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Scotland's David Denton puts Richie McCaw on his backside

BOOOM!! Sit down Richie

3 Years, 11 Months ago

Argentina beat Wales in Cardiff for the first time in eleven years

Que bien juegan Imhoff y Nico Sánchez...

Nada que decir. Felicitaciones Argentina!

3 Years, 11 Months ago

All Black Adam Thomson's boot on Alasdair Strokosch's head

Finally, a good mo! Anyway, silly stuff from Thompson, knew exactrly what he was doing. It's dangerous, you just can't be stamping on people's heads with those metal cleats... So I'd say a ban, and bye bye tour. Shame, cause he's one heck of a player.

3 Years, 11 Months ago

Vincent Clerc late hit results in Julien Saubade injured for rest of season

Very late and very unnecessary... Most times I'm fully against banning players, but these is just ridiculous. Although if Saubade hadn't been injured no further action would be taken whatsoever.

Which brings us to the old discussion once again: Should we judge foul play for the action itself or for the consequences it carries?

I say give him 2 weeks withouth playing so that he understands that he can't do that. Experienced player shoulda known better.

3 Years, 11 Months ago

The Wallabies hold on for victory over Argentina in Rosario

Perdona, en el primer párrafo quise decir "Si en Chile el rugby tuviese un auge..."

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

The Wallabies hold on for victory over Argentina in Rosario

Como latinos creo que podemos entender mejor por qué pasan estas cosas. Si el rugby tuviese un auge tipo Argentina, el nuevo público también serían "ex futbolistas" y no me quiero ni imaginar como reaccionarian los miembros de la Garra Blanca de Colo Colo frente a un árbitro de rugby que da penales jaja....

El tema es que hay tanto de bueno en las hinchadas de este lado que es una lástima que esa reputación se manche con estupideces como un puntero láser.

Respecto a lo de Roncero, eso es otra cosa, todas las veces que lo he visto jugar (por TV han sido muchas), siempre anda metido en algo, se pelea con todos, tira rodillazos, codazos, patadas, piñas, etc, es penalero, etc. Quizás eso no es tan grave (hay varios rugbistas que lo hacen) pero creo que me molesta aun más porque todo el equipo de ESPN (Taquini, Coccia, Alessandrini, Altberg, Simone, y en menor medida de Vedia, Albanese y Conrad) se ríen cuando ven estas cosas en vez de condenarlas, y su nivel de admiración y amor por los Pumas está muy bien como hinchas, pero es intolerable como comentaristas de la cadena de deportes más grande de Sudamérica.

Creo que lo que los Pumas han hecho es ENORME pero es una lástima que el chauvinismo exagerado de los comunicadores me haya alejado de este equipo. Ojalá esto cambie en el futuro, pero bueh, así somos acá.


4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

The Wallabies hold on for victory over Argentina in Rosario

Compadre no he insultado a Argentina, de hecho me encanta el país y creo que Buenos Aires es una ciudad fantástica... Los gringos no entienden bien la forma en que los países latinos vivimos el deporte, creen que somos semi delincuentes, y creo que les estamos dando la razón cuando apuntamos con lasers a los pateadores. Yo creo que es cosa de tiempo hasta que entendamos que el rugby es distinto del futbol y por eso requiere de otra actitud al ser público. Como neutral yo lo pasé genial en Rosario, y espero con ansias volver el próximo año, pero el anunciador pidió varias veces silencio durante las patadas de Harris y rogó tres veces quen o usaran lásers. Creo que todo tiene un límite.

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

The Wallabies hold on for victory over Argentina in Rosario

Yeah I've had a hard time as well trying to convince my football mad friends that rugby is awesome. In countries like mine, were the rugby culture is still in diapers, they even think that ruggers are a bit gay for the huge amounts of contact haha.

Personally I think it's a matter of time. The argentinean public have a great potential, they are very passionate about sport in general and they'll quickly learn that the rugby public is different from the football audience. To give you an example, in South America it's not allowed to sell beer or any alcohol inside the stadium, thanks to the constant misbehaviours of football fans.

Let me tell you an anecdote to illustrate my point. The game in Rosario kicked off at 8 pm, so me, my dad and a friend arrived at the stadium around 6 and were on our non numbered seats at around 6.15. The stadium began to fill and by 7.40 (just 20' before kick off), a dude with a bully look and his gilfriend walked into the row in front of us and stood there. The players were warming up and running some drills on the pitch so we were all looking at them. A woman behind me shouted at them "Hey, we arrived two hours ago to have a good spot, so please sit down!", and the guy turned around with a bedazzled look and said "I´m sorry ma'am, but is this sport watched sitting down? I'm honestly asking." The woman looked at him and laughed, he apologized and sat down for most of the match.

So yeah, I'm hopeful it can be done haha. Besides, the audience were mostly teammates wearing the same jerseys, families, friends and guys with their girlfriends, no hooligans whatsoever.


4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

The Wallabies hold on for victory over Argentina in Rosario

Well I was at the stadium and must say that the atmosphere was electric. Each time the Pumas got the ball the stadium erupted, as it did every time the ref blew in Australia's favor and every time poor Mike Harris lined up a kick. "Hijo de puta!" was the softest insult I heard from the people around me.

The laser tactic is a big big big shame. I noted that most of the audience were football fans that were keen for rugby (Rosario is both a big football and rugby place) and the shouting and cursing became quite annoying after a while, but I guess you justneed more time to turn a football orientated audience to embrace the values of rugby - specially silence during opposition kicks.

The game itself was a bit floppy, but being on the stadium just gives you another perspective. You just let yourself into the spirit and atmosphere, and I think this is the best the Argentinians will bring to the championship - the screaming, chanting, horns and collour. Can't wait to make the trip again next year!

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

DTH van der Merwe beats defender, pulls hamstring, sets up try

Been a fan of DTH for a while now. He's quite a good player, I think many canadians were kinda sensations in the World Cup (Kleeberger, Carpenter, Sinclair, McKenzie, Pritchard, DTH, O'Toole, to name a few).

Now that the IRB has launched its plan to give us Tier 2 and 3 nations more competition I hope we'll see more players from different countries playing at the top level. Canada will play against the Maoris in Oxford and Portugal is coming to Chile! Also Japan are touring Georgia and the USA will go to Rumania.

Glad that the participation issue is being taken care of.


4 Years, 3 Weeks ago