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The Top 5 Australian Rugby Lookalikes of all time

One obvious one is James O'Connor and Bieber.

Mike Phillips is one of a set of triplets, with Jimmy Anderson and Grigor Dimitrov.

Always thought Sean Maloney himself had some Scott Quinnell going on.

But for best doppelganger there's really no contest in the end... Matt Tait is a dead ringer for Harry Potter, I mean Daniel Radcliffe.

11 Hours, 22 Minutes ago

Ben Tameifuna cited for big shove on referee Glen Jackson

Here's the JO's dilemma - the letter of the law is pretty much as you spelled it out. The spirit I would argue is a bit more grey, in that everyone accepts that there could be contact, even deliberate contact in a situation like that (defending your line, with the ref in the way), and putting an arm out to push the ref to the side is really no big deal.

So in the end he'll effectively be adjudicating that Ben pushed Jackson too hard. And the reasoning will have to strike a balance between the letter and the spirit of the law... not easy.

15 Hours, 28 Minutes ago

Ben Tameifuna cited for big shove on referee Glen Jackson

Eh, glad I'm not the judicial officer here... The general rule is of course that thou shalt not lay hands on an official, and if you want to take a hard line, I guess you ban Big Ben for a good while.

But to me it's just not an aggressive move by Ben. Had he pushed Jackson a little less hard, and had he not fallen over, there'd be no incident to discuss. Jackon clearly is in his way, and as a former player, I'm sure he'd fully understand a player pushing him to the side in the circumstance.

If Big Ben were protesting a decision, or showing some other dissent or raw aggro toward the ref, that would be another thing. But he's not really doing that, he was just a bit silly pushing off Jackson as hard as he did. So perhaps a week ban or so, obviously if he does it again, you come down on him much harder.

16 Hours, 8 Minutes ago

Huge tackle on Wisconsin Rugby Club player after inside switch

Not sure what position the tackler played, but as an ex-open-sider, few things made my day more than a telegraphed switch from a scrum set-piece. You're bolting off the side, fly-half is first prize, but if he starts drifting and 12 starts crabbing towards you, it's such easy line defensive line to pick and you don't have to break stride.

6 Days, 13 Hours ago

Huge tackle on Wisconsin Rugby Club player after inside switch

Also remember, rock beats scissors.

6 Days, 14 Hours ago

Huge tackle on Wisconsin Rugby Club player after inside switch

What we called back in the day, a Question Mark tackle. Because that's the shape the tackled player's body takes.

Good lad for getting back, pity he couldn't pretend it didn't hurt!

6 Days, 14 Hours ago

Springboks survive Salta scare after excellent Argentina performance

Katman covered most of the reasons, the other way of thinking about it is that Dan Carter is the gold standard for fly-half, and that's the type of player Meyer is trying to find.

Ironically, Morne Steyn got his inital break at the Bulls because he was a more attacking 10 than Deryck Hougaard. He played nearer the gain-line, and was better at releasing outside backs. And he was always a great kicker. Over time, he became a more conventional Bok flyhalf - still a good player, but more conservative than the ideal.

In 2012, his kicking suddenly went off, and his form generally suffered. Without his boot functioning, there was no other reason to select him. He then signed to play in France, and we all thought he was done. We also thought Johan Goosen might then be the man. But he's suffered horribly with injury (and he now is in France too), Morne has since rediscovered his form, and no other player has really come through (though to be fair to Pat Lambie, he's never let the team down when he's played at 10).

Anyway, long story short, Meyer is hoping Handre Pollard might be the complete 10. A guy who can light it up in the right circumstances. It's a big ask, having both the skill-set and the judgement to put it all to use...

1 Week, 14 Hours ago

All Blacks put 50 on the Wallabies to continue Eden Park domination

I'm sure there have been times when PSA's hands have been tied, but even when not, he's managed to come up with some baffling selections.

As you said though, with the Tahs success, McKenzie had an ideal platform off which to build. There was no obvious rugby reason to break up the Foley-Beale axis; to the extent there is a worry about Beale's defence, it doesn't matter much if he's at 10 or 12. Those channels can equally easily attacked.

The other puzzling thing about McKenzie is that he seems to have lost faith in many of the Reds players he basically developed. Horwill and Genia are both out of favour, and only two Reds were in Saturday's squad. Hard to fathom, and if it is true that part of this is down to acceding to Beale's demands, then McKenzie has weakened his position.

1 Week, 16 Hours ago

All Blacks put 50 on the Wallabies to continue Eden Park domination

Order restored in the rugby universe. This Australian team is nowhere near their NZ counterparts. Probably no-one else is either though.

Still, Ewan McKenzie should stop taking tips from Philippe Saint-Andre on team selections. Why you'd play Beale at 10 after his S15 season at 12 is completely senseless; and if it is true about Beale making demands, I wonder how everyone now feels after shipping a half-ton to the ABs.

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Springboks survive Salta scare after excellent Argentina performance

I agreed with the decision to stick with Pollard for now, no problems with him being tested in this tournament, but there's still a decision to be made if he'll be ready for the next world cup. I'm sceptical though how much Goosen is in the frame, think it would be a choice of Morne or Lambie if Pollard isn't ready.

I think with Ruan, because of his versatility, they like him on the bench, and so he becomes almost by default the back-up scrumhalf. But Kockott has been very good for Castres, and any of Vermaak or Sarel Pretorius or Mcleod might be better than Ruan. Hougaard isn't the answer, but like you, I don't think Ruan is either. He had one good game for the Bokke last year, but that was the exception.

I think Dr Jannie gets the tighthead jersey because there's sense in keeping the Sharks front row together. But no question, we need to be looking for a better scrummager there, and I have no idea who that might be.

1 Week, 1 Day ago

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