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Bradley Davies & Stephen Ferris controversial tackles discussed

No doubt about Bradley Davies deserving a red card and a ban for the tackle way off the ball. I think a yellow for Ferris was fair strictly speaking if a bit soft. I disagree with Jonathan Davies when he says players at lower levels arent able to make these type of tackles because even I find it easy to pick up nearly all other players and Im small even for a winger, and obviously bigger players can pick me up and drop me no problem if ther want to.
I do think intent should come into the decision though. Obviously its not always easy to tell if there is intent behind a dangerous tackle but I think there are some ways. For example the Warburton tackle was clearly not intentional as momentum and his strength meant that his tackle looked more natural and I think a yellow is enough of a punishment for something that was clearly accidental. However with Davies's tackle he went from a still position, picked the player up then dropped him, all of which was at a slow speed which he could easily have controlled. Maybe a red card could still be used if intent is unclear but it seems harsh to me to send someone off just for being stronger, especially when theyre still using good technique.

6 Years, 4 Months ago