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Juan De Jongh scores great try vs Sharks, celebrates with Gangnam Style

I always think of the advice one of my coaches gave me years ago: "act like you've been there before, and like you'll be there again".

I find these dance routines a little bit much, but I guess I'm a little conservative that way. I can understand if it was the winning try at the close of the match, but let's face it: De Jongh had a fair bit more rugby to play.

If it's like RSAImpi says, and they're blowing off steam then so be it. I personally think there are less "NFL" ways to celebrate.

1 Year, 5 Months ago

Elvis Vermeulen yellow carded for huge hit on Zee Ngwenya

The rule is there to make sure that the player jumping for the ball has the opportunity to protect himself in the tackle. In this case, while it is debatable whether or not Ngwenya had a foot on the ground, he is clearly still recovering from the jump and in no position to protect himself (good thing he used good fielding technique on the take-off!).

In practical use, the yellow card is not simply used to punish dangerous or cynical play, but is one of the tools referees have to manage the game. Perhaps the referee felt that Elvis and/or Clermont had been playing on and over the edge. If the referee felt that dangerous or reckless hits were becoming a trend, or felt that if he did not take action they would become an issue, he is perfectly justified in issuing a yellow card; it is largely up to his discretion.

My opinion: whether or not there was a foot on the ground, it was a dangerous tackle. Not Elvis' fault...when you play on the edge sometimes you find yourself on the wrong side of the proverbial line. Definitely a penalty, and the card is at the discretion of the referee. He's a professional and he was there...I trust his judgement.

1 Year, 5 Months ago

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