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Ireland hang on against France to stay on track for title defence

Ireland have a great coach! France have an average coach (to say the least): St Andre didn't make the good choices in his starting 15 and I'm not sure what coaching he's doing.
Hopefully what we've seen in the 2nd half will be seen earlier on for the next game. They pushed Ireland to their limits and should have closed the match even more. All the stats are good at the end of the game.

The French players are good but not ready, they're far behind Ireland in terms of quality of play. They need to work harder.
Parra and Dulin (full back) need to start. Kicking game needs to improve, substitutions need to happen quicker.
Big question mark on Fofana and Dussautoir for me: I love Fofana but he's been poor. Dussautpir is not the guy is used to be. I'd love to see Nakaitaci, Picamoles, Lamerat on the pitch.

Pape will not be back in the French team and we won't miss him.

Ireland have been tested. I can't wait to see them play against England!

2 Weeks, 3 Days ago

Scotland left frustrated as France kick their way to victory in Paris

I dare saying that the score is flattering for the Scotts. They seemed to be a lot quicker and organised in attack, breaking the French defense easily a few times but the French let them in the game by a lack of patience and too
Many dropped balls in the last passes.
The French camped in the opposite 5 meters line, Huget was closed from scoring...
It was not all bad.

Would they have been more composed and the score could have been a lot higher for the French.

Thought Parra was a better 9. Our fly half was way to deep in attack.
Great Scottish defense. A good team!

3 Weeks, 4 Days ago

The Top 5 Tries of the Week - August 22nd weekend

@ Philmc avity
It seems everybody knows it except the French coach...

6 Months, 4 Days ago

Outcry as Florian Fritz returns to play after severe knock to head

There's now a lot of talking and at the highest level in France about this incident. The FFR and the medical commission of the FFR want to ear the Stade Toulousain Club and understand why Fritz came back on the pitch.
it seems that the protocol hasn't been followed entirely.

Guy Noves told the press (among other things) that Fritz seemed to be able to go back on to the pitch for a short time and until half time.
After that the staff took a final call.

9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Ireland win 2014 Six Nations after late France forward pass

@ Oliver
These young players have been drafted but I still think it’s too shy: besides Plisson and Fickou the others have mostly sat on the bench and played very limited time.

Lauret is a good example although not exactly new. He has had a few selections already, is a physical guy and has potential, yet how much has he played for this year’s 6N? I’d be curious.
Then why selecting Vahaamahina (plays as lock in club) as flanker instead of Lauret who plays flanker in his club?
The next WC is coming fast, I think only 12 international games until the WC (?) There’s no time to have talented players polish the bench; they need some time on the pitch now.

I'd like to see what a foreign coach (he has to be from Southern Hemisphere) would do? Surely he would bring more professionalism, a more clinical way of playing, more
game plan.

11 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Ireland win 2014 Six Nations after late France forward pass

I scorched names...sorry. Farrell, Burrell, Nowel...

11 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Ireland win 2014 Six Nations after late France forward pass

@ mise:

all this seems a bit cliché, the smoking, chatting...but i do see a cultural clash there in the sense that probably the French enjoy some relaxing time, separate work and after work.

On the coaching side: the french team is missing a good kicker when Parra is out. I guess not having much video analysis around kicking is the reason why ROG has been hired...surely the French clubs should have that.
Since Saint André is on the job we do not have a defense coach and that is quite incredible...I don't get that.

On a more general note I do think that the French are still lagging behind in terms of coaching. Besides Guy Noves & Galthié I don't see who could get the job. Noves has turned down the job, Galthié hasn't been chosen.

@ Vladimir
I think Vern Cotter would have been perfect for the job: he's been there for a long time, has had good results, built a fabulous team.

The French Federation is for me an archaic organisation, attached to traditions. It's an Institution in the bad sense. French rugby has tons of talent (the U20 just won the Grand slam) but the transition to top competition is slow and to the National team even slower; example taken with Fickou. French rugby needs a younger/clever management team turned towards a modern rugby.

If Clubs & Federation work together, talents are recognised early and involved at the highest level things will get better.

The French need to be better one 1 to 1, individual technic: 2 forward passes against Ireland...

In NZ being young is not a problem if you're talented and have a potential. if so you get the chance. In France in the same situation you need to sit on the bench and play the last 10 min for xx games. The FFR love its soldiers, old fames and the guys are playing until they retire. In NZ you see new talents coming all the time.

Same in England with the likes of Owens, Launchburry, Burrell...and these play already at a very good level; you don't need to teach them how to pass.

11 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Ireland win 2014 Six Nations after late France forward pass

Not that it matters much anymore, especially for the French haters, but I honestly think that there was no knock on. It seems to me that Swarziesky always kept contact with the ball when grounding.
I’d admit it was close but nowadays you see tons of tries granted by the refs with a minimal contact on the ball.

Healey should have been carded for the headbutt and surely would have France score points (if not a try). In 2nd half the scrum was all France…surprisingly.

A question for the experts:
On the scrum topic I read Domingo saying that for him being small it is very difficult to scrummage with the new rules. He continues that typically in France the props start the scrum “sitting” low then push the scrum ”up” and stabilize their position.
The new rules state that you should enter on a flat position (or so) but for small props this is for him very difficult.

Following Walsh warning at half time Domingo has been replaced by Debaty who is a tall prop and that worked pretty nicely for the French…is it the end of small props?

Well done Ireland

11 Months, 2 Weeks ago

France break Scottish hearts with late winning penalty at Murrayfield

@ Phil Mc avity:

I don't understand what you say, why you take the arrogance angle into your discussion.
You talk like you were mad, I can't take you seriously.
The French play bad, they don't show much envy etc…but that does not make them arrogant. I believe they need a real captain on the pitch, Dusautoir is badly missed.
It is simply very messy, the coaches are poor and there's no good game plan.

Still this team wins game…so there must be something deep in them. THINGS NEED TO CHANGE, AND QUICK.

11 Months, 3 Weeks ago

France break Scottish hearts with late winning penalty at Murrayfield

@ Phil mc avity :
you should stop calling the French players "arrogant" mate. What makes them arrogant? To be playing bad and still win?
I agree when you say that they play for themselves; I believe that the message given by St Andre/Lagisquet is not being listened, understood by the players; hence the horrible mess that they show on the pitch.
The French press does not understand why St Andre does, 90% of the fans hate that guy.
He has the poorest results a French coach has ever had in his first 3 years in charge!

We've been missing (injuries & non selected) loads of players and it does not help our game. True there's no captain anymore. To name a few: Dusautoir, Nyanga, Parra, Picamoles, Fofana, Trinh Duc, Swarziesky, Kayser, Fickou. But the subs are not playing at the level they should be playing and that's another worry for me. Also the props said they don't understand how to apply the new rules, they don'tt know exactly what's expected from them…this to say that there's a lot of bad coaching.

Scotland played better but not well enough…France stole the game. Don't forget that one try should have been disallowed for Scotland. How did they loose that game??

11 Months, 3 Weeks ago