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Dean Mumm's huge hand-off on the Sharks' Marcel Coetzee

I expect Dean Mumm to get five weeks off for that one as he clearly tossed the other player in the air way past 90 degrees, with malicious intent, and onto his neck. IRB please take a stand!

6 Years, 2 Months ago

Highlights of the Wallabies win over Wales at the Millennium Stadium

Wallabies didn't look that good, when they didn't have a man advantage they were outscored 18-3. It's the end of the year and it shows. When a man up, they really showed their class, though, and even before that they were ascendant in the 2nd half.

Very strange for Ioane to get man of the match, he ran sideways too much! I wonder if it had something to do with the contract negotiations that were running parallel. Genia deserved it far more, as did Barnes, who adds so much skill from the 12.

The only problem with Barnes is that I worry that he is not going to get up every time he takes a shot. He was creamed at least 3 times during the game, by Jamie Roberts (2x) and Falateau.

Other than that: Higginbotham played well for AUS, high work rate especially on attack and a good complement to Pokock, who tried but was mostly neutralized by the ref. Polata-Nau also played well, the Aussie's backup front row can actually scrummage! Anthony Fainga is a monster on D, very complementary to Barne's attack.

For Wales, Warburton is the real deal, as is George North, who mixes it up quite a bit for a winger. I don't know who their 13 is but he did very well as well. Genthin Jenkis is very, very solid on defense, better than most designated fetchers. They have some work to do at the 9, however.

Wales was an exciting team in the 2nd half of the year, but in the end they still lost to SA, FR and AUS (2x). I hope they can pick up in the coming months and prove their mettle. AUS and NZ still leagues ahead of everyone else....

6 Years, 5 Months ago

Imanol Harinordoquy's father joins fight against Bayonne

Amazingly, the old man did not lose his eyewear during the fracas. Rugby is getting soft!

6 Years, 5 Months ago

Gurthro Steenkamp picks on Gerhard Mostert in big hitting Toulouse debut

2nd one was a good hit, but a terrible run!

6 Years, 6 Months ago

Huge amateur hit from club rugby in Buenos Aires, Argentina

At the end of the clip you can see the player getting up with a spring though. Good for him.

6 Years, 6 Months ago

Huge amateur hit from club rugby in Buenos Aires, Argentina

booooooommmmmm. This deserved a soundtrack.

6 Years, 6 Months ago

Rugby World Cup 2011 Team of the Tournament

- Adam Jones. When he didn't play in the Bronze the Welsh scrum lost to the Aussies' backup 2nd row. There is nothing more to say!

- Stephen Moore. A beast in the open and one of the main reasons the Aussies had such a solid D. Solid counter-rucker. Mealamu still best in the tourney, though.

- Wings: overall kind of a disappointment this WC. Clerc was really not that good during the tournament, he is getting a lot of nominations only as a consolation for France (sort of like Dusatoir player of the year). Ioane was very threatening and deserved man of the match for AUS against Italy. Unfortunately hurt for a good chunk of the tourney. Corey Jane was rock solid at 14, as was Kahui at 11. And Ashton -- okay, he is a douche, and I hate swan dives, but certainly you can't fault him for England's poor performance? He did everything that was asked of him and scored 4 or 5 tries. Tough to fault the man.

McCaw vs. Pockok. Pockok had the single most disruptive game of the WC by any player vs. SA, no question about it. But McCaw was still more decisive in the semi and final, he played well in both of them and outplayed Pockok in the former. It's a passing of the torch but the nod goes to McCaw. Btw I was watching some old footage of 2001 3N and it is amazing the impact that these modern fetchers have on the game. The ball used to come out of rucks much more quickly than it does now! Not sure if it is an improvement....

6 Years, 6 Months ago

Beast Mtawarira prevents Keegan Daniel from flipping head first

That's amazing. Huge!

6 Years, 6 Months ago

Richie McCaw knee on Morgan Parra, Donald kick, Rougerie eye-gouge, and more

Well said. Nothing more to say.

6 Years, 7 Months ago

Sam Warburton red card in Rugby World Cup Semi Final

Rough on Wales; gutted for them, but as a neutral, happy for France. Wales had the form going into the semis. A red card is a harsh, but not outrageous decision. It was a spear tackle afterall.

This world cup is so full of drama; unfortunately a lot of it involving refs. It's the nature of the game; in most ruck or contact situations there are 2-3 penalties to be awarded, deciding which ones are material and how harshly to punish is a subjective decision. People will always question the refs after these big games. But these big games are exactly what makes the WC so great.

It is tough to say who had more guts: Wales in a losing effort or AUS in a winning one last week. One thing is for sure: Welsh fans handle a loss and anger at the ref with a lot more class than the Saffas (which of course had lots of legitimate reasons to be angry at the ref). Culture, I guess. Both RSA and Wales failed to take their chances. In the end the loss is theirs, not the refs.

Another thing is sure: AUS and FR will have to take enormous steps forwards or else this will be an easy path for the AB's WC victory. Then again, the AB's are the best team. Not that this means anything in this WC, as we have seen...

6 Years, 7 Months ago