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Wallabies disallowed try viewed as a major turning point in loss

Except under the laws, continuing to run your support line is not obstruction. Haylett-Petty is not required to move out of the way of Savea.

The law on obstruction that deals with blocking the tackler [10.1 (c)] states that "A player must not intentionally move or stand in a position that prevents an opponent from tackling a ball carrier."

The argument is that Haylett-Petty deliberately got in Savea's way, but if you look at the video, he starts running a support line towards the outside. As he continues on his line, he happens to bump Savea (granted, he does shove a little...). Both players are entitled to continue running their lines (you wouldn't expect Savea to move to allow a support player to get into a better position).

11 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Wallabies disallowed try viewed as a major turning point in loss

Obstruction requires the obstructer to change his line to deliberately get in the way. Because Hale-Petty was already running a line that would take him to the outside, he is entitled to continue to run that line. He does not have to get out of Savea's way.

11 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Keith Earls furious after red card for tip-tackle in Munster win

Actually, I think if he hadn't dipped his head he would have landed on it. It really looked like the hooker realized he was going over, and tucked to try to avoid landing on his head - just like you're taught to do when somersaulting.

Poor technique and bad reaction from Earls, Glasgow hooker did what he had to do to protect himself.

11 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Brilliant flick infield by Adam Knight saves Otago try

The Rugby League emphasis on kicking (because of the limited number of tackles available per possession) means that there are often kicks at the end of a set of six. Couple that with the ridiculous raw athleticism required to make it in the NRL, and you get regular awesome highlights. On the flip side, I personally find it a bit one-dimensionally as far as the tactics are concerned - a typical set of six is: bash, bash, bash, pass, pass/kick, kick (if still in possession).

Also, as a union player if you want to really develop good running lines, have a go at league (especially in Aus) - you'll either come away with excellent off-the-ball running lines, or broken into a million pieces (if you don't learn).

As DanKnapp mentions though, the NRL highlight reel is fantastic regardless of which code you prefer.

11 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Nigel Owens unimpressed by naughty Francois Steyn shouting at goalkicker

Very happy to see this here - this is something I've noticed creeping in at the local club level. Hopefully some of those players will see this and take note.

1 Year, 2 Hours ago

Brilliant flick infield by Adam Knight saves Otago try

Nope! Law 22.11 (a) specifies that "when the ball touches the touch-in-goal line or the dead ball line, or touches anything or anyone beyond those lines, the ball becomes dead." No mention of the plane of the line.

It's similar to touch - the ball being in or out is determined by what it touches when it lands. If it touches the line or anything beyond the line, it's dead. Until it touches something on the line or beyond the line (including players with a foot on or over the line), it's still in play.

1 Year, 2 Hours ago

All Black legend Mils Muliaina scores first try in USA Pro Rugby with first touch

5 teams makes sense to start - the player pool available to the league right now isn't as deep as in the rugby strongholds of the world. If you had 10 team right off the bat, you run the risk of having players on the field that aren't up to the level needed to catch and hold the public's interest. By phasing teams in slowly, you can develop that talent pool gradually - all while minimizing the financial requirements of the league until it can prove the business model works.

Having most teams in the west isn't too much of a problem for now - we here in North America have been looking forward to our own pro league for so long that many of us are adopting teams that have nothing to do with where we live. I'm in Montreal, but I support the San Diego team. Here's hoping that eventually there's a pro team somewhere within a few hours of my city! Until that time, up San Diego!

1 Year, 4 Months ago

England beat Wales in tour warmup match at Twickenham

Wrong. It is physically possible, and it happened - it's pretty clear from the overhead cam, if not before.

1 - Ball is thrown at an angle backwards towards the Welsh goal line
2 - Ball encounters large English hand between point of origin and the intended target
3 - Force from original pass causes ball to rebound in a direction roughly opposite the original direction of travel

If you want, I can go into how the angle of the hand and the angular velocity of the ball can cause the rebound to go backwards, but I figured the less technical explanation above would be ample rebuttal to your point!

1 Year, 4 Months ago

Scotland go into Beast mode with gymnastics flip ahead of Olympic 7s

Kudos to South Africa for waiting for the Scottish player to land safely before making contact.

1 Year, 4 Months ago

Morgan Parra prevents try brilliantly by punching ball out of attacker's hands

The knock-on was from Parra to the ground. The player who first picked up the ball reacted fast enough and was flat enough that you'd have a hard time calling it deliberately off-side (he probably thought he was behind the ball when it was knocked on). It's marginally offside at best, and not deliberately, and there were no Stade Francais players that could have realistically scored a try immediately, so scrum five to Stade is the sensible call here.

1 Year, 4 Months ago