as New Zealand prove too good for England

desertcolt, I agree that one shouldn't ignore what if's completely, but I dislike the view a lot of people take when they bundle up all their 'what if's' and account them all and say it = a win...

I mean, you could look at some of the most brutal games some teams have faced 'we'd have won if my team hadn't got smashed and had scored more points'....

1 Week, 4 Days ago

Test Rugby Results - November 7th and 8th 2014

Highly convenient if you ask me......

So when UK papers post articles then all the English are whiners... but when the NZ papers post something it's all in jest and never to be taken seriously?

I'm honestly glad that I know a few NZ'ers and have had the pleasure of visiting the country, because if I had to come up with a view of what NZ'ers were based purely on this thread, nay, this entire website, I'd put you firmly into the 'Hypocritical two faced bunch of c***s' category...

Don't get me wrong, as I said, I know that's not true, but every comment that I perceive to be written by an AB fan or a NZ'er (perhaps they're trolls), are just laughably ridiculous... Reminds me of those 'facts' spewed by North Korea about how their great leader played golf and retired because he got a hole in one with every shot...

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Referee decisions in spotlight as New Zealand prove too good for England

I've said it before, the whole thing with 'what if's' is totally pointless..

If NZ hadn't had that try awarded they'd have realised they were behind and fought even harder to create opportunities (or try to). If NZ had got all their kicks England would realise they were far behind and do what they can to make up the difference...

Blanket 'what if' statements never cover both teams, they only ever focus on one teams downfalls and build them up, ignoring the fact that the majority of professional teams are flexible and adaptable.

Sorry to be a reply to you Pete, I realise that your comment was in reply to another what if.. I just find the majority of the above comments from both Dave, fly half, colt and yourself to be more or less baseless...

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Five stars nominated for IRB World Rugby Player of the Year 2014

A jokes never funny the second time you hear it...the first time was 2009..

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Referee decisions in spotlight as New Zealand prove too good for England

One of the best comments re the all blacks. I think the only reason it appears that they 'cheat' more, is because of how good they are at not getting caught.

Also, I think we're all looking for it as well. As soon as you know RMc is playing, you instinctively look for that pesky 7 lying on the wrong side, hands in the ruck etc... he is also very good at looking innocent as well!

As you said, every team cheats, some are better than others at doing it. Look at Jim Hamilton for instance, he's abysmal at his timing at priorities. Scotland will be losing by 1 point, they'll be on the opposition try line with a penalty advantage 10 seconds left on the clock and the 10 in the pocket lining up for a drop goal. The ball will be totally secure at the back of the ruck and Jim will decide to poke someone away from a ruck for no apparent reason.... therefore reversing the penalty and causing the loss...

I'm sure it's a slight exaggeration.. (slight)..

1 Week, 6 Days ago

Friday Funnies - Prop Adam Jones' audacious drop goal attempt

Was that some repressed dream that was allowed to briefly escape their from Mr Jones?

"Dad, when I grow up I want to be a fly half"

"I'll not hear you talk about becoming one of them fairies boyo, get another pie down you!"

2 Weeks, 20 Hours ago

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