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Questionable France HIA tactics investigation moves to next stage of review process

Very difficult... from what I heard from the average Jos├ęph, the French management etc had sod all to do with it... I agree with BOD that head in hands was probably due to the injury.

I think last year's incident was something a bit more dark perhaps, it seemed to be almost coaxed or taught to the prop... This, particularly Dupont, I'm not sure about... Initially the video of the tackle from the camera behind Murray, made it look like potentially there was a head/head or head/shoulder clash as well as the knee... And N.O. said instantly HIA (iirc), so seems to me that whoever was in charge thought "I'm not risking my career, looks at a glance like it could be a head clash, he holds his head, and world class referee mentioned the phrase HIA.... Better safe than sorry"..

The French management are no different to any other management in this rugby business, they see an opportunity to win/gain advantage which MAY be against the spirit of the game, but they'll take it like anyone else would nowadays...

I guess the more complicated you make the game the more complicated it will become... I guess we need a match doctors' assistants who will run up and down the touchline whilst the doc shadows the referee...if we could get a TMO doctor that would help...

2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Teddy Thomas burns Irish defence with raw speed for memorable French try

Hahaha and people call other commentators biased...

Onto the Thomas try, I'm amazed he managed to put his pace down such a tight blind side, all the Irish players were on that side!!

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Johnny Sexton's last minute heroics hailed as 'inspirational' by Joe Schmidt

Definitely nothing to be ashamed of!! That final display from the Irish half leading into the French half and the drop goal was a testament to the French defence! 41 phases I've heard, and no one in the entire French team gave the game away in those phases!! It's been hailed as a heroic Irish effort and ultimately history is written by the victors, however defence that solid is something that the French lads should quietly congratulate themselves on.

I think even Sexton said he could feel a mistake from his side was coming.

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Johnny Sexton's last minute heroics hailed as 'inspirational' by Joe Schmidt

I think you've summed it up well, everyone wants to do the right thing, or no one wants to do the wrong thing, all in regard of player welfare.. I'd say Dupont probably held his head in response to his knee pain...

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

New Zealand teenage sensation makes terrible decision, but then does this

I respectfully disagree with the overall judgement in this scenario. Don't get me wrong the technique wasn't good, however I'm not convinced the French player had much to go on, he was somewhat committed to being piggy in the middle and committed to making at least one tackle... He could have gone low with a strong hard hit and it MAY have disrupted a pass, perhaps even prevented one, however he may also have gone in low only for the ball to sail over his head and it be an easy score. However by going in high he reduced the chances of an offload, but unfortunately couldn't finish off what he started...

Had he wrapped up the kiwi creating enough time for team mates to regroup then we'd be watching this video in the blooper section...

I say correct decision, with height, just a piss poor example in execution..

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Johnny Sexton's last minute heroics hailed as 'inspirational' by Joe Schmidt

Colombes basically summed it up with his opening sentence.

Excuses time:

It was the first game of the competition for these two teams.
Both teams had tough opposition, this was more likely to be a real trudgy style match than something fast and flowing.
The weather was atrocious by all accounts.

I did read a damning article about the Scotland Wales game, which really criticized everything about Scotland's set up, coaching et al. It did make a remark about the type of competition which is quite fitting and how autumn and summer internationals are more about bragging rights than anything else, so will be more likely to be free flowing and exciting, but 6 nations is going to be more about the deeper darker slower sort of game where it's about making inches rather than metres...

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Wales forwards dazzle amidst claims that Samson Lee is actually Fijian

Any news on Marler getting his conviction quashed for a now incorrect remark made a couple years ago?

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Johnny Sexton's last minute heroics hailed as 'inspirational' by Joe Schmidt

Personally I was bored out of my mind until that French try, then everyone seemed to pull out all the stops all round. France reduced their consistent penalties which was good for them and their defence was brilliant, even in the final phases of play I couldn't believe that 1) Ireland hadn't coughed up the ball or given away a penalty in 40 odd phases and that 2) France had defended solidly and hadn't given away a penalty in 40 odd phases...

Regarding the HIA's I don't really know what to say. No one wants to take the responsibility (and therefore the blame). Nigel Owens loudly stating it's out of his hands, but at the same time the way he spoke to the doctor(?) on the sidelines seemed to almost out the doc in a position to just go along with 'yeh HIA'... I understand Owens wanted a clear and definitive answer, but his persistent asking probably put the guy in a position where he couldn't say no..

One thing I don't get however is the questioning of the French regarding these HIA's? The match doctor is supposed to be independent right? So he makes the call based on his guidelines, not on the French managements suggestions or gripes? Am I right? Are we suggesting the management have some sort of intervention here or have they coached players to claim dizzyness etc in the event of an injury?

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Allister Coetzee is officially out, but SA Rugby refuse to name successor

....a flower...really?...

I mean don't get me wrong a springbok isn't exactly high on the food chain in it's fine predatory prowess....but it's certainly higher than a flower...

*Before it's mentioned, I've not forgotten the Japanese blossoms, the Kiwi silver fern and the English rose...

3 Weeks, 16 Hours ago

Allister Coetzee is officially out, but SA Rugby refuse to name successor

Well why not? Is this not the natural social progression we all crave?

If homosexuals can't join in on the game because of the fear of potential negative language being used, then why would black kids bother joining in on a sport in a predominantly black country where the international team is historically predominantly white?

Homosexuals historically underdogs due to their orientation. Black kids historically underdogs due to their skin colour... The oppressors have to change their tack these days, whether they're a player using an offhand insult or a white man taking the place of what could have been a black man's position had the black man been given the same opportunities available...

Granted this is a step further, but in our world of medals for participation, no body and everybody is a winner, why shouldn't there be a political intervention to better a historically discriminated group?

Or is that all a step too far?

3 Weeks, 1 Day ago