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Ireland stay on track with victory over England in Dublin

The most frustrating thing was England's inability to recognise that what they were doing wasn't working and change something. Part of the problem with the backs is how flat they were: OK, the ball they were getting was often slow, but on the occasions when it wasn't they've got to aim to bring Joseph into the game

6 Hours, 17 Minutes ago

Ireland stay on track with victory over England in Dublin

1) England knew that Ireland were going to kick that much and yet still didn't seem to have a plan to combat it.
2) Ireland dominated the breakdown.
3) I don't think Ford was too bad: the drop goal showed class and the backs outside him were poor, but saying that, Cipriani might have changed the game in the last 20minutes.
5) Conor Murray and Sexton are world class. Wiggleseworth > Youngs

1 Day, 15 Minutes ago

Five stars nominated for IRB World Rugby Player of the Year 2014

I'd be happy to see either Vermeulen or Le Roux win

3 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Chat with League convert Sam Burgess upon his arrival at Bath Rugby

I reckon England need to embrace the fact that we will never be able to match the All Blacks and the Wallabies for running rugby, and turn to Tuilagi and Burgess in the centre. Farrell will be able to facilitate boring rugby far more than an open style of play (although he is taking the ball up to the line more recently)
Who's going to want to line up against them?

4 Months, 17 Hours ago

England impress with big midweek win against the Crusaders

Cipriani to start the next test, nothing to lose. Pick the form players.

I would also be inclined to start Tuilangi and Eastmond in the centres as Twelvetrees looked off the pace- albeit due to injury- and Burrell cannot tackle.

Evidence the Burrell cannot tackle;

In the build up to Nonu's try, Burrell gets drawn in to allow Conrad Smith's break.
After this, he fails to tackle the sideways moving Nonu when covering; this is more understandable, but the attempt is so weak it is an indictment of his tackling ability

8 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Ref Cam captures referee JP Doyle hitting the turf after ball passed his way

This actually really annoyed me (admittedly as a Sale fan). The referee has clearly had an influence on the game here, and Sale (as a direct result) lose the ball in the next phase.

Obviously the laws say the ball has to touch him, but surely a more accomplished referee such as Nigel Owens would have let common sense prevail and awarded a scrum to Sale. Why was the ref even standing there in the first place.

After this overall performance, I regrettably branded him 'worse than Wayne Barnes'. Obviously untrue, but it wasn't his best

9 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Tom Court shown straight red card for tip tackle on Devin Toner

I would actually disagree with what you've just written. The emphasis of rugby is not 'on safety.' By it's very nature, rugby is unsafe. Applying your logic, we may as well avoid all tackling, as that way, 'there is no risk' to the player being tackled.

Although I agree that dangerous play should be condemned, lifting a leg (or two) in the tackle is part of the game, and dump tackling is tremendous to watch and do; big hits are a part of rugby.

9 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Ireland outplay Wales for convincing week two win in Dublin

Ireland had a good game plan which allowed them to dominate the game, unfortunately it was fairly negative, just using set piece dominance to crush Wales. The tactics were spot on though, I took a lot of bravery from Schmit to see the Welsh pack couldn't handle the heat.
Barnes was crap for both teams. Barnes allowed both teams to get away with dirty play on the floor (lenient towards the Welsh). It was shit reffing to let Halfpenny get away with knocking it into touch, but equally, Sexton got away with a kick that went out straight on the full. I thought William's tackle on BOD was legal in the end; BOD went over so easily, it would have been impossible to get arms around him before he hit the floor.


1 Year, 3 Weeks ago

Wallabies end tour on a high with victory over Wales in Cardiff

A complete advert for rugby union, especially when compared to the competition of the league final yesterday. (Having said that, I do love league) Skill levels were exceptionally high, and I think we're all glad that Quade Cooper has found form again.

I can't help but think Barnes often gives too many penalties and prevents the game from flowing. The yellow card was almost certainly wrong, however, the call to give the forward pass I would say he got correct, as the build up play deserved a try.

1 Year, 2 Months ago

Springboks full of belief after thumping the Wallabies in Brisbane

I really hope the laws can be reviewed next season so tackles like Michael Hooper's don't have to be illegal. As the laws stand, it was correct to card him.

But personally, I don't think anyone would want to see a tackle like that merit a sin bin. It's a tough call for the officials, who want to put safety first, but it would be nice to see big hits become legal once again.

1 Year, 5 Months ago