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Edinburgh Rugby upset Toulouse in Heinenken Cup Quarter Final

Fair play to Edinburgh. It was often boring rugby (kicking high and chasing is not my favourite rugby) but it proved to be the winning option. If I were Novès now, I would spend my week having Matanavou deal with kicks. A brilliant solo try but he was a constant weakness for the team. On his try, I agree there's a blocking but what can the blocking player do? I mean, he moves aside to let his team mate go, he doesn't target an opponent on purpose to make room but he has to get away from Matanavou's race.

As for Edinburgh 1st try, I believe (but I'm biased) there's a knock-on because I can't see how Donguy only touches the ball while he's being impacted in the air and squeezed between Denton and Don'tknowWho. Come on, 2 Edbg players jumping higher than a ST player and not one of them touches the ball? Can't believe it. Especially after all the skills the ST backs showed at dealing with high balls (cynicism).

I didn't find Owens's refereeing outstanding to say the least. Servat's binning summed it up. Servat sort of deserves it (déjà-vu situation that led to a yellow earlier in the match so you can see it coming), Nigel stops the game, ponders the options, gets yelled at (I mean YELLED AT!) by Jacobsen and booed by the crowd, and decides to give what Jacobsen demands warning he's the boss. I mean, give a yellow to Servat and reverse the penalty for rugby's sake! What are you? A soccer ref? I found Nigel far below par.
All these little things (among others) itched me but I'm above all disappointed because Toulouse never deserved to win. Fritz, David and Dusautoir only showed they wanted the match.

Congrats to Edinburgh, they played their game, controlled the match and wanted it (but still could have lost it with a different refereeing).
Can't wait Clermont vs Leinster.

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Young hooker Christopher Tolofua demolishes fullback Juan Imoff

I'm so happy to see this new generation of players: Tolofua, Galan, Doussain, Boukerou, Bézy (whom I'd like to see more often), and I could add Maestri and David (even if they're respectively from Toulon and Bourgoin). I agree with you Frenchie, Novès and the Toulouse staff are incredibly good at bringing on young talents. Tolofua will be the next Servat, no doubt.

As for Huget, he seems to be more than unlucky: 3 unnecessary punches after the whistle (even if there is a late tackle) by Bastareaud turn into a yellow and an air headbut (after stupid bickering) in a brawl by Huget equals red? I mean, Lapeyre didn't even flinch.The refs should have the right to call TMO for this.

6 Years, 3 Months ago

Classic Encounters - Montpellier vs Racing Metro on New Year's Eve

When you think that Galthié could have coached France! (and I have nothing against PSA)

6 Years, 4 Months ago

Mathieu Bastareaud breaks Agen scrumhalf Alexis Bales

Huge hit and legal tackle. Not even deserving a penalty. Shameful decision for a clear situation.

6 Years, 5 Months ago

Biarritz's two fantastic tries from Harinordoquy and Zee Ngwenya

Harinordoquy is one hell of a player!

6 Years, 6 Months ago

Ronan O'Gara does it again with late winner against Castres

Couldn't agree more.
And I'm pretty happy to see several good French 10 in the Top14: Bernard (I hadn't payed much attention to him till this game, in all honesty), Trinh Duc, Beauxis, Skrela, Wisniewski, Bézy. Typing only but the names that have just crossed my mind.

6 Years, 6 Months ago

Solly Tyibilika scores on Springbok debut vs Scotland in 2004

Sincere thoughts and support to his family from France.

6 Years, 6 Months ago

Mike Tindall sacked and fined by the Rugby Football Union

Kudos for bringing Noam Chomsky on a blog dedicated to sport! That's why I like RD I guess.

The whole thing's a joke. And I believe Haskell/Ashton did much worse than what Tindall did, which is not difficult (getting kissed on the forehead!)

6 Years, 6 Months ago

All Blacks win the 2011 Rugby World Cup - France challenge the Haka

Thanx! This video did me so much good! It's sheer evidence. Nothing will change but at least everyone can see it. And it's not coming from a French, so it's as objective as it can be.

6 Years, 7 Months ago

All Blacks win the 2011 Rugby World Cup - France challenge the Haka

They deserved it as much as any other team. They KNEW BEFORE playing Tonga that losing would still let them reach the quarters, so even if I was SO disappointed with this unexpected loss and the team's behaviour, I have to admit the job was done: they reached the quarters, poorly but they did it. Then the English couldn't play thanks to French pressure. Job done. It's not the French's fault if the English could've played better. Then, they got lucky against Wales. Not because of Warburton's card (I have no doubt they would've played better against a 15-man Welsh team) but because the Welsh missed all their kicks AND they could've been stolen with Halfpenny's imaginary penalty, had it passed.
Following this sort of thinking, Oz shouldn't ve reached the semis since they were outplayed by Saffas. But "ifs" lead to nowhere.

And as I posted before, losing against the ABs at the Eden Park is okay, there is no shame in this, epecially considering the game the Blacks've been playing these last 4 years.
Fact is (and that's why I feel bitter, but not a hater, mind the difference): I can't help thinking on the whole you can't warn a team a couple of times orally, penalize the other team straightaway for the same offense and maintain you reffed the 2 teams equally. Even people who are not die-hard rugby fans saw that (and they weren't French). And THIS was THE FINAL. Now I can't help thinking that with equal treatment, maybe, the best team in the world could have lost. And if (another "if") the best team in the world needs a lil help from the ref to win, maybe it's not the real best team in the world on this match.
I'll mend my IRB broken heart and maybe in 4 years, St André (no more Liévremenont) will lead us to the Rugby Grail.

6 Years, 7 Months ago