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TJ Perenara gets injured then makes courageous tackle

Kind of sums up he Kiwi ethos of not allowing yourself to be the weak link. Always be in position, no matter the cost. That's rugby.

4 Years, 11 Months ago

Simon Zebo set for Lions debut as Billy Twelvetrees joins the squad

What I read from this team selection, it looks as if Cuthbert has played himself out of selection and Maitland and Zebo are fighting for the final wing spot. As obviously North will start. Roberts has 12, Davis in to get a run in case, God forbid, O'Driscoll gets injured. I'd bet on that front row starting. I don't see Gray there which tells me, and to be honest I agree, that he's a test starter. O'Connell and Jones fighting it out for final starting spot, with Parling to come on and have an opportunity to claim a spot on the test team bench. Tipuric and O'Brien not there, O'Brien may have his position on the bench for the tests due to his cover of all 3 back row positions, Tipuric to start test, Warburton, Croft and Lydiate to fight for final flanker position and Heaslip to start to get the 8,9,10 axis tuned for the tests. Youngs looks to be given an opportunity to offer something different as we all know Murray is pretty much a carbon copy of Philips bar a better kicking game.

5 Years, 1 Week ago