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Four players sent from the field in Agen vs Bordeaux mass brawl

madness. This is happening every week in the Top 14

even non-french players new to the game there are turning into Raging Bull mk III

I blame the evian water

5 Years, 6 Months ago

Tim Payne banned for two weeks for knee to Vasily Artemyev's head

TC, you're mixing up your metaphors. The point of the TMO is to spot on-field incidents that the ref may have missed at the time and then to give a suitable on-field punishment - or not - based on replays.

The citing process is a totally different kettle of fish - this is for incidents that could have warranted red but for whatever reason weren't awarded red during the game.

So here we have a TMO that found a yellow to be sufficient but the citing commissioner, upon studying the footage after the game, found differently. His recommendation is that a red card would have been warranted and thus he makes the citing.

Then the hearing takes place and the evidence is judged, with submissions from the player and anyone else involved in the situation, and a new sanction is either given or no further action taken.

In this case the citing process is saying that the TMO got it wrong and a red card was retroactively applied to the player. The ban meted out is based on regulation 17 that dictates what the sentencing norms are.

For striking with a knee, low-end is 3 weeks, mid-range is 8 weeks and top-end is 12 weeks with an absolute maximum of 52 weeks.

When arriving at a sentence, the judicial officer first determines the entry level and then considers things like the player's previous record and conduct during the case. Mostly this results in some kind of reduction and thus we have arrived at 2 weeks.

5 Years, 6 Months ago

A quick guide to the new Premiership law changes

sorry but he got it wrong in his analysis of the ruck change.

If the referee feels that the ball is playable at the back of a ruck but the team is not endeavouring to play the ball, he will shout 'USE IT'. From that moment on, you have 5 seconds to play the ball out of the ruck, otherwise scrum to your opponent.

It is NOT five seconds from when the ref may call a ruck.

That's a big, fat, glaring error for the director of premiership rugby to make and I'm surprised it hasn't been redacted yet.

5 Years, 6 Months ago

George Stowers cited for try-saving dangerous tackle on Andy Fenby

even before the current trial of extended TMO powers, the TMO could have awarded the penalty try. They always had carte blanche to rule on any foul play in the in-goal area regardless of the question asked by the ref.

Penalty try would have been totally correct and red card for the very dangerous challenge, which I won't even call a tackle. Swinging arm coming in from the side to a guy diving and thus with a very vulnerable head. Very dangerous.

I reckon Mr Stowers could miss a couple of months for this.

5 Years, 6 Months ago

Eben Etzebeth banned for attempted headbutt on Nathan Sharpe

it's an interesting incident alright but officials cannot be seen to be anything less than consistent in applying the laws within the framework at their disposal.

I do have a certain amount of understanding with the notion of it being very soft and rugby is a game for men etc etc, but when you put the boot on the other foot and try to think as if you were an official, then I think the situation becomes quite different.

Referee here takes no blame, he is busy trying to clean up a bit of a scuffle and was no doubt unsighted at the moment of the incident itself. He chose not to use the white card and it was the citing commissioner who picked up on it.

I believe contact was made, very briefly. Now at this point the citing commissioner cannot arbitrarily decide that the contact was too light to warrant a ban - his job is purely to assess whether a red card could have been given and if the answer is yes, a judicial hearing is forthcoming.

I think the fact that the ban meted out was just 2 weeks tells us that whilst according to the letter of the law Etzebeth was in contravention of 10.4(a) - it was deemed about as low in seriousness as you can get for any headbut.

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Matthew Morgan salvages a draw for Ospreys against Treviso

pretzel. If you lift someone in the tackle and turn their legs over the horizontal, you have committed the crime already. The action of bringing him to ground safely or not is the difference between yellow and red.

A tip tackle - and this can only occur if you as tackler decide to turn your opponent throught the horizontal in the air - is punishable by red or yellow every time.

that's the point. The effect is just that. You are guilty and the only question is the sanction that follows, not if a sanction should be applied.

I'll say here exactly what I said to both teams that I refereed last weekend. One day, rugby players will finally accept that tipping someone through the horizontal has no place in the game and it will be eradicated totally.

Until then, numpties will continue to bemoan red or yellow cards because they simply don't understand what the IRB is trying to achieve.

6 Years, 4 Months ago

Matthew Morgan salvages a draw for Ospreys against Treviso


intent is not a factor at all when deciding if dangerous play has occured.
How can you expect an arbitor to read someone's mind?

it's all about effect, not cause.

6 Years, 4 Months ago

Matthew Morgan salvages a draw for Ospreys against Treviso

for all the guys wondering if they're still allowed to make "big hits", I would ask the question what does the tipping action contribute towards the big?

Sure, the big tackle where you drive your opponent backwards is great to see and even better to perform yourself, but spending your energy in lifting and tipping a guy in the air adds nothing to the intensity of the hit.

all it does is put you in a red card situation and, more importantly, the chance of seriously injuring your opponent is very real and apparent.

6 Years, 4 Months ago

Felipe Contepomi's rough night against Worcester

agreed stroudos, his ball retention was incredible

6 Years, 5 Months ago

Felipe Contepomi's rough night against Worcester

good job he's a doctor!

6 Years, 5 Months ago