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Leonardo Ghiraldini in trouble after making contact with Cian Healy's eyes

I think that call was becaue of the controversy about the forward pass try that was disallowed by the Video Ref in the SA vs NZ game shortly before the World Cup. The Ref was criticised for taking footage into account that, according to the rules, he was not allowed to. I think the video ref was unsure whether or not he was allowed to tell the ref about the tackle. He seemed to emphasise that there was nothing wrong "behind" the try line or something like that.
Personally I agree that he should've called it out and given the Irish a penalty try, but I am not entierly sure if he was actually allowed to make the call according to the rules, so I wouldnt be too hard on him..

6 Years, 7 Months ago

Rugby World Cup Daily - Wallaby rout

"Only" two backs seem to have serious injury: McCabe (thank God) and Horne. Faingaa seemed to be doing much better after the match and should be available again at the QF stage. But yeah, Giteau would probably be a good replacement for McCabe (although im not a big fan of Gits). However, they definately need a specialist 7 as backup for Pocock. The aussies didnt get a single breakdown turnover against the US and their pack also looked piss weak against the Irish without Pocock. While it's great for McCalman to be able to cover 6,7 and 8, he just doesnt cut it at 7 on test level and was shown to be out of his depth. I still dont understand why he was called up instead of a specialist 7, surely 3 8s are too many?

6 Years, 8 Months ago

Rugby World Cup Daily - Christchurch revisted

Here's a story of the sydney morning herald on what he said..
Basically said that he doesnt like that the Smaller nations get less time to recover and says that "Anglo-Saxon" logic in the IRB is to blame for it.

6 Years, 8 Months ago

Rugby World Cup Daily - Ireland upset the Wallabies

Good game from Ireland, you have to hand it to them, they forced their game onto the aussies and did not allow them to unfold their game. While the aussies often looked dangerous once the backs had the ball (especially Kurtley Beale in the first half) their forwards simply werent able to provide them with fast enough ball. Also the high tackling and mauling was genius by the Irish. The aussies didnt seem to know what to do with it.

While this might sound like excuses coming from an aussie, they're not supposed to be. But I doubt the Aussie pack wouldve been dominated quite as much with Moore and Pocok on their. McCalman was appaling at 7. Deans should be kicking himself right now for not bringing a replacement specialist 7 (Beau Robinson for example) to the World Cup instead of McCalman. The Aussies don't need 3 specialist 8s in their sqaud.. Also the absence of Digby was noticeable.

On a different note, why does everyone hate Quade Cooper? Is it because of him personally or more because of the way the (aussie) media portrays him as the single greatest thing to hit rugby. ever.
It also annoys me a bit that Aussies are being called arrogant, when as far as I can tell only the media is (at least after the aussies win a game or two). The team deffinately were not arrogant coming into this game, and they always said that they judged Ireland on their last 6-Nations encounter with England, rather than on their Warm-ups. However, the Aussie media again chose to call the result before the game, and thus accted arrogantly. However, blaming the actions of the media on the team seems unfair to me...

6 Years, 8 Months ago

Rugby World Cup Daily - Super Saturday

Great to see the small teams giving the big ones a run for their money. I didnt expect to enjoy Japan vs. France as much as I did.

England played pretty hopeless... I wonder if Wilkinson will still start if he keeps on kicking like that.. However, they I'm pretty sure that they will improve during the rest of the group games, and can get some confidence against Romania and Georgia and will be a threat in the knock out stages as they're always are. (I'm aussie, I should know)

All in all a very enjoyable day of rugby, as the England game was at least close and thus interesting, although the rugby was not spectacular.

6 Years, 8 Months ago

Rugby World Cup - The Arena Test

Haha this is awesome. Slightly different/weird but awesome

6 Years, 8 Months ago