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The Top 5 Little Men of World Rugby

Yep. Maybe Michalak too

10 Hours, 2 Minutes ago

The Top 5 Little Men of World Rugby

It seems a good top-5, until you have to justify who you've left out.

I think first of all, scrumhalves shouldn't be eligible. Nothing personal or anything against these wee men, it's mainly that if you are eligible, the field is too crowded. Also it's the one position where lack of size is an advantage. So anyway, the guys who didn't make the cut... off the top of my head...

Dominici, Clerc, Brent Russell, Chester Williams, Cullen, Carlos Spencer, Zee Ngwenya...

And those guys who are small compared to the average player, but perhaps not so small compared to the average wee man over history - thinking Willie le Roux, Dan Carter, Digby Ioane, Francois Hougaard...

At the very least I think you have to make space for Cullen, that was a criminal omission.

13 Hours, 36 Minutes ago

South Africa beat New Zealand to win Gold at the Commonwealth Games Sevens

Martial arts sports, wrestling, boxing, among others, would like to remind you they have long been Olympic events...

But no doubt 7s will be a brilliant addition. Great for rugby of course, but the Olympics will benefit too. Starting 2016

3 Days, 11 Hours ago

South Africa beat New Zealand to win Gold at the Commonwealth Games Sevens

"a record breaking crowd of over 170 000 packed Ibrox"

That can't be correct... I read that Ibrox was packed, but 170k seems a bit much...

More seriously, this is going to be an awesome addition to the Olympics. Wonder how many of the 15-a-side stars might want to get into 7s again.

3 Days, 14 Hours ago

Great tries from the Sharks vs Highlanders Super Rugby Qualifier

The handling is all good, respect for that, the celebration is shameful... You expect way better from the front row community than a full on soccer reenactment.

Or maybe they were all exhausted at the end of the half so just flopped on each other. That's the only acceptable excuse.

1 Week, 16 Hours ago

Great tries from the Sharks vs Highlanders Super Rugby Qualifier

Great try by the fat boys. Not just the handling etc, but this is right on the stroke of half time, great effort at that point in the game.

Favourite moment however for me is the offload for the Burleigh try. That was insanely good, Patrick Osborne I think, wonder if the AB selectors might take a look at him.

1 Week, 16 Hours ago

The Top 5 Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins Moments

I'll be honest, I'm going to miss the bloke hugely. Good luck to him, I'll defend him to hilt for making this decision, but it's a big loss to the game in the southern hemisphere.

However, there must be someone paying the Badg to do a video diary of life in Japan... if not, RD, maybe an idea for you?

1 Week, 3 Days ago

Jonah Lomu wreaking havoc against Australia in 1995

Was it really 20 years ago that Lomu burst on the scene? Gosh I feel old.

2 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Ma'a Nonu's bumps off Colin Slade with massive charge

I guess for anyone asking the question, why has Colin Slade's career been blighted by injury, this is an answer.

He's as gutsy as all hell, but you'd think at some point, he'd want to improve his technique. Only so much of this any player can take.

3 Weeks, 2 Days ago

Three streakers at once during Chiefs vs Hurricanes game

"They had a three-prong approach..."

I thought it more of a three-dong approach.

3 Weeks, 2 Days ago

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