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Highlights video of U15 flyer Tyrese Johnson-Fisher hits 1 Million viral views

Thank you Stroudos, worded better than I could ever have done.

My statement was based purely on my experiences in youth rugby. I remember a game involving rolling subs where a chap who did not have white skin was; I'd imagine, double the weight of our number 8 who was our biggest player, much faster than any player we had and stronger than any of us. When he was off we were the strongest team, they brought him on to level the score, took him off, we dominated, brought him on, he smoked us etc...

Then there was another game, where whenever this other chap who was not as small and weak and white as us, got the ball we had to commit 3 tacklers EVERY TIME!.. So whether I'm now a raving racist that's soon to be sent my kkk membership card and white robe, I still base my comment on what I've experienced and what I see in this video.

I can always try and give you information about how many white and black players I've played against and I'll let you decide whether the percentages speak about colour...

1 Week, 13 Hours ago

How the final round of the 2015 Six Nations will be decided

Bloody hell, what a weekend!

How wrong I was, all the favourites dominated but neither Wales nor England dominated enough, incredible!

1 Week, 14 Hours ago

Inspirational leader Sergio Parisse on the Art of Number Eight

I totally agree, again it's falling into the stereotypes - fat guys are props, tall guys are locks, etc.

1 Week, 2 Days ago

How the final round of the 2015 Six Nations will be decided

Hahaha. Actually it's quite interesting, I can see how potentially Wales could win it because they could be the only team to win their game..

Scotland have a good group of players, I wouldn't expect them to beat Ireland, but I can see how it could potentially turn into one of those Ireland 17 Scotland 18 or something like that sort of games.

And yes, as you said, France could actually turn up and make it a very hard game.

I think however that going into this weekend Ireland is sitting in the driving seat. Less points difference, but they've got what we could all assume; at this stage, as the team thats most likely to offer up more points for taking..

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Highlights video of U15 flyer Tyrese Johnson-Fisher hits 1 Million viral views

As someone who has been on the wrong end of a few results against teams that played "pass it to the big fast black kid and watch him rampage" I can feel their pain!

As someone mentioned above, the genetic lottery certainly can cause havoc. What I hope is that this kid doesn't rest on his laurels. He's big, he's fast... against 15 years olds.. but he has a very good base to start with! All the best!

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Wales dash Ireland's Grand Slams hopes in epic Cardiff battle that a joke?

1 Week, 3 Days ago

Wales dash Ireland's Grand Slams hopes in epic Cardiff battle

I didn't like hearing Barnes congratulating players on getting the **** out the way in rucks... "Well done fella", "Thanks mate" etc... all seemed a bit weird to me.

As for Zebo, I was very uninspired by his game, are his moments of magic to few and far between? That time he sort of kicked/flicked the ball into his hands was immense, but that was 2-3 'Six Nations' ago now? (inc this one!).... I'm not finding he offers enough.

1 Week, 4 Days ago

Wales dash Ireland's Grand Slams hopes in epic Cardiff battle

The problem I have with your comment is that it's one of those situations where I think you have to look more at your own camp than you do of others...

Someone puts a scratch on your car and you say "it's ok, I can sort it myself"...Next year you put a scratch on their car and they want your insurance details etc... you can't blame them and use the excuse that you didn't cause problems for them. Well you can but it won't mean anything.

The actions by Pape were dirty, stupid, obvious and dangerous - the Irish would be right to want him cited.

In similar fashion, the actions by Healy in that video you showed were also dirty, stupid, obvious and dangerous and personally I think the French should have asked it to be reviewed/cited.

I cannot sit here and say, well it's tit for tat...

However I do believe that players being cited should be judged on their actions and not really on the outcome. Take for instance Lote Tiquiri spear tackle on Richie McCaw years ago, on another man that could have been a broken neck - I think the actions and the extent of the actions should be punished, but the fact Mr McCaw DIDN'T break his neck, is not something that should mean a reduction of sentence.

1 Week, 4 Days ago

Jonathan Davies sends Johnny Sexton to the turf with a powerful hand-off

It is an amazing fend but you must be aware it's old school rugby, in this day and age that has to be dangerous play by Mumm, should be punished with a red and a 20 week suspension.

1 Week, 5 Days ago

England part of three-horse race for the title after victory over Scotland

I like to think Hogg and Brown had a friendly chuckle in that embrace...

Brown comes across as a right git (during game time at least) so I hope this was a bit of friendliness rather than those faces coming after a sniping little jab...

1 Week, 5 Days ago