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Sam Burgess leaves Bath and Rugby Union to go back to League

I haven't seen it yet, so I can't comment on whether I reckon he's gone down for me too... but, I would argue that in reality, any player would be more likely to blame others rather than themselves. If it is blatantly obvious like... I dropped the ball as I dived over the line to score.. then I can understand they'd look a bit of a dick trying to shift the blame...

However SB fell short on the pitch due to his inexperience, who is to blame for that? On one hand if he stands up and says "yes it's my fault because I was inexperienced"... that sort of doesn't mean it is his fault... If you're a full back and I decide to stick you in the front row for my team and you're abysmal, is it your fault or mine? Yeh, you were the one that was abysmal (your fault), but I was the one that handed you the shirt (my fault)....But you took the shirt (your fault), but if you didn't take the shirt, I'd think you weren't committed (my fault)... so perhaps it was Sam Burgess own selfishness in accepting nod that is to blame, but if the coach (the all seeing and all knowing rugby guru) reckons you're ready, who are you to question him?

I think it was totally wrong for SB to be picked to start, or even picked for the squad, especially at centre, but I feel just as sorry for him now as I did when I first heard that the RFU was paying to bring him over and the media got hold of it as if he was going to single handedly win the RWC for England...

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Quade Cooper no-look kick ahead sets up try on Toulon debut

He's played something like 160 odd professional games... so I'd imagine as you said, there aren't a massive amount of 'bloopers' so chances are most of his stuff is pretty sound. I'd have him on my team...

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

David Halaifonua red carded for high swinging arm hit on Bradley Davies

Very interesting point there actually Stroudos...

Swing your arm in an attempt to grasp:
Scenario 1: Tackle height is fine - Outcome: Good hit, no law broken.
Scenario 2: Tackle is high (perhaps player ducks) - Outcome: Apparent swinging arm, sanction: Possible red.

Quite interesting to see how a totally legitimate hit can go slightly wrong and result in what is usually deemed to be a premeditated nasty bit of thuggery.

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Asaeli Tikoirotuma's huge hit on Tom Homer in the Premiership

^ Wimps...

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Recap and Press Conference after Stuart Lancaster steps away from coaching England

It really is the perfect job for a coach who enjoys a challenge.

England are one of the top tier nations: So international wins are always on the cards.
it's the perfect time for a new coach to step in: Right after a World cup, therefore 4 years until the next one.
There is a lot of youth available: Plenty of material to work with.

And going back to the first point, being a tier 1 nation, the money and facilities are all there to play with.

I wonder what is going to be left of Lancasters legacy. I said in another comment somewhere that SL seemed to be making all the right moves early on in his England stint, there was that feeling of "England are almost there"... then instead of reaching the top, it all came crumbling down like a house of cards... So what is left? Probably a handful of extremely miffed centres who have had their confidence knocked out of them due to get sidelined, very talented wings (Jack Nowell being one of them), who again are probably feeling a bit ****. A Captain 7, who shouldn't be a captain or a 7....and no decent hooker...

Of course attitudes/morale can be turned around, but it doesn't look good and from an outsider, it looks like Englands last 4 years have been a bit wasted...

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Quade Cooper no-look kick ahead sets up try on Toulon debut

"On the middle video above, around 1:10 that positioning allows him to commit three defenders and still give a perfect scoring pass."

Thought you were taking the piss there, at about 1:03 he commits about 3 defenders then throws an intercept scoring pass... Didn't realise you meant the next clip after that...

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

David Halaifonua red carded for high swinging arm hit on Bradley Davies

"shoulder / no proper use of the arm for the tackle"

Codswallop... had this been about a foot lower it would have been a cracking tackle! (rib cracking!) with no complaints.. the arm swung round, which constitutes an attempt to wrap and he went down with the player, therefore the only complaints are the fact it's high and the arm swung and hit the jaw... nothing else..

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Gael Fickou back on form with Toulouse hat-trick against Grenoble

Little glowing embers that are a sign of French flair reigniting?

3 Weeks, 11 Hours ago

David Halaifonua red carded for high swinging arm hit on Bradley Davies

Bradley Davies 6'6"
DH 6'2"

To me, these days, I think this is a red card, (not based on player height, that was just a bit of info if anyone cares)... He ran the risk of a higher up shot and the risk didn't pay off, didn't look calculated and the tackle in terms of attempting to wrap and 12x3's rightly said he went down with the player, but the shot was just too high...

3 Weeks, 12 Hours ago

Quade Cooper no-look kick ahead sets up try on Toulon debut

I'd agree to a point, as I have recently had a grumble about George Fords attitude and I'm certainly no fan of Owen Farrell, but I feel QC has got this extra thing about him.. he will make you look silly, he is as niggly as a 9, or a forward, as dancing feety as any good wing but has all the vision of a great 10.

Yet he doesn't play like a conventional professional 10. I'd liken him more to a club level 10 in his style, i.e. tries shit out because, hey, I'm giving up my Saturday and like **** will I plod about the field kicking sodding field position and playing a boring game. It's the sort of style that shouldn't get him anywhere in a professional field, yet somehow he does it and does it well.

Sort of going back to his ego, I think that is part and parcel of his style, he plays cocky rugby and not only that, his cocky attitude makes players want to hurt him, that then goes past the standard game and into a psychological game... do you cloud your head to try and hurt QC?..then when you're trying your best to hammer him, he does something daft like this and you end up looking like a lemon..

3 Weeks, 22 Hours ago