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Heineken Cup 2014 Quarter Final Highlights

Out of interest, what would your decision have been were you the referee?

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Heineken Cup 2014 Quarter Final Highlights

Why does the fact that his eyes were on the ball make the contact less dangerous? Payne made no attempt to compete. The actions of his body are clearly more important than the direction of his eyes. Goode came down with a sickening thud. Correct decision to give a red.

What was incredible was the heart shown by Ulster. I honestly don't believe any other team in the tournament could've been that competitive given the circumstances. Gotta feel for Paddy Jackson. I so wanted Ulster to win.

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Carlin Isles dropped ball blooper ruins great fifteens debut try

Usually when someone loses control of the ball over the line it's a knock on so any grounding thereafter doesn't count. But in a weird situation like this the ball goes backwards when he drops it. So the game's still live and he's free to ground the ball, no?

2 Weeks, 3 Days ago

Logovi'i Mulipola prop try included in Premiership Try of the Week nominations

Jamie Noon England's worst ever player?! I think not.

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Ireland and O'Driscoll celebrate 2014 Six Nations victory in Paris

They really need to amend the law allowing you to place the ball against the post to score a try. It becomes an virtually indefensible fringe to a ruck when the attacking team is that close. Obviously this means there's a small section of the pitch the attacking team can't score but surely that's a lesser problem than the one currently?

1 Month, 21 Hours ago

England notch up 50 in Rome but Championship fate out of their hands

Wade's defence is shaky. Kuridrani swatted him like a fly on the lions tour. That said Kuridrani is an animal of a player. Joel Tomkins, for all his faults, is a pretty solid defensive unit so if he can't tackle him then Wade's missed tackle is made slightly more forgivable. Slightly.

I imagine in New Zealand Lancaster will be looking at Foden, Yarde and Nowell competing for a starting place.

1 Month, 2 Days ago

England avenge Cardiff loss with convincing victory over Wales at Twickenham

Let's not get carried away. Like you said, Wales were awful, and Ireland have also very comfortably put that team away. If you're looking for weaknesses look at the fact our wingers are yet to score a single try in the entire championship. Or the fact that an injury to Owen Farrell leaves us with a choice between two fly halves with less than 4 caps between them.

Don't get me wrong, England are on great form. But let's not write off the next 8 years of South African, Australian, or any other team in the 6N's rugby.

1 Month, 5 Days ago

England avenge Cardiff loss with convincing victory over Wales at Twickenham

Harsh and unfair criticism always falls on Tuilagi based on poor hands. I'm not really sure I understand where this comes from.

1 Month, 5 Days ago

Leigh Halfpenny injured making brave try-saving tackle on Luther Burrell

Very good point. If you don't get your head on the wrong side you can't get all of your body behind the tackle. As you said the try probably would've been scored otherwise. Although from a Welsh perspective I'm not sure it was really worth it. Halfpenny is a small guy for an international player and he's really making a habit of this technique. I seem to remember when Wales played Australia a few years ago, in the final play of the game Australia scored a winning try and Halfpenny ended up getting pretty much knocked out. Colombes mentioned the almost identical tackle on Strettle 2 years ago leaving him pretty dazed. It's commendable to see someone so willing to put their body on the line for their country, but how long is it before we see something even more serious than a dislocated shoulder.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

Scott Higginbotham sets up try with crosskick then scores with goose step

Good player but the dude's not playing international rugby any more.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

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