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UCT Ikeys win 2014 Varsity Cup final with unbelievable comeback

The rugby is great, but just on the pink shorts, which are in part a publicity effort to tackle domestic abuse in SA (which is sadly way too prevalent)... maybe the, erm, combatants in the punch-up afterwards can be made to wear pink dunce-hats.

I was also going to ask why this incident happened at, of all places, a fast-food joint. But them I remembered this is Potch, and probably this was the only place for people to go after the match to get a burger and a milkshake.

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UCT Ikeys win 2014 Varsity Cup final with unbelievable comeback

To her credit, that's a pretty decent Gavin Henson impression.

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Jared Payne banned for two weeks after red card challenge on Alex Goode

Opinions have been mixed because people don't all know what the laws say. When it comes to collisions with players who are in the air, intent does not need to be considered. If the ref thinks you were reckless, it is a red card offence.

This law was drafted as it is to deal precisely with the situation where you have an "opponent jumping for the ball in open play". The fact Goode went off on a strecher should not have mattered in terms of the ref's decision, but it should certainly explain to anyone not already aware why this law is on the books. These are potentially very dangerous incidents, and the law puts the onus on the chasing player to avoid them.

No idea what sort of ban might come out of this - they may want to make an example of the incident, or they may decide the red at the time went most of the way as sufficient punishment - but hopefully what it will underline is that Garces' decision was correct. The ref applied the law here, he does not deserve the stick he's gotten from some quarters.

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Heineken Cup 2014 Quarter Final Highlights

I think you misread my comment.

If you think the red was an awful decision, which is a direct criticism of a ref's decision, you need to explain how. Saying it was unintentional, which I happen to agree with, is irrelevant in the context of the laws. If the ref believed it was reckless, it is a red card offence. Which also happens to be EXACTLY the same standard by which tip tackles are judged. To say this is nothing like Warburton's red means you've missed my point entirely.

Even further back, in the 07 World Cup, Burger got an off field red for a similar incident in a game v Samoa. Burger in his case actually did jump for the ball and ended up high tackling an opponent, so he too got done for recklessness.

This issue isn't new; and as I said, it was tough on Ulster. I agree there wasn't malice involved. But if you want to say the ref got this wrong, you haven't yet made a case.

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Heineken Cup 2014 Quarter Final Highlights

@themull - I wouldn't call it an awful decision. I agree with your interpretation, he had his eyes on the ball throughout, and he couldn't avoid the collision. The problem, if there is one here, is the rule about hitting a player in the air. If the ref believed it was reckless, he has to give a red.

I'd compare it to the Warburton red in the last world cup - both incidents that happened so quickly in real time that it's impossible to conclude that there was any malicious intent. But for certain incidents, intent isn't supposed to be a factor, and that was the case here. Very tough on Payne and Ulster, but the ref wasn't at fault.

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Malakai Fekitoa smashes Conrad Smith with huge tackle

Great tackle. I don't think there's any real intention of lifting either, it's a big initial hit and then the driving back of Conrad Smith, who was in the air already, which causes him to start falling toward the horizontal. And there's no intent it seems to drive Smith into the deck, which can be the other thing which gets tacklers into strife.

That said, knowing how such things are reffed these days, Smith could have made a meal of this and got the tackler into trouble. Good for him that he didn't. Basically, I'm glad this wasn't penalised, seen tackles like this harshly penalised in the past.

3 Weeks, 2 Days ago

The Top 5 Brian O'Driscoll Moments of All Time

"The best rugby player of my generation"

Ok, hands up who wants to start a fight with Richie McCaw fanboys?

Nah, BOD is not just one of the best of this generation, he's one of the best of all time in any position. Still not sure if there is anything which tops his hattrick in Paris, but he's been so good for so long, and will be remembered for a very long time.

4 Weeks, 21 Hours ago

The Best Tries scored in Round 5 of Super Rugby 2014

Benji Marshall scored a great try in that Lions game, no idea how it isn't one of the top 5.

The TMO decision was ridiculous. The ball wasn't grounded properly, the only question after that was whether the it was a high tackle in which it should have been a penalty try. But it wasn't that either, so all in all, an epic screw up, and possibly very costly for the Blues.

4 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Stuart Hogg apologises after red card challenge on Dan Biggar

I'm surprised he got 3 weeks.

Not only was the red correctly given at the time, but I don't know any player who's gotten similar punishment. Maa Nonu does one of these a season and never seems to get either a red or any more than a week off.

4 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Honey Badger Nick Cummins gives one of the best post match interviews ever

Best post match interview until the next Cummins post match interview. Holy mother of god he's hilarious.

1 Month, 7 Hours ago

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