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Scrumhalf Maxime Machenaud lifts and carries Heini Adams in big tackle

That isn't at all a replication of what George North did. North had the ball and picked up his tackler one-handed; Machenaud didn't have the ball and tackled the ball-carrier with two hands. Also, Machenaud didn't end up giving himself what the World Wrestling Federation calls a DDT.

In any case, great work from Machenaud. It's funny though because if someone else had joined in the tackle or tried to get Adams down he probably would have been flipped over and Machenaud red-carded for a spear tackle. The difference between a super tackle and a red card can be so small.

2 Days, 20 Hours ago

The Top 5 Best Haka Responses ever!

I have to agree that it's gotten very tiresome. If the haka was something that was done before each professional international match at home in New Zealand, then fair enough; I could accept that.

But when every rugby match, soccer match, game of tennis, and formal welcome starts with a haka, the thing just becomes annoying. Seeing people 'welcomed' in New Zealand during the World Cup by a special haka was just ridiculous. Personally, I'd probably just yawn uncontrollably if I was facing it, or I'd just laugh at Caucasians like Ali Williams sticking his tongue out and shouting in a language he doesn't speak.

In any case, if you compare the tame haka used in the old days to the one the All Blacks use now, it shows that it's no longer about traditional dances, and now it's simply a way to get a psychological advantage over your opponent before the match starts by working yourself into a frenzy and screaming blue murder at your opponent while he remains