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Jean De Villiers injury might rule him out of Rugby World Cup 2015

I think it is important to see the vids of people being injured, it gives people an appreciation of what these players go through for our entertainment. And as said gives people a chance to show their respect. In this case mine is infinite for JdV such a great player.

ACL injurys, while painful are quite straightforward to come back from but these multi ligament ones really do take it out of you. Somebody mentioned the NFL player earlier, I follow the NFL and while he is back from surgery he is a shadow of the player. I hope I am wrong but I think this one might be too much for JDV.

Having had a torn ACL on the left, then after returning well from that, doing ACL, LCL, torn Calf and Post-Lateral Corner tears these videos make me cringe though. Such agony usually from something so innocuo us

3 Years, 5 Months ago

Ben Tameifuna cited for big shove on referee Glen Jackson

Agree with most of the sentiments here. Moving the ref out of necessity isnt an issue but I feel that the actions here go beyond that. The power of the shove and the lack of urgency needed fo his defensive duties make this more serious IMO

I fairly regularly had to brush past referees playing at a decent (not pro) level and it was alway to move him to one side and I would always shout 'Sorry Sir' so he knew the score.

They really need Glen Jacksons comments, if he was off balance and it was only a gentle nudge and he tripped then we are overreacting. Likewise if the player apologise at the time of quickly afterwards. If this is not the case and it is just as it appears in the vid then I say take strong action

3 Years, 8 Months ago

Isaia Tuifua's huge hit for Taranaki in the ITM Cup

BestHookerInTown- I see your point, but do you not think that this is much better than the DuPlessis result? If i were a saffer i would much rather Poite had used the TMO and seen that his call was nonsense and carry on as happened in this vid.

4 Years, 8 Months ago

Nick Wood red carded after 73 seconds for stamp on Jacques Burger

Boneheaded move by Wood, at least he showed some remorse. We all make mistakes and he has a quite clean record so just has to take the ban like a man, the same way he did the card.

Good job Wayne Barnes too, nice and decisive. I disagree with the above Farrell may not be the best enforcer but it doesnt matter what position you play you react when your teammate and friend has his head stomped on.

4 Years, 8 Months ago