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Malakai Fekitoa smashes Conrad Smith with huge tackle

Is there a line which one can cross turning a perfectly legal tackle into an illegal one just by a finishing move?

For instance I agree with you entirely up until possibly the last point of the tackle where Fekitoa appears to be driving Smith into the ground - upper body first.. *Of course, don't get me wrong, I view this tackle as completely legal*

Soi the tackle up to that point is legal, but then (think of the children) surely driving a player who is now NEARLY (the agony) head first into the ground is 'illegal'... ?

I get your slow motion/boxing analogy, but that is slightly different.. 'looking' like you just got rattle with a punch making your face wobble is a bit different to a slow motion of a hit where you DID just get rattled (or at least his teeth might of a little) :D

Of course I don't suspect the referee's think 'right I have a big game coming up, I'll go watch RD and see if I can get some tips on good and bad decisions' but they will have video analysis and 'homework' so that they can review a relatively not-so-good decision (referees are always right...) that they make and adjust their style accordingly, so what I am getting at is:
1. The laws are words which define the legalities of the game.
2. Words have to be interpreted.
3. Interpretations can vary from one person to the next.
4. This tackle was interpreted as legal by one referee.
5. I guarantee something very similar has in the past, and will in the future, result in an outcry on here and a penalty or more on the pitch..

But for now, I'm glad we're all on the same page in thinking this was a fantastic tackle...and a HIDEOUS pass!

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Malakai Fekitoa smashes Conrad Smith with huge tackle

The problem is, 'fannying about with the legality' is exactly what referee's, the IRB and everyone else is concerned with. 'fannying about' is exactly why one week this tackle could be met with praise and the next met with a penalty/yellow/red...

So whilst I think we can all agree that it is a shame we have to debate the legality (even if we still all agree it is legal) we still are all in the clouds when it comes to knowing exactly what we can and can't do...

If we go by picture alone just above it doesn't look too good, upper-upper body coming into contact with the ground, tackler still having hold of players legs etc etc, so I honestly think that if this happens next week, it could very easily be classed as a penalty by another referee..

3 Weeks, 8 Hours ago

Malakai Fekitoa smashes Conrad Smith with huge tackle

Lol. Would you say this is completely legal, or 'just legal' (like just within the line of legal..)

I think think, I see his upper-upper body hit the ground first, legs are still in the air, and he gets driven back/into the ground with the tackler still holding his legs.. I think if one were to describe using those sorts of words people would think 'tip tackle' or 'spear tackle'.. and really it is the words in the Laws that define these tackles..

3 Weeks, 8 Hours ago

Malakai Fekitoa smashes Conrad Smith with huge tackle

Ok, firstly I am fine with this sort of tackle, no quarrels, but I am regularly called out by many on here when I looked at a red card, or yellow card tackle and state how I feel it was a yellow at most/penalty etc...

Looks to me like he pulls Smiths legs upwards (which imo is still lifting) in order to make Smith hit the deck, but Smith hits the ground upper body first.. and then it looks like he drives him into the ground.. I just don't understand how this cannot be viewed as somehow dangerous by many of the regular commenter's...

I can see it now, Fekitoa gets a yellow for this tackle, I come on and mention how it wasn't THAT bad and I've seen worse given for less and I get the usual 'Smith could have died', 'worse for less isn't a valid excuse' kind of reactions...

3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

The Top 5 Brian O'Driscoll Moments of All Time

I see what you're saying reality, I won't pass much judgement on this move as I really enjoyed it when I saw it the first time. To get technical here, I don't think you could call crossing if technically BOD didn't have ball in hand.. Would have to be obstruction if anything..

3 Weeks, 3 Days ago

The Top 5 Brian O'Driscoll Moments of All Time

Definitely agree there. I suppose that is why we have things like 'Super XV' teams :D

3 Weeks, 5 Days ago

The Top 5 Brian O'Driscoll Moments of All Time

Who taught you to measure?

3 Weeks, 6 Days ago

The Top 5 Brian O'Driscoll Moments of All Time

I think it would be fair to say that is a bit like apples and oranges regarding the positions, so it's not going to be an issue (or shouldn't be).

Not to try and argue because I do agree that he is one of the best of all time, but it probably wouldn't be right to compare him to the 'pre-professional' era of rugby players.

4 Weeks, 3 Hours ago

The Top 5 Brian O'Driscoll Moments of All Time

Dan has summed that one up, we can only show the future generations the videos at hand and even small snippets don't come close to the great things he produced.

I think my Top BOD moment is definitely this though:

View Video

4 Weeks, 8 Hours ago

Ireland and O'Driscoll celebrate 2014 Six Nations victory in Paris

I don't know, I like the perhaps imperfections of the game, the differing in goal areas make players and teams adapt to the pitch they're playing on, home teams have a greater advantage when it comes to the knowledge of the pitch (potentially), teams tactics can adapt accordingly...

As for the NFL posts, a good idea for avoiding this try line/post debacle, but they're so damn ugly in comparison, I don't think I could look at a rugby pitch with the same admiration

4 Weeks, 12 Hours ago

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