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Nick Evans and Brian O'Driscoll give a great phase play pitch demo

It would be great if rugby tonight could do a video on ATTACKING AGAINST A BLITZ DEFENCE.

5 Hours, 48 Minutes ago

Nick Evans and Brian O'Driscoll give a great phase play pitch demo

Rugby tonights programs are brilliant, it's great to see proper coaching, also it shows how to play as a team. Olease carry on posting them, I think most (amateur) coaches should watch these.

Cheers RD for the video

2 Days, 10 Hours ago

USA 7's player Perry Baker kicks pitch invader after thuggish tackle

Brilliant! This video needs a bit of humour. Come on people smile it's almost christmas!
When I read the headline "player kicks pitch invader" I thought... That's out of order, but I agree, and think that the invader could do some damage by tackling someone who isn't expecting it. In which case this is (respecting Stroudos's categories) a number 4.

5 Days, 16 Hours ago

Leicester Tigers beat European champions Toulon at Welford Road

Habana has still got it. At there was a good clip of Brad Thornes 'journey' (him training, in his gym, short life story...etc) about two months back it was good. Seems like a good hard working fit guy, fair play to him. I agree with the shit footage of the kickers lining up. Prefere to see big hits or turnovers... Etc

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Sam Burgess throws his body around in the Montpellier mud

He's a big lad. But... I watched Israel Folau's tribute on youtube this morning and... What a magician. He made the cross over look simple.
His first internationnal touch against the Lions he was just world class. I don't know how long he played club level before getting selected for the aussies (does anyone know?) but I can't see Burgess being wolrd class at Union. He has a different skill set. Maybe Bath are right and should play him a 8 or flanker everyone is saying he's got a long way to go at rucking skills before he would be a great flanker. I'm a big england rugby fan, and hope he does well and good luck to him, but I don't think he has the natural talent (the right natural talent) for union. Just a gut feeling. Hopefuly I will proved wrong.

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Sam Burgess makes his rugby union debut in Bath win over Harlequins

I agree. He could be like Pier Spies type of 8. A fit physical beast. Shouldn't look to kick or offload. But hasn't yet got the union smarts and don't think he will ever have the type of vision or whatever to look up and play whats in front of him. Seen as his instinct, which has worked soooo well for him, has just been smashed through people. Good luck to him though.

3 Weeks, 13 Hours ago

Test Rugby Results - November 22nd weekend

Yeah but still, I think there is a problem in coaching. I've played rugby since i was 5. If I would have learnt something different or new each training sesson, just little things like receive the ball and pass it, without taking the ball to your chest and having to 'reload', each the age of 20, the level would have been a lot higher. I think in small clubs in Europe the coaches are just old players who do the same routine training sesson they were taught and so on. There is no progression. For me training should be a lesson, and ok you should still keep working on the things you know, but you should get the opportunity to learn as much as possible. If that's what you want. Of course for the guy who wants to just have a piss up on a sunday and train twice a week, fine, but ypungsters should get the opportunity to learn the game more, and not just repeat. Rugby will evolve and get better by learning not by repeating...if that makes sense. Lol

3 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Test Rugby Results - November 22nd weekend

Did anyone watch the bbc commentary with Guscott, Davies and Ali williams? When John Inverdale asked him (this was after the Wales-New Zealand match):
"How do the All blakcs keep the same level of intensity and skill set? How are they just so far ahead?"
And Ali williams said in the Northern Hemisphere forwards are taught to ruck, maul, tackle and lineout whereas in New Zealand the forwards train with the backs skills coach.
They highlighted when I think it was Dan Coles (all black 2) broke the line and straightened up his line to create a great 2 on 1 against...Halfpenny. I think.

And I would like to know who agrees with this? I totally agree, the All blakcs have 15 players who can all run and pass, and probably kick. For me this is the future of rugby, or the way forward. Why don't the northern hemisphere coaches do this? they?!

3 Weeks, 5 Days ago

South Africa aim to up the intensity after another win over England

I would have Watson, Nowell (why has everyone forgotten about Nowell as he had a great rbs 6?!) or even Wade instead of Yarde. But I agree with Foden being on the wing. Why would u drop may? I agree, but I would like to know what u think.

4 Weeks, 1 Day ago

South Africa aim to up the intensity after another win over England

For the 20mins he played, england were dominating. It might not be really really exciting to watch england at the moment, but I'm really looking forward to the injured comming back and.....spicing up the team.
As for the moment, I would play these guys against Samoa:
Same 1-7, morgan in 8.
9 Youngs, 10 Ford, 12 Burrell (but too mate he's picked 36) 13 Barritt, 14 watson and 15 brown.

11 I would drop May. Ok he scored a good try against the A.Blacks which was just pure speed (but still fair play) but he still had a shiiiit game! He got smashed in attack, like he always does (anyone remember when he got dumped twice during the six nations against....ITALY!!) when he takes the ball in, he gets smashed back. So I would start Nowell as he was solid during the 6 nations. (Watson 11 and Nowell 14). Also Attwood had a good break and the boks but he SHOULD have passed way before to Watson.

1 Month, 1 Day ago

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