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Schoolboy suffers horrific double break below the knee - Injury update

Hi Martin,
I have been that player, Tib & Fib mid shaft full break.
I have an IM nail for the rest of my days, but it didn't stop me playing. To prove a point to people that said my leg wasn't strong enough to last a tough 80 mins, I ran the Dublin City marathon in 3hrs 55mins 22sec. I lift more weight now than I did before the break. The reason, I concentrated on the way I exercise and wouldn't let it beat me.
I can tell you now It will be tough, you will feel like throwing in the towel some days and you will probably be fearful of tackles when you get to play but remember this you hit hard before the break and nothing has changed you can still hit big.
When you get the first month over you mail or tweet me and I'll give you some tips for getting your head back in the game.
Take it from someone who has been there and returned to the pitch and is still playing at 39, 15years after the break.
Get well soon lad.
Twitter @iFitnessIreland

4 Years, 9 Months ago

British & Irish Lions squad announcement - Sam Warburton named as captain

"Hartley will probably end up in the bin"
To be honest I had him at least making it to the plane. That said, I'm not a bad judge of character, He's a lout. A better man is now on the plane and he can be very good in the loose, and on a good day at the office hit a postage stamp on the tip of any rows fingers 15m away.

4 Years, 11 Months ago

British & Irish Lions squad announcement - Sam Warburton named as captain

Well it came and went and we got what we expected, a Lion's squad to go to the southern hemisphere and get beaten by bad choices.
1, a poor captain and sub standard 7.
2, poor choices in the front row at hooker
3, poor choice with some of the rows in the engine room. Gray might be one of the tallest rows on the planet but the hookers that are throwing to him are questionable. Hartley will probably end up in the bin, as for the rest they couldn't hit the ground if they fell over.
It all looks like Gatland is taking the welsh lads on tour that got him the job with the grand slam.
Well roll on the summer and I hope to God I'm wrong!!!!

5 Years, 3 Weeks ago

James Downey's huge hit on Mike Brown at The Stoop

Would love to see the tracker stats on that hit.... has to be car crash territory. solid hit and fair play to Brown getting to his feet so quick. fantastic game from both sides.

5 Years, 1 Month ago

Stade Francais' Jerome Fillol spits in Peter Stringer's face

If any player did that in a club match in Ireland or UK he would have got a slap from his own players, No place for that scumbag in Rugby, Soccer wouldn't even have him. Stringer was the ultimate professional as usual and walked away, should add to the Ban as the stringer did not provoke or retaliate. Hope it's a 52week ban. that will send the message.

5 Years, 1 Month ago

French referee horrifically breaks leg, collarbone, and sprains ankle

I have had a Tibia and fibula mid shaft fracture while playing and I can imagine what the Ref is going through. Fair play to the Players for stopping play so quick and attending to the ref. Good to see that we as a sport still have the respect for our officials. Hope he recovers quickly.

5 Years, 2 Months ago