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Brian O'Driscoll dumped off the ball by Mauro Bergamasco

Wow, Bokfan, you are sooo cool. Can I be your mate??? Tell me again how tough you are after smashing someone's face in... I just want to hang around with you... You cock jockey!

4 Years, 11 Months ago

Jerome Fillol banned for fourteen weeks for spitting at Peter Stringer

Hmmm, they're all very good at showing, "Genuine remorse," at the disciplinary hearing, not so much at the time, or even after the match and tempers have cooled. No, instead he shows his remorse at a hearing days later, to determine his fate. Are the disciplinary officers so naive that they actually fall for this nonsense? Actually, that was a rhetorical question, as obviously they are.

I think 14 weeks is a pittance for such a disgusting act.

5 Years, 2 Weeks ago

George Moala suspended for knocking out Buxton Popoali'i with big tackle

Just to add to your last bit of advice re someone not breathing. You still wouldn't need to move them (in the absence of any other factors). Whatever injury they have will still be made worse, and moving them off their back means you can't monitor their heart properly. Not breathing is obviously bad, but no breathing AND no pulse necessitates CPR, which is best done with the patient on their back. One generally leads to the other. It's up to you, whether you actually give them breaths, or just the chest compressions. Modern advice is to just do the compressions, but this will depend on a whole array of situations. The recovery position is generally for a patient who is unconscious and breathing normally.

That said, there are many variables and situations that will rarely be fully covered in all the manuals. :-)

5 Years, 2 Weeks ago