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Fascinating 2017 Six Nations comes to a close - Final Weekend Highlights Wrap

Sixth: Barnes bites North :-)
Either because he's english and therefore don't like the welsh.
Or because he's english-speaking and wanted to blame de french!
Ahem, definitely no way of knowing what happened here.

Vakatawa's yellow = joke. No bloody way to suspect he got the ball on purpose, he was tackling. You might as well say the welsh player threw the ball at Vakatawa's hand. And i m pretty sure the pass would have landed behind the next welsh player even if Vakatawa had not touched it.
I thought it was a beautiful tackle. Anyway, i think that "deliberate knock-on" rule is stupid. It's a beautiful gesture to manage to intercept a pass even without catching it. Shouldn't be illegal. If its on purpose its a great technical achievement. If not, well, nothing to say.
Indeed the french where brilliant the first 10min. I remember seeing 97% french possession after 5min! Desserved winners.
Barnes is just weird and inconsistent. Keeping is temper is one thing, but you do that for a purpose which is taking a good decision. It seemed to me that in the end he was just focusing on not taking any hasty decision, but had no idea what to do. I was impressed by the french self-control. Not a big fan of Maestri but the way he seemed to think "YOU ARE AN IDIOT" out loud but still be polite was brilliant! I was pretty sure the french would loose and it would have be pretty unfair. Glad of the outcome.
Regarding Atonio, I can't say what was the intent. But what I know is that, 2minutes before Slimani came in, I said to my friend "Atonio would be well inspired to be suddenly sick" and then tadaaaaa... he was injured... :-) I do suspect someone is guilty of cynism here. But I dont blame him. France should have won by that time.

8 Months, 3 Weeks ago

France claim convincing victory over Italy in Rome

Dunno what to think of that result. It looks convincing for the french. Even more considering it could easily be 14 points higher.
But then I ve read the italians had a tackling succes rate of 65%.
Anyway, guess we ll see vS Wales.

8 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Ireland get past France in Dublin round two battle

Only saw the second half. France was really poor. Way too many mistakes both tacticaly and technicaly. But that first failed try was interesting. Too bad for that tiny knock-on. Wonder what the game would have looked like if that try was allowed. Anyway, its again a "what if" for the french. Funny they beat the Scots who are truly brilliant.

9 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Lopez helps France to edge Scotland after tight encounter in Paris

Agreed. The article states that a former french international ref working for world rugby called "L"Equipe" to explain this new rule. And that he agrees they might have "undercommunicated" regarding this directive which was issued in June.
Sounds like an admission of guilt to me.

9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Lopez helps France to edge Scotland after tight encounter in Paris

Watched part of the game while my toddler kept distracting me...
What I saw was a lot of tension and mistakes. And that final quarter of power based control by the french. So I m glad to read here that it was an enjoyable game. It seemed more frustrating than entertaining. There is a feeling that the french are capable of so much more, that they themselves are their worst ennemy.
Good to see their scrum doing so well. OK it was Scotland but VS England the scrum was also doing good imo. Only problem was they need indeed to adapt to the ref. That should be easier to fix!
Regardin Lamerat's try, check :
World Rugby confirmed the decision not to award it. Even if it's not written there is a directive among refs stating it's not a matter of touching the ball but a matter of controling the ball. Lamerat lost control, that's all folks...

9 Months, 4 Weeks ago

England edge France in tight Six Nations battle at Twickenham

Picamoles best n°8, best centre, best full back... I mean when is he going to start kicking?!

10 Months, 5 Days ago

Edinburgh's Burleigh sent off amid Papé playacting

I know! Further evidence than a slap can result in a KO:

But still, in this case...dura lex sed lex.

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11 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Edinburgh's Burleigh sent off amid Papé playacting

Well I looked again and indeed we must be looking at differents clips :-)

- not a slap from Pape, he's just letting his hand wander around Burleigh's neck but without hitting him. It must be pretty annoying.

- definitely not an uppercut from Burleigh: it's somewhere between slapping and pushing imo.

It looked like Burleigh his genuinely surprised by Pape's reaction, which is grotesque. There is no possible reason for him to dive like that other than "lets make the ref give him a red".
I am having second thoughts. I said red was OK... well it's really not that obvious.
Final word: red with a heavy heart for Burleigh because the law is the law, happilly yellow Pape whatever the law is!

11 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Edinburgh's Burleigh sent off amid Papé playacting

Naaaah. You got it wrong :-)
Red for Burleigh, yellow for Pape, that's fair imo.
Why? Because the intent is obvious in Burleigh's behavior while it's not (ahem) for Pape's.
(well, to me it is obvious that Pape dives, but nobody can prove that).
You just don't slap people in the face by mistake. That's for sure.
There is however a (veeery slight, OK!) possibility that Pape really was hurt...

If a kid dives on a Sunday morning, that's exactly when something should be done. So I hope you don't quit but find a way to deal with him. Maybe you can tell him " you're no better than Pape and Huget, you french!" :-)

11 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Edinburgh's Burleigh sent off amid Papé playacting

I feel the same (french player are more often than others victims of negligent refereing) because I am - more or less - a french fan.
But then, speaking of Picamoles, i remember his first encounter with Farell (i think). It was hilarious but a plain obvious infringement by Picamoles.
All I am saying is, well, if you feel bitter because of alleged biased refering... you talk about it. You get over it. You play better.
You don't kill the game.
Never liked Pape. Never will. Straight yellow best way to deal with it.
Or we all could do something: a public, online, "hall of shame". And letters to World Rugby saying we are pissed by the soccerish play-acting, and that we expect more than officials statement and theoretical rules.

11 Months, 4 Weeks ago