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Wallabies end tour on a high with victory over Wales in Cardiff

Some great hands from Tomane there:
- Try 1 holding on to Cooper's offload behind and above his head while running at full pace
- Try 3 picking up Folau's pass off his toes
Both could so easily have been dropped.

Other thoughts:
- Wales did well to come back from 30-16 down
- Everything Quade Cooper tried came off in that game - it won't always work out like that
- Both Folau & North are unstoppable at times
- Last few mins Wales at 4 points down kick the ball away - twice. Why??
- Phillips is lucky to get away with that stamp - but as Cooper got away with kneeing McCaw a couple of years ago I'm inclined to say what goes around comes around
- AUS deserved the win. Great team performance - they created quick ball then attacked (and scored) at pace out wide. Wales' ruck speed looked slow in comparison.

Moment of the match: Justin Marshall - "BOOMFAH!". Surely got to go in the Friday Funnies section.

9 Months, 1 Week ago

George North sets up great try but Gloucester sneak controversional win

Cracking try - with 2 mins to go should've decided the outcome of an excellent game.

I'm not normally one to have a go at referees but missing the Gloucester players offside at the following kick-off was a shocker. Wasn't even close - two players were 5 yards in front of the ball and the ref had a clear unobstructed view. The subsequent scrum penalty looks like a 50/50 judgement call to me but the period of play in the Northampton half leading up to the scrum just shouldn't have happened.

Very harsh on Northampton.

11 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Bismarck Du Plessis controversially yellow carded for huge hit on Dan Carter

Got to agree. I also want the right call but don't want every potentially high tackle sent to the TMO. Comes down to ref's judgement I suppose and unfortunately in this case he's got it wrong.

1 Year, 10 Hours ago

Bismarck Du Plessis controversially yellow carded for huge hit on Dan Carter

On first viewing at normal speed I thought it was a high shoulder charge & definite yellow card. However the reverse angle conclusively shows its a 100% fair tackle. DC's just been blindsided and isn't braced for the contact and that's why he goes down so dramatically. Now if the TMO had seen the reverse angle whilst checking for any foul play afterwards....

Surprised one of the touch judges didn't tell the ref he needed to take another look.

1 Year, 11 Hours ago

The British and Irish Lions win the series 2-1 after third Test rout

Regrettably I find the Sky commentators to be colossal tw4ts so I had the pictures from Sky and the (very impressive) audio from TalkSport. I'll listen out for that though when I watch my recording back during the week (after a stiff drink to prepare me for the Sky commentary).

TalkSport did mention something though that might be of interest & I've since tied it up with the pictures (at 74:02 on the match clock - score 16-41): Leigh Halfpenny clears to touch late in the game towards the Lions bench and an Aussie player is positioned, in touch, underneath the ball ready to catch it - obviously an opportunity for a quick throw. One of the Lions coaches (Paul Stridgeon) decides to put his hand up to interfere with the catch and then palms the ball away when it goes to ground stopping any quick throw. It wasn't in the TV coverage but apparently an extended & heated discussion between the Lions bench and the 4th official followed. 6 minutes to go - 25 point lead - what was he doing?

1 Year, 2 Months ago

The British and Irish Lions win the series 2-1 after third Test rout

Didn't expect that at all. Thought we'd get a nervy, mistake ridden, low scoring affair decided by kicks in the last 10 minutes. Lions got their tactics spot on and it came off.

Real pity BOD wasn't on the pitch though - I guess Warren Gatland can now cancel his order for a suit of armour to be worn whenever he visits Ireland. Although he still might need some chain mail for a few years....

1 Year, 2 Months ago

Wallaby skipper James Horwill cleared and free to play in deciding Lions Test

Watched the game - wasn't highlighted at the time. Got to agree with the above - what was Farrell doing? Paul O'Connell has just dived on the ball so why is Farrell walking through players lying on the ground nowhere near the ball? Surely that's worth a citing.

Additionally agreed - if any RD staff are reading would be good to have this vid as a separate post.

Also must mention that Adam Jones is incorrectly accused in the commentary.

1 Year, 2 Months ago

Wallaby skipper James Horwill cleared and free to play in deciding Lions Test

That appeal document seems to contain something for everyone - supporting whatever view they had prior to the appeal.

After reading both documents my take is that the contact of Horwill's boot with Wynn Jones's face could be defined as intentional, reckless or accidental.

In the initial hearing the Judicial Officer considered whether an intentional act of foul play (stamping) had occurred - and based on the video evidence he decided that it hadn't. In the appeal hearing the IRB Officer concluded there were no grounds to overturn the original outcome but Horwill (or a player in a similar position) should have been aware of where Wynn Jones was on the ground even if he was unsighted, hence his actions were reckless.

Looking at the video again does Horwill know where Wynn Jones is positioned? Should he have known? Would the citing decision have been different if it were for 'Reckless Use of the Boot'? Anyone's guess really - the whole incident only lasts 3-4 seconds.

To me it still doesn't look 'intentional' but I now can't decide if the contact is 'reckless' or 'accidental'. Wynn Jones goes to ground after Horwill's got his head down pushing in the ruck so I'd be inclined to say its closer to accidental than reckless but its open to opinion.

I suppose due to the wide publicity players will be more careful from now on placing their feet which was probably the whole point of the IRB appeal in the first place as this incident could have resulted in a serious eye injury.

Changing the subject - bring on the decider!!

1 Year, 2 Months ago

Midweek Madness - James So'oialo and the odd shaped balls

That is pretty funny. You keep thinking this angle's brilliant and then a player's knee gets in the way.

Sure I remember a try TMO referral some years ago where every camera angle was blocked in a similar fashion - most amusingly this included the 'top of the stands' view where someone in the crowd cheered the try and their raised arm covered the critical part of the picture.

1 Year, 2 Months ago

Midweek Madness - James So'oialo and the odd shaped balls

Doesn't look accidental to me. Wouldn't you pull your arm back pretty quick as soon as you realised what body part you'd accidentally grabbed?

Some good puns from the commentator though. Also didn't notice at first how enthusiastically Strauss chases the subsequent high kick aimed at the 'indecent offender'.

1 Year, 2 Months ago

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