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Tryfest in Rome as Ireland run riot against Italy

It wasn't that bad and back rows moaning about trivial crap isn't something I'm used to, but if you're happy with it then ok, just highlights the negative way the game is heading.

This used to be a game where blokes would outshine their opposition, not bitch to the referees to reduce the number of opposition to then make getting those points even easier.

Seems rugby is destined to adopt a football template and become a sport that relies on referees to penalise an opposition into a loss...

5 Days, 17 Hours ago

Elliot Daly late try secures England win after titanic battle with Wales

You sound like a right old git moaning about people's haircuts.... I'm not being funny, but you have seen Jack Nowell's and Joe Marlers haircuts haven't you? I have heard a peep about those?

5 Days, 17 Hours ago

Elliot Daly late try secures England win after titanic battle with Wales

I have to agree re: the cynical play card.... It seems to have been forgotten in many many situations. I can't say exactly where I recall it should be used in the last few games, but I feel as though there have been a lot of games (Autumn internationals included) where I have felt that it should have been shown but alas, it was not...

6 Days, 3 Hours ago

Elliot Daly late try secures England win after titanic battle with Wales

Regarding that Scott Williams dummy run try thing, did anyone else think "wtf is going on?" when all the bloody Welsh subs in their high vis tops came diving in as if it was a Grand Slam winning try to take the lead after the clock had gone red???

This sort of brings me back to a post I made (where I subsequently won the internet) regarding Joost scoring a cracking try and just getting back to the half way line... I don't mind a high five, quick hug from the nearest team mates who helped you score that try, or whatever, but that pile of man love over the try line for a try that; in the end, didn't even win them the match, made me want "dry heave" (in the words of Farrell!)

6 Days, 5 Hours ago

Lopez helps France to edge Scotland after tight encounter in Paris

Thoroughly enjoyed this game. I think France probably deserved the win in the end, but I think the game was definitely there for the Scots to take.

A question regarding the recent directives, does anyone sort of feel that they're not really being considered in the 6N??

A couple incidents last week, Nowell copped a couple high shots this week, CJ Stander (although I don't like how he called for it) copped a shot during a try scoring dive, then a Scottish back row head clashed with a French back row.... apart from a penalty surrounding one of the Nowell clocks I don't think there has been much in the way of notice towards the directives.

Perhaps the laws are just being applied correctly so there is no need to blow whistle, yellow, or red card players, but it just seemed there were a few heavy handed decisions earlier on in club stuff (or at least that's what my memory says), but none now...

6 Days, 5 Hours ago

Elliot Daly late try secures England win after titanic battle with Wales

Re: Moriarty hit on Farrell.... one word, beautiful....

I mean, had it been a bit earlier it would have been even better, but as it was, technique wise, it was fantastic... and for a back row, it is one of those wonderful moments when you actually feel weightless as the momentum goes totally your way and into the opposition player as you bury him into the ground....

I'm also really glad that Farrell, both teams, the referee or the touch judges didn't make a meal out of it, was it a penalty or ignored completely? I can't remember, either way I'd say well played to all.

The concern I really have with Farrell, is that he is running the risk of turning into quite a likeable person... (as far as an on pitch character), his post match chat was humble, smiley and really down to earth, his actions on the pitch weren't smug, he looked totally focused... in fact he looked like he was having fun...

Wales must be upset at the loss, they had it all in the bag. I have to say though, they still didn't excite me all that much... This infatuation with a big winger is holding them back I think, North has been wobbly for an age (I'm aware he wasn't playing) and Cuthbert just seems poor....

I'd be interested to see how this weighs in on the Lions. You'd have to say a 10-12 combo of Ford and Farrell is probably a must.... but I guess that would mean Biggar and Davies wouldn't be that isn't going to happen..

6 Days, 8 Hours ago

Tryfest in Rome as Ireland run riot against Italy

I've had a prop hit me on the head as he threw his arm round to "bind" in a scrum (I was playing flanker), the cheeky shite was trying to rile me up, but I didn't go complaining to the referee.... Stander must get far worse than that, he is calling for it because of the new directives....

6 Days, 11 Hours ago

Tryfest in Rome as Ireland run riot against Italy

Didn't like seeing CJ Stander pointing to his head when he was hit diving for a try....

Would he have done that 2-3 years ago? Or is this just an example of what's to come with the new directives?

Anyway, small negative in a massive positive of his game. So well done to him and Ireland overall..

6 Days, 13 Hours ago

#TBT: Peter Stringer's brilliant low tackle on Jonah Lomu in 2002

What precisely is your point with B?

Stringer stopped a man that many have failed to stop.... End of story..

1 Week, 12 Hours ago

Legendary scrumhalf Joost van der Westhuizen passes away

...and Nelson Mandela..

1 Week, 2 Days ago