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Zee Ngwenya knocks out Leonardo Sarto and himself with brutal headclash 'tackle'

To you both, what would you say in the likes of CJ Stander? If you believe that he was attempting to charge down the ball, then he is on the receiving team and jumping for the ball... Le Roux ran into him and could have up-ended him causing significant injury....

Of course, playing to my tune, as I think it was a ridiculous red, but I think things can and should be looked at in different light.

I don't know if incidents should be judged on their outcome as much as the actions themselves...

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Zee Ngwenya knocks out Leonardo Sarto and himself with brutal headclash 'tackle'

See this is where I get a little lost with rugby and the current overlords of the game... Is this ok to do to someone?

Different scenarios but: Jared Payne v Alex Goode. Goode jumps for a high ball and Payne is running eyes on ball to catch it, collision, Goode goes down on head etc, outcome "red card for Payne"...

Cj Stander, Jumps, KO's Le Roux, red card Stander..

So really, running face first into someone and KO'ing them, should surely just be classed as reckless if the above examples are not classed as 'accidents'.... They're either all avoidable and reckless, or they're accidents... I don't believe there is a huge amount of significant difference in recklessness, if we can indeed judge things like that...

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Tears of joy as we see how much Olympic qualification means to Spain

An immense example of how possible things can be. Sure, I bet there was a little bit of luck, but mix that with a lot of heart and a lot of determination and you have the result you're after. You make your own luck, they fought for the opportunities and the chances and they took them when presented.

Hats off to Spain.

...although good luck in the Olympics... not sure South America is somewhere I fancy being right now, given the zika virus... :/

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Craig Joubert breaks silence on THAT decision against Scotland in the 2015 World Cup

As mentioned above, I know this video is about that incident, but I think most people are shocked at how Joubert high tailed it.....

2 Months, 8 Hours ago

Argentine Under 20 winger fumbles five pointer with tryline begging

2 hands?

2 Months, 1 Day ago

France bounce back with convincing victory over Argentina in second Test

I'm not a French supporter by any stretch, but I love seeing them do well and I 100% agree with you on Trinh-Duc, I think it's abysmal he's been ignored for such an extended period of his career.

2 Months, 2 Days ago

Willie le Roux gets one week ban after another midair contest goes wrong

I agree with the general sentiments above. Players are now hurling themselves into the air without any regard for their own safety... we seen players throwing themselves into tackles and being criticised by commentators for their poor technique when it leads to a self injury, why do we simply commend someone for jumping so high and berate another player for being a split second slower on the jump and not getting the ball...

What also gets me is that this is a contact/collision sport, we all know "THOSE players"... Bakkies Botha, Cudmore, Burger, the French...;) etc etc, the players that really play on the line in terms of physical violence, but what we often end up with in these aerial battles is essentially, rugby saints, being red carded.. Those players that wouldn't say boo to a goose are ejected from the pitch because of a half second incident at the end of proper legal rugby that only someone deems is now 'reckless'...

Like it or hate it, I genuinely view that Stander tried to charge down the ball, he turned as he watched the ball sail past and to protect his good looks... he was red carded for what ended up as a nasty incident... but if he was honestly playing legal rugby then why should that have happened?

This incident here, Le Roux should have been red carded if we want consistency, but really, ignoring consistency (most referees do anyway), WHY should he be red carded?? He was contesting for a high ball and lost that contest?!? As a forward I contest lineout balls, win some, lose some, make contact with other players, I tumble, they tumble... it's just part of the game. Sure if a second row shoves another player in a lineout and he lands on his head, then punish him, sure if a player deliberately takes out an airborne foe with a tackle then punish, but don't punish an aerial contest.

...and whilst Katman said sarcastically ban jumping... I honestly believe that is the next step forward if this is such a risk to player safety.. Free catch ideas...

2 Months, 2 Days ago

Racing beat Toulon with just 14 men to claim Top 14 title in Barcelona

I am a neutral and I'd agree with you, yellow at most.

I sort of feel KaiTeko might have a point.... the movements didn't look 100% natural to me... looked like he forced the landing..

...or alternatively, maybe he felt himself going and figured if he forces his body to turn more then he'll land on the flat of his back, rather than his head/neck..

2 Months, 2 Days ago

Craig Joubert breaks silence on THAT decision against Scotland in the 2015 World Cup

To add though, if he did need a wee then fair enough, but you'd imagine he'd in someways have returned, or quickly told a captain "Sorry lads, I'll be back, I'm bursting for a piss"

2 Months, 2 Days ago

Craig Joubert breaks silence on THAT decision against Scotland in the 2015 World Cup

That's exactly my thoughts, I don't think a lot of people give a hoot about the decision itself - I mean granted there are probably a lot of upset Scots, but I'm sure even the least rational Scotsman could accept that Joubert cannot use the TMO and that it wasn't possible for him to review the decision, quick bit of action etc etc. Joubert; as you said, can be forgiven for the decision - referees make numerous 'wrong' decisions during games and the reality is, that is the nature of the game that we love.

But as you said, him running off the pitch is actually what I remember the game for, not the decision itself...

2 Months, 2 Days ago