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Richie McCaw knee on Morgan Parra, Donald kick, Rougerie eye-gouge, and more

I used to support the All Blacks but now post the final, I do not. I have seen the reality of the AB game and I am ashamed. Joubert (giving him the benefit of the doubt) was a complete coward. There were one set of rules for NZ and a different set for the french. He made a mockery of the refereeing profession. The AB's were a better team over the course of the tournament but France won the final. For me this ruined the spectacle as it was not a fair match.
I am embarrassed how cringe worthy and obvious the AB transgressions were. I would like to propose in future the ref is not SH or NH top drawer but a true neutral.
Also, the NZ press were embarrassing, Crass comment and what sort of rude idiot disturbs people when they are eating in a restaurant. This is harassment and is against the law in France. So to cut a long story short I have a new user name.

6 Years, 7 Months ago