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Sonny Bill Williams says he 'let his brothers down' after red card and ban

AWJ gives Itoje one hell of an arse smacking shortly after...

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

Sonny Bill Williams says he 'let his brothers down' after red card and ban's a terrible source of reference, but I believe I read on youtube somewhere, someone mentioned he had been red carded for this sort of thing in League before... whether or not this is true I've yet to uncover, but on face value, you can say if it gets a red in league then it's probably 100% worth a red in union...

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

HIGHLIGHTS: British & Irish Lions beat All Blacks to keep series alive

Jimmy, not that I disagree with your assessment on Barretts actions, but you're a man down, you're doing extremely well on the scoreboard, then you get clocked by a prop, he gets penalised then a short while later, he dives into you with a forearm/shoulder into your face... you know he left his feet and you know he made contact with your face...and you know your team mate was sent off for something similar.. It's not surprising he milked it really... Given the fact that in this day and age, if you make a deal about something the referee will look at it, I don't think Barrett had much choice...

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

HIGHLIGHTS: British & Irish Lions beat All Blacks to keep series alive

Ok, after reading this, I forgive your comments earlier Larry...

doc, regarding your sentiments about some of the calls, I don't disagree entirely, however your attitude of "I won't say well done Lions", is a little sour grapes and pathetic... I'd have expected more from a kiwi, but then I guess there always has to be one twit in the group...

You say AB's lost it alone, the Lions NEARLY lost it by giving away such abysmal penalties in the first place, without those penalties I don't think the AB's would have been as close as they were.

Moving on... Vunipola yellow or red... I can see this call going either way. It was not directly comparable to SBW given that Barret was already heading backwards, whereas Watson was going forwards, so forces would have been less... however I'd argue similarities are vulnerable players and an illegal process leading to the impact anyway - SBW not attempting to use arms and Vunipola leaving his feet... It'd also be wise to take into account Vunipolas penalty, being his second in quick succession, on the same player... so again, it could go either way for me, yellow and I'd say Vunipola was lucky, red and I'd say Vunipola was unlucky.... (orange card maybe :/)

The jump to catch a pass... this has come around so many times it's boring to even consider.. but, player in the air cannot be touched... I don't like it, I don't like the last second jumps to catch a pass, or a kick... but the laws are the laws, they are available to you, I, anyone else and especially professional players... it's nothing new... an example of the same:

"real rugby"... not sure what the definition of that is... Last I heard it was two teams battling it out with an inflated egg shaped ball, kicking it, tackling each other, passing it and scoring a couple tries -with a few scrums, rucks, lineouts and mauls in amongst that too.... Were they playing fake or pretend rugby then??

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1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

HIGHLIGHTS: British & Irish Lions beat All Blacks to keep series alive

For starters Larry, try not to confuse Youtube with this beloved site... the two are a bit few and far between....

Secondly, what is this about Trump supporters - 36% eh...??... I can't say I'm the biggest follower of US politics, but Trump is the current US president...that was decided through a democratic process and he won the most votes...I really don't have a clue what the world is on about regarding protests in the streets - 'not my president''s a democracy.. if it wasn't your vote then you're a minority and you have to accept what's happening until the next chance to "win"... want to be the minority that takes control then you're looking at a state that ignores the majority (however small) of the population... you'll end up with civil war... Same applies to this BS I hear about in the UK regarding Brexit and their latest election...majorities have spoken - stop whinging and make the most of the situation, even if it's a shitty choice.

Anyway.. as for this 14v15.. of course it's an excuse, it's not a bad excuse.. it's pretty factual.. the AB's played like almost no other team, when down 1 man for the majority (that word again) of the game... Taking out the variable context of rugby, you'd say, chances would be in AB's favour if it was 15v15... no one can say with any certainty it would be a guaranteed win to either side - and Vunipola was carded in the 50-60th minutes ish right? So AB's by that point had been playing against a fantastic team, they're bound to be tired and suffering and when Vunipola went off the Lions knew it was do or die, so you'd expect them to tighten up...

"They lost!"...yes they did, I'm not aware of anyone denying this anywhere...

Basically this all comes down to the analysis of the game. If you want to sit back and say AB's LOST, Lions WON end of story, then that's your choice, most other Lions fans will analysis, assess and figure out why the game didn't spiral into the Lions favour so that next test they can be better...

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

HIGHLIGHTS: British & Irish Lions beat All Blacks to keep series alive

Larry....are you arguing with yourself?

There isn't many people on here saying anything along the lines of what you're saying.

I think the mention of AB's losing from being a man down is a pretty fair excuse. I don't think people are saying 14 v 15 is the same as saying 14 v 14... I think what most are saying, is given the fairly horrendous discipline of the Lions and how well the AB's reacted to losing a player, it's lucky that the Lions didn't lose. I think if both sides were full compliment, the game may have been even tighter... but what we saw is Lions poor discipline not being completely capitalised by the AB's... which is rare!

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

HIGHLIGHTS: British & Irish Lions beat All Blacks to keep series alive

Yeh I'm with Reality here...

The Lions tour is one I find extremely interesting, possibly because there is none other like it, but also perhaps because the Lions are the supposed best players from 4 nations against only 1 nation...BUT...they have never all played they're sort of top dogs and underdogs at the same time...

Anyway.. point being, the Lions have the potential to beat any team as well as lose horrendously against any team. Had the shoe been on the other foot and the Lions lost a player to a red card, I think we could all agree that our assumptions would be a rather convincing dissection of the team in red by those lads in black. Which suggests the Lions are set to lose this tour...meaning, they have to batten down the hatches, tighten up and really give it their all. I do seriously think loose cannons are not going to help their cause - Vunipola giving away penalties - ok I agree im1, whilst I don't recall them all, possibly some were perhaps unlucky interpretations of laws etc...but after 1 penalty, Vunipola clearly didn't get his head on and say "right, behave myself now!"... then that yellow card hit on Barrett imo, could easily have been a red!

One thing I noted from reading and listening to commentators around was that the Lions penalties were not 'clever' in the sense of "ok, we'll give them 3 points, because they're getting close to getting 5-7"... they were ill discipline.

Regarding Sinkler, Reality makes another brilliant point with his reference to Cudmore, much like his counterpart Bakkies, two very hard men, never willing to step back, but also two men that can win a fight and lose a game in the same actions. im1, you mention the other players keeping an eye on Sinkler - is that really feasible though - all it takes is one stupid act a la SBW and you have a player off....not to mention the Lions players can't spend their time baby sitting Sinkler when they have AB beasts to keep their eyes on.

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

South Africa complete 3-0 series sweep against France

What seems to have happened recently is that there is a requirement of a certain number of black players to play a certain number of tests a year or season or something.

It sort of falls into a quota system which is sad.

But maybe some SA fans can clarify.

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

New All Black Ngani Laumape finishes brilliant Hurricanes try against the Lions

Sponsored by betting sites now RD?

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

South Africa 'A' round off series with comfortable win over French Barbarians

Disgusting behaviour....

I'd expect no less than a 10 week ban...

But taking everything into account, it's against the French, so a 100% reduction, a formal apology from Monsieur Macron, a wheel of cheese and a fine bottle of rouge, should be the final judgement.

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago