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England part of three-horse race for the title after victory over Scotland

I actually agree with Krip on this one...

There was the one opportunity where BoooReLL (or Bur-rell) thought he could go it alone which was a butchered moment....

The break by Brown that was stopped by Hogg was not a butchered opportunity - you wouldn't call something butchered if a prop steamed up the field only to be dragged down by a galloping big winger.. because the prop would be out paced... in that moment, Brown was outpaced, it was brilliant defence on Hoggs part.

Then the forward passes - butchered? again, not my choice of word, of course they were opportunities and however slight, they were forward passes... If I lob a ball forward and it's caught by a guy at the other end of the pitch, you wouldn't call it butchered.. so yes, they were GOOD creative opportunities nearly capitalised by a young team, but butchered/squandered? I don't think so..

Butchered tries often tend to be the sorts of tries where the guy drops it over the line, or where he had a clear break but stepped into touch by accident or something.

1 Week, 4 Days ago

British and Irish Lions 2017 team if they were to face the All Blacks tomorrow

I like the fire that Stuart Hogg plays with, granted I'm not sure where he would fit in if 1/2p has the 15 shirt, but that could be an interesting inclusion.

Other than that, regardless of whether its based on who isn't injured etc etc, the team sucks...

1 Week, 5 Days ago

British and Irish Lions 2017 team if they were to face the All Blacks tomorrow

I'd be interested to see you name a hooker that actually does hook....

1 Week, 5 Days ago

The Shortball Super Rugby Round 4 Highlights Wrap


1 Week, 5 Days ago

The Shortball Super Rugby Round 4 Highlights Wrap

13 against 14 who had a head start and no one in front... I'd have called it quits...

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Wales dash Ireland's Grand Slams hopes in epic Cardiff battle

Quite a few points on this game.

Some disappointing referee decisions (or lack of) at and around the breakdown - many in Irelands favour.

Some interestingly disappointing behaviour from Mr POC who appeared to do some sort of football injury roll after he was tackled off the ball..

Some disappointing play from Ireland who seemed to not be able to choose a gameplan, they sort of tried the kicking game, but were so uncommitted to it, that the kicks went haywire, and then they sort of couldn't stick with the running plan... or maybe that is due to my next point.

Some wonderful defence by Wales, it's rare to see a team basically play an entire 80 mins of defence yet still come away with the win - Scotland perhaps has this trophy on some occasions.

Point above isn't 100% true, Wales did do well in the lineouts, which was interesting - good Welsh/Poor Irish? or both?

Some great play by SOB.

Loved Irelands maul that lead to the penalty try, very well worked!

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Aviva Premiership Tries of the Week + Round 17 Highlights Wrap

Nice to see laws being correctly *something something* (geez my mind is shot)... on Wades try...

..But I don't think I like that law...

2 Weeks, 11 Hours ago

The Shortball Super Rugby Round 4 Highlights Wrap

Nick Cummins is back?

2 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Ireland stay on track with victory over England in Dublin

....ditto.... :S

2 Weeks, 3 Days ago

Controversial yellow card for James Lowe tackle leads to Highlanders upset

least he didn't get a poke in the bum..

2 Weeks, 3 Days ago