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Toulon based Steffon Armitage says he still wants to play for England

Does Steffon fit in with the England game plan? I don't know what exactly it is, but it seems a bit less expansive than when I first saw Lancaster get involved.. it looks a little 2003 rugby, just 1-10 rugby... maybe not, but these current forwards look like the typical England forwards.. they do what forwards do, occasionally a 1-5 will be used for crash ball, sometimes the back row have a trot, but generally they're there for 1 reason only, and that is forward work, scrums, rucks, lineouts, they dare not get involved in 'running rugby' which is exactly what Steffon is brilliant at... (amongst other things!)

3 Weeks, 3 Days ago

Test Rugby Results - November 22nd weekend

Agree with you regarding Farrell's attitude. That sort of behaviour was becoming of a cocky 9 who is well recognised. Take Jimmy Cowan for instance, a highly dislikeable on field character, I know nothing of him off the field, but his on field displays do his character no favours, however (consulting wikipedia here), he has 51 NZ caps to his name, 45 points for them, over 100 caps for the Highlanders etc etc.. basically he's been around for long enough to be worth something. Plus, he's a 9, so he's allowed to be a dick...

Farrell however just comes across as someone that thinks he's the next Dan Carter/Jonny Wilkinson etc, or perhaps he's living off the fame of Dad and other notables in his family...

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Test Rugby Results - November 22nd weekend

I'm with you on this one. It's been highlighted quite a few times on here how if you go to most parks/beaches on a sunny day/normal day, in the NH, you'll see folks kicking a football around. In the SH, it tends to be someone tossing an egg around... until 'picking up a rugby ball for a mess about' becomes the norm, I'm afraid the NH will tend to be already starting on an uphill...

Don't know what the 'elf n safety brigade are like down south, but when I was at school in the NH we tended to pick up a rugby ball during lunch breaks and have a run around on the grass, quick passing, fast hands and some tackles, most of the time it ended up with us being threatened with 'detention' as we were not being properly monitored and because we were in a mixed age group (year above and below) and someone could get hurt.... brings the hammer down a tad...

3 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Test Rugby Results - November 22nd weekend

Ah, correct, I have missed Ireland. There are 2 reasons for this; 1 because I genuinely forgot to write them in - no disrespect intended, and 2 because I unfortunately didn't see a single game of theirs (which is probably a reason for point number 1!)

They have however seemed to come back in all guns blazing. I recall someone mentioning '13' and how it's nice that there is literally 0 pressure on that shirt because no one expects a player as good as BOD to walk on the field.

Regarding the NZ bit, I'm just amazed that Scotland could keep them down to 2 points? and nearly win the game in the first place. Then Wales, who are playing some pretty pitiful stuff at the moment were close to clinching the game - (minus the floodgates being opened at the end). - Then I see your comment below (had me laughing by the way!), perhaps this was always their tactic for all the games, people will head into the RWC thinking NZ is on decline...

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Sky New Zealand Fans Try of the Year 2014

#8 gets my vote!

3 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Test Rugby Results - November 22nd weekend

Can anyone really make clear assumptions based on the Autumn internationals?

I hope they give an indication as to which way each nations rugby is going, but I find the whole thing a bit like reading hieroglyphics....

Scotland vs Arg for instance - Scotland were on fire, but then imo, they let Arg back in the game. I think the scoreline flattered Arg, however was it a misfiring Arg team? Did the Arg team that later beat France play better? Or did France play worse?

Then again, take NZ, they've had a pretty awful Autumn by their standards, they got the results, but they weren't pretty. Is this an indication of NZ decline? NH improvement? Or just a bit of cloudiness in NZ minds.

I'd love to say I can see where the game is going, but honestly, the only team which showed any obvious better style was Scotland... the rest sort of, did what they normally do...just worse..

3 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Teddy Thomas dropped after incredible solo effort against Australia

Definitely agree with Full Back here.. I think this guy looks like a real up-and-comer but him knowing that he is not bigger than the game is important.

Also it's nice to see that the ethos is potentially being put ahead of the win/game etc. Last thing we want to see is a bit of a 'win at all costs' culture developing with any managers etc - There is already 1 Richard Cockerill, we don't need another...

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The International Rugby Board rebrands, changes name to World Rugby

....perhaps it gives an indication of the way the game is going....

4 Weeks, 4 Hours ago

The Five Nominations for the IRPA Try of the Year 2014

...yeh falls in line with the rest of his comment...

4 Weeks, 1 Day ago

The Five Nominations for the IRPA Try of the Year 2014

No I'm with you. I mean Jamie Roberts 'try' was a very good try, but he didn't particularly participate in a huge amount of getting the ball up the field - Same with Hougaards.

So to lump either of them with an award seems a bit off when clearly May and Harvey put in a far greater effort (with Harvey running the entire length of the field!).

Out of the above it would have to be Harvey 1st followed by May. The team tries were brilliant to see, but I couldn't personally give one person an award for a team try, over an individual award for an individual try...

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