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Malouf high shot on Wade met 'red card threshold' according to panel

HH, I don't disagree with your point regarding high hits, but the problem I have is that we've always had "high tackles"... It's not a new thing, the understanding around it is now new.

In the past if you hit the head straight on, it's a high tackle, if you hit and then rode up it wasn't a high tackle.

They realised this was not good enough, so they move the margins, now if you ride up it's still a high tackle. Again, I'm not really phased by this, but now they've backed themselves into corners... "Seat belt tackles" something which rarely applies any force to the head is now "dangerous" just because "law says head = red" (or yellow or penalty etc). We now see players diving for the try line in an "untackleable" position... So do we need to change the way tries are scored now as a result? Perhaps not, but it does beg the question of how to police that part into safety?

Wade clocked May on the chin, whilst I think that was.bad technique by May, do we have a case to look at for how players defend themselves? Is the forearm too dangerous? I just feel that as Ben Wright has written, this comes from intervention, the more that is policed, the more that is expected to be policed. If you get rid of the most dangerous aspect of the game, the next dangerous thing becomes the most dangerous, so on so forth.

All in all, though, I agree about care for players heads, I just don't see a realistic future in going down that route. Look at boxing etc, certain aspects are kind of the sport, punching someone's face is part of it. Are we going to soon look at removing rugby's version? (Whatever that is?)

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Taniela Tupou escapes red card for brutal no arms tackle

Hahaha, you may be 100% right 45678, I really would love another chance to review it.

3 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Malouf high shot on Wade met 'red card threshold' according to panel

I agree this was a bad call.... but "it probably cost Wasps the match"... as in Wasps couldn't win against 15? I'd suggest going in to a game with a game plan of "we'll win when they get reduced to 14" isn't a great plan...

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Malouf high shot on Wade met 'red card threshold' according to panel

I agree with you Ben to some degree, I've got two personalities now as a result, one that looks at the laws today and plays devils advocate and bitches about refereeing, and one that dreams of the "old game" (about 8 years ago ish)....

This decision in todays game is abysmal, looks like bicep hits shoulder and shoulder hits head... it's a red, easy decision in my book..

In the game which I find is slipping away more and more, this was probably a yellow at worst, penalty at least probably..

I disagree with your last point regarding the game being important. Well, sort of... it is important but I have zero issues with a referee dishing a red card for the very first tackle of any cup final match, let alone a league match, as long as the crime warrants the punishment.

But all in all, you're right regarding intervention, we're forcing ourselves into a smaller and smaller corner by trying to make an inherently dangerous game, "safe"...

We have HIA assessments, which I have zero issue with, but rather than HIA's being done and the player being put to rest for a few weeks, there is this large drive to avoid head injuries full stop - why not improve the aftercare for head injuries - longer lay offs, stringent testing etc. So many head injuries in games these days tend to be from players falling on knees, or tackling badly, or heads hitting heads... all stuff that cannot possibly be policed out of the game - but they try!

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Bismarck du Plessis slaps Florian Fritz repeatedly but stays on the field

Haha apologies RD, I apologise for assuming your stance, however regardless of your personal opinions on those past incidents, your style of writing was perhaps less convicting, which I believe was more in tune with the way things were "back then", compared to today when we are ALL more touchy about incidents and more expectent for red cards for minor things these days... Has rugby gone soft, or have we all gone soft?

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Taniela Tupou escapes red card for brutal no arms tackle

I remember seeing Aki's 'tackle' and thinking there could be trouble, but I can't remember it particularly now. I just googled it and it came up with:

REF: "There is one arm and a bit of a head-knock between the two... So I'm thinking penalty only here guys"

TMO: "Green 12 leads with the shoulder but only a penalty. The clash is head on head."

So seems to say head on head, rather than shoulder on head...

Again, I can't remember it 100%, so you may very well be completely right, but that's what I've come up with so far..

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Bismarck du Plessis slaps Florian Fritz repeatedly but stays on the field

Hahaha! Brilliant saying! I'll remember that!

