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Sam Warburton red card in Rugby World Cup Semi Final

As a player, and a player who has been hit in a similar way due to my size it isn't pleasant but the player who performed the hit on me received a yellow and that was it. People say how malicious the tackle is and the circumstances don't matter. But the fact is it does or should. Sam showed no malice and the action was completely accidental, furthermore at the stage of the game a yellow card is more appropriate simply because Rolland has killed a game, a team and a nation without a moment of consideration or consultation. The speed in which the decision was made really does bring into question Rolland's reliability and where his allegiances lie, perhaps that is an immature and poorly backed up point but man who is irish born, the team which wales defeated to reach the semi-final, and who's father is french and the man himself speaks the language fluently the selection of referee by the IRB or world cup committee or who ever conducts that matter is poor. The incident itself shows Sam realising the tackle was a 'tip' tackle and reacting by not driving him into the floor. Clerc's over the top reaction, followed by another incident later in the match where he react to being hit in the face before realising nothing was coming and getting straight back up simply shows that despite his talent should merely be a footballer. The fact the tackle shown on Lambie wasn't red and the one in question was the point about perception being invalid and we should stick to the rules is thrown out the window and refereeing constancy has to be brought into question.

In the game Wales showed true heart and was very proud of how they all conducted themselves despite being scottish. They deserved to win and will rue missed opportunities, they missed Priestland in the time of need. The french team have to be the worst and perhaps most fortunate team ever to reach the final, well done to them though their defence was very good in the last 10-20 minutes.

6 Years, 8 Months ago