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New Zealand snatch victory in the dying minutes after strong England showing

With Woods vs Hask woods is a great leader and lineout operator, which was missing from us yesterday. I would still pick Haskell though as he is much stronger on defence.

3 Years, 10 Months ago

Mathieu Bastareaud big dump tackle on Jaques Cronje in Top 14 semi final

It is so stupid, the body is bound to come down first because the tackled player is trying to get too ground and get the ball to the floor. You can normally tell by the reaction of the tackled player, he doesn't care anymore than if he stubbed his toe on a table. The rules have to be there too stop players being driven head first into the ground but this isn't dangerous.

3 Years, 11 Months ago

Chris Ashton shouts 'push it' as Nick Evans attempts conversion kick

You can run at the kicker as soon as they make a movement towards the ball. If you done a fake run up you would still be moving towards the ball, they can just run up to you and pick up the ball. People only really run at players when it is an easy kick, if it is on the touch line then you don't normally bother as the kick is hard enough and it probably wont make a difference. Shouting at the player is not allowed and is against good sportsmanship

3 Years, 11 Months ago

Salesi Ma'afu banned for one week for punch on Tom Youngs that went viral

I don't think that it is that hard to not put someone on their neck/top back. when you're moving forward then putting them down the tackled player normally hits the ground ass first.

3 Years, 11 Months ago

Salesi Ma'afu banned for one week for punch on Tom Youngs that went viral

I don't know if I am understanding your definition of tip tackle. Being lifted in the air and slammed onto your back is still a legal tackle, being slammed onto your neck and higher is then a problem. I think that people's welfare is now more thought about since the game went professional, I have no problems with the new rules(i'm not saying you do) and I think it is better that we have these rules nowadays. Remember these are just guys trying to make a living.

3 Years, 11 Months ago

Outcry as Florian Fritz returns to play after severe knock to head

I agree, I think the player's state of mind (if there was any) was completely taken advantage of. He had absolutely no idea about any implications of himself going back onto the field.

3 Years, 11 Months ago

ITV Sport's contenders for the 2013/14 Aviva Premiership try of the season

Mumm for me, coming from a Sarries fan who wanted Brown to win !

3 Years, 11 Months ago

Digby Ioane manhandles Bryan Habana in tense Top 14 clash

Yeah I think the first one is actually fine, he is committed to the tackle and then the ball goes away. The second one, Ioane has lifted him up and really I think it is a yellow, if someone goes into the back of him trying to support him in the tackle he could easily drop him on his head. Credit to Ioane though as he does bring him down safely and just a penalty might have been sufficient. It's a weird one if a guy on my team was the tackler I would probably say that it is just a penalty, if my guy was the player being tackled, I would probably be yelling for a yellow.

3 Years, 11 Months ago

Steffon Armitage's powerful fend try against Perpignan

No don't pick him because then we will see most of our players going to France. If we really wanted a fetcher/traditional openside then we have Seymour/Kvesic/Fraser who are all playing for English sides. Armitage looks very good as he is a back row player on the side of a dominant forward pack, it would be an achievement to look poor playing for Toulon. He is a good player but he isn't the player the media has bigged him up to be. Honestly think of a poor back row player, I will say Tom Johnson(my opinion), if you put him in the Toulon pack he will look 5 times better, he will be on the front foot and can run in open space.

4 Years, 13 Hours ago

The new European Rugby Champions Cup explained

I think the winner of the 2nd tier gets into the top tier competition, not this year but from then on. That's what I thought I heard on sky.

4 Years, 5 Days ago