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Jacob Stockdale picks up Player of the Championship after breakthrough campaign

Agree with you, but definitely on your last sentence. I sort of feel the penultimate sentence is a bit of a given.. I don't believe any rugby player can be measured for greatness after more or less one season (not sure how long this lads been on the seen). I think it's definitely a case of seeing how he progresses from here... Or even just continues on a level.

Last year I remember seeing Itoje and thinking 'bloody hell, this guy is a storm'... This year he was really anonymous by comparison.. perhaps it was a result of everyone around him as well, but I think the same will apply to Stockdale, if his team stay strong and he goes quiet next year then it will be tough to see.

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Bismarck du Plessis slaps Florian Fritz repeatedly but stays on the field

Having not been born until the near 90's, add on near 10 years or there abouts and that's when I started to become aware of rugby via 7's, then add on another 3-4 years and we're into the near mid 00's and I started as a young lad playing 15's... So all in all my rugby career and my age is younger than some of the greats that are retiring and/or still playing today, Dan Carter, Wilkinson, BOD, Parisse, Nonu, O'Connell, Mayfield, Bakkies can sit here and name hundreds or recent retirees or soon to be..
So, I'm well aware the date is not 1970's or at least I assume it's nothing like the 70's. What's your point? Or is that a slight exaggeration, and what you mean it's, it's nothing like 2008 - which is after the turn of professionalism anyway....

Why are you bringing in straw man arguments? Why would you walk up to the hooker and slap him after a poor lineout throw? It doesn't affect a player and 95% of the time.the referee would pick it up, compared to the 5% of the time AT BEST where the referee might pick up on a player holding another...

Can't we extend your daft argument to other aspects of the game, "well if you can tackle someone with the ball, why can't you tackle someone without it" or "if the scrum half can reach in to a ruck to dig out the ball, why can't he crawl under the front rows feet and get it in a scrum"... Horses for courses and one would hope each incident would be looked at accordingly, player slapped for holding a jersey =/= player slapped for throwing s lineout poorly...

Ok, I'll entertain you, if Freddie's mum is so concerned about a sport that clearly linked her husband to dementia, then she shouldn't be letting the mite play it at all! What's next on the mother's campaign, boxing I guess, should probably ban punches to the head.

As for your last part, if you genuinely don't know they're called laws and not rules and you actually "laugh out loud" that I refer to them correctly as laws, then pat yourself on the back for being a halfwit.

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Bismarck du Plessis slaps Florian Fritz repeatedly but stays on the field

Where's point 2?

The games history is on its laws... The ability to call them laws is in some ways at least showing a recognition to where the game came from, an ode to its forefathers.. if you're going to bastardise it, at least appreciate where it's come from!

The point is, you're suggesting that.instead of fixing the problem, we fix the outcome... The whole point is that I don't want to be slapped about the head anymore than anyone else, so I'd pick and choose times to behave like Fritz.. or just not do it at all, or just accept the outcome if I do! The entire game came from a world where you knew if you slowed the ball up with your hands, you're liable to have it trodden on, if you slow the ball with your body, you're liable to have a back resembling some sort of maze at the end of the game.. these were all deterrents, much like the punishments of old. Sure they can be abused and it's the abuse that needed policing... You can ruck someone on the ground, but it was illegal to ruck their head or stamp on them...that doesn't sound unreasonable to me, but little Freddie's mum thought it was far too violent for her cherub to mix with those ruffians and the businessmen in charge realised this, so softened the game accordingly. Now the ball is getting slowed, penalties are huge in numbers and it's all a bit unnecessary, that sort of thing sorted itself.

Slaps to the head, again, if people knew what was coming, they wouldn't do it...and if they did it, it wouldn't be long before they let go... It's simple really. Red card Bismarck for strikes to the head and you've just rewarded Fritz and you'll open the flood gates.

But as long as Freddie doesn't get a boo boo then we're sorted yeh? The game will be 100% safe and tidy..

Provided he doesn't break his neck in a totally accidental scrum collapse that is...

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