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Rugby HQ Plays of the Month - March Madness

"no regard for any other animal" hilarious!

5 Days, 15 Hours ago

Joe Marler questions referee Andrew Small's choice of footwear

What's wrong with wearing white boots? It's not like if they were neon yellow and pink.

1 Week, 6 Days ago

England notch up 50 in Rome but Championship fate out of their hands

Farrell is a great fly half, he kicks really good, like evidenced in the British and Irish Lions tour to Australia or this years six nations. He distributes well enough, lacks a bit of running game (although he still scored tries this year) and is a very solid defender.

Actually, when I first saw him play I kinda saw a young Sir Johnny in the making and was obviously very excited about such a prospect.

But sadly, more and more I get the impression this guy is just a petulant idiot who enjoys getting in senseless scuffles (like Mike Philips every now and then). It's not only the martial arts throw he did on the Italian player, WHILE FIRMLY HOLDING HIS ARM OVER HIS NECK BTW (yellow card anyone?), he has gotten himself into various arrogant (or just plain stupid) scuffles that I can remember.

I can only hope it's the fact that he is young and hopefully he will realize that rugby is about playing rugby, not trying to get into plain embarassing situations by being unnecesarily violent or just an a-hole.

1 Month, 38 Minutes ago

Leigh Halfpenny injured making brave try-saving tackle on Luther Burrell

[and just to clarify, of course the injury to Halfpenny is sad; an injury to any player is always sad but more so in this case, with him playing so well recently, he didn't miss a kick during the match! did he? I just want someone to explain why they think a good, technically-correct tackle could not have done the job]

1 Month, 6 Days ago

Leigh Halfpenny injured making brave try-saving tackle on Luther Burrell

First of all, disclaimer, I've never played at this level, not even close to it, not even far actually, hahaha.

Still, from my experience playing rugby, a good (from a technical poitn of view) tackle would have still prevented the try. I actually feel I can resist much heavier weight if I put in the right shoulder 'cause (1) my shoulder is better at that than my head and (2) I have a better body position to drive with my legs if I get in the right shoulder.

Can someone explain me how is this kind of tackle better? And even if it is (maybe just for desperate tackles on the line like Halfpenny is making a habit of), is it really worth it to risk a shoulder, or neck or even worse injury?

1 Month, 6 Days ago

Georgia and Romania Rugby World Cup 2015 qualification highlights

I understand Scotland teams are part of what the 6 Nations is. Without Scotland (ar any of the current teams) you could hardly calll it the 6 Nations, but that is exactly what I meant: change happens guys. If the 6 Nations as we know it has to stop existing so that rugby can grow, count me in.

The Tri Nations was also a very "old" competition, with a lot of "history" or whatever you want to call it. The inclusion of Argentina changed all that. Can anyone dare say this was a bad move?

...but yeah, sorry for the rant guys... I know that the way rugby is right now, leaving a home nation out of its traditional yearly competition could, like someone above said, "spell the end of professional rugby" there and that's obviously not good for rugby, not even if another team would get to grow for that.

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

Georgia and Romania Rugby World Cup 2015 qualification highlights

"everything the tournament has traditionally stood for"

"massively disrespectful [to ask the last placed team to be relegated]"

Sure guys, keep that mentality, just like the IRB. Rugby will NEVER grow that way. And what I find disrespectful is for the IRB to do nothing about growing rugby countries while making us watch the same old matches every year. There's a whole world out there; took so long for the Pumas to be recognised... I'm just getting really mad now... Rant over.

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

Morgan Parra banned for two weeks for head butt on Rene Ranger

OMG, in that video DrG posted, it pains me to see a rugby player act like if he is freaking Cristiano Ronaldo. Seriously, he should have gotten a red too for acting like that. Disgusting.

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

Jamie Mackintosh off the ball shoulder shot on Richie McCaw

Exactly, this was not a tackle, what did the 2 first commenter see? I don't know. I clearly see a shoulder hit with absolutely no attempt to wrap his arms around. Should have been a penalty.

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

Wales bounce back with strong win over France in Cardiff

PLEASE HELP! Where can I see this (full) game online? I can't find it on youtube whereas Eng-Ire and Italy- Sco are already there.

Thank you very much in advance.

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

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