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Friday Funnies - Touchdown!


5 Years, 18 Hours ago

Wales win Grand Slam after tense battle with France in Cardiff

True mate, but we need to remember that the brand name is plastered everywhere in that scene. So, not sure if the need for the company representatives to be there was necessary. Of course they want to be there, but good form should suggest they take off.

5 Years, 6 Days ago

Wales win Grand Slam after tense battle with France in Cardiff

Sorry to be a troll, but one thing I've enjoyed about football award ceremonies is how quickly Seth Blatter and other corporates try to get off the stage and out of the winners photo. Those guys above just stood there without trying to leave at all.

5 Years, 1 Week ago

O2 Inside Line - Six Nations 2012, episode 2

Very good chance for Italy to get up this weekend. Scotland last week were mediocre and England barely won. England provided very little scoring opportunities for themselves. They'd have to play a whole lot better to beat the Italians this weekend.

5 Years, 1 Month ago

Scotland fail to capitalise on chances as England take Calcutta Cup

Time and time again, we see Scotland giving away a win due to basic errors and poor mental preparation. England didn't win this game, Scotland gave it away.

5 Years, 1 Month ago