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Manu Tuilagi apologises for 'bunny ears' prank on prime minister

Not really smart but utterly harmless. Press is just making a big deal out of it. On a sunny side: even it the Netherlands rugby has some attention today!

7 Months, 9 Hours ago

Nick Wood red carded after 73 seconds for stamp on Jacques Burger

Well, the way I see it Burger made a sudden movement after Wood rucked his back. Which does not make him less quilty off course. Honestly I think 'I could not see where I was putting my foot (or hand/arm/knee/leg/head)' should be accepted as an excuse. Everyone should know better then to take a swing at something he can't see.

7 Months, 1 Day ago

Nick Wood red carded after 73 seconds for stamp on Jacques Burger

Looks nasty but still a lot of positives to be taken from this video:
- quick decisionmaking by Barnes, imo something to be admired (although it can turn out wrong);
- Wood going back to apologize;
- Burger being a good sport in his reaction to Wood.

Well, I guess as long as he can proof he could not see where Burgers head was, he won't get banned (Horwill).

7 Months, 1 Day ago

Bismarck Du Plessis controversially yellow carded for huge hit on Dan Carter

Not that it had anything to do with the ref's decision but:
a) he looked suspiciously offside (which made it hard for Carter to brace for the impact);
b) he should have let go before he went for the ball (which is a penalty offense, no more).

I did not see the match but I am quite curious how it looked from different angles. Too bad the ref is not wearing a camera in this instance, I wonder what he saw from his position.

7 Months, 3 Days ago

Dimitri Yachvili carded for swinging arm on Delon Armitage

So if that's what you teach your kids...point taken!

7 Months, 5 Days ago

Dimitri Yachvili carded for swinging arm on Delon Armitage

A few resentfull people crawling out of the woodwork here. It makes me wonder what kind of values they (will) teach their kids.

7 Months, 5 Days ago

Ben Tameifuna and Jamie Mackintosh banned for old school rucking

According to the laws of the game the ref is right to award a penalty in both cases (intentionally rucking the body). However, I don't understand the citing and subsequent suspension since both acts were neither dangerous nor cardworthy.

7 Months, 6 Days ago

Rory Arnold banned for bite in process of scoring first ever Currie Cup try

Although I agree with you to some extend I don't think in this case you can hold his behaviour towards the ref against him. Especially since he shows the kind of behaviour we all would love our kids to copy; no argueing, just accepting his decision made by the ref.

Off course I am totally against biting. But in some cases I can imagine reflexes kicking in like when you are being suffocated in a headlock.

7 Months, 1 Week ago

Jamie Roberts poor pass bombs try after great break from Jonny Sexton

Imo the break by Sexton deserves more attention than the pass by Roberts.

7 Months, 1 Week ago

The Top 5 Rugby Villains of All Time - Rugby HQ

Dylan Hartley has a fitting resumé.

7 Months, 2 Weeks ago

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