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The Steven Luatua Quarterback Lineout throw against Australia

To someone more in the know:

On this occasion the lineout was not straight. Cummins knocked the ball on as well...

My interpretation would be to go back for the unstraight lineout, no? Instead the referee seemed to signal the knock on as the reason for blowing up. I know the lineout was towards the opposition but last time I checked it still counts as not straight (even though they had a better advantage...)


3 Weeks, 3 Days ago

The Steven Luatua Quarterback Lineout throw against Australia

That was brilliant. I love the brief confusion you can see with the jumpers on the Aussie side... "wait wha-?"

I love this side of the BaaBaa's. The win for any player/team/game is important, but it's not the MOST important thing.

I suppose this is the rugby we sort of all probably grew up with in the playground/playing fields etc.. the weekends, afternoons, lunchtimes when you get a chance and your not stuck betweens strict guidelines of what a school boy lock does and does NOT do etc.. you clown around, you 'shovel sh*t' and you see what you can make from nothing. Invariably things go wrong, but when they go right it makes it worthwhile (perhaps not on a win/loss sheet, but in ourselves!).

I'd rather watch a team I love (and always want to win) playing the best clinical boring rugby and get destroyed by the Baabaa's having a d**k about.

For me the spirit of the game is what makes it great. I think it often gets lost and the ingrained regime takes over and game days you go out there and DO YOUR JOB, but I have found that sometimes amateur teams have a set routine and when that doesn't work on game day, there is no change.. some of my teams best results have been when we were forced to mix it up, create something new in the lineouts 10 seconds before we got set up. Some of the worst games we've played are where we continued to do what didn't work, throughout the entire game.

Another great 'game' was coming back from uni one holiday and training with the 2nd's in a 2nd's vs 1st game... where we were forced to be human targets for the 1st's... It was one of the best 'games' I've ever played, we tore the 'how to play' book up and just went all in and we came out on top in every situation. (Probably the closest I'll get to ever feeling like a Baa Baa player!)

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Romain Taofifenua banned for three weeks for kicking Stuart Olding in the head

It's not really a wanker move... Granted it's not text book, but I've created tries with my big boot by kicking through the opposition ruck. You're 'HeavyHooker'... you can't really tell me that every scrum you've gone into, and every lineout ball you've thrown has been perfect can you? This 'ruck' from Romain, could be chalked down as one of his less than perfect rucking techniques and from the bad technique he attempted to create something out of a near guaranteed lost ball... had he made contact with the ball and it gone skimming down the pitch he'd have been a master of a great bit of pressure... as it turns out he's the master of a headache...

3 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Romain Taofifenua banned for three weeks for kicking Stuart Olding in the head

Players have been getting career ending injuries since the dawn of time...

3 Weeks, 4 Days ago

Romain Taofifenua banned for three weeks for kicking Stuart Olding in the head

Very well written. I can't agree with you more about it. The only way rugby can be truly sanitized is to ban it altogether. This halfway, sort of clean sort of not thing is causing no end of problems. Players, fans and officials, have no real idea what's happening half the time or where they stand. The game is a fairly complicated one and not just for those with double figure IQ's, so these sorts of interferences are less appreciated than a bout of haemorrhoids.

Letter of the law, boot to the head generally = a red, but I'd be happy to see this one result in a yellow card, or a post game yellow (something on the players record so that future offences can be weighed up).

I think when you read about O'Connells effort and the rulings, it's quite shameful that it's not be copied across: "O'Connell has escaped sanction after the incident was viewed by citing commissioner Eddie Walsh to be careless and nothing more. It was decided that he was making a genuine attempt to kick the ball, and there was no deliberate intent."

3 Weeks, 4 Days ago

European Rugby Champions Cup Tries of the Week - Round 2

Probably roight, easier to ignore copyright laws when you're more beneath the radar

3 Weeks, 5 Days ago

European Rugby Champions Cup Tries of the Week - Round 2

RD, sorry to put a down tone on everything, but are you struggling to find videos these days or have you made a decision to omit certain incidents nowadays?

Only I remember many videos when I first became acquainted with this site which involved red cards/yellow cards, now there appears to be very few etc... I understand the frequency of cards seems to be less than in the past, but there are still 1 or 2 incidents I've read about fairly recently which never cropped up here (I'm not bluffing but please don't ask me to elaborate.. the memories are long gone). Not to mention a recent 'citing' of Taofifenua, for kicking a player in the head.

I understand you can't cover every rugby event, I'm just wondering if you've made a decision to focus on the highlights, more than the lowlights... if that makes sense...

4 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Metuisela Talebula brilliant finish to 90m try in London Welsh thrashing

Awesome multiple effort to begin with and great finish.

1 Month, 20 Hours ago

Friday Funnies - Nigel Owens is straighter than this lineout throw

Not a fan of this incident to be honest...

I don't have a problem with Nigel Owens or the phrase he used, but more the timing... As Canadian content said above, he should have saved it for someone who was complaining. (at least obviously complaining)..

I just feel like there was a bit of a silence and he thought he'd get a few laughs by filling that silence and nothing came of it.. just a sort of awkward 'ok then' type of situation.

Also, as 10stone10 said, if someone else had said it, can you imagine the sort of s**t-storm that would ensue...

1 Month, 2 Days ago

All Blacks snatch victory at the death in thrilling Brisbane Test

@ Dan

0:14 onwards...

View Video

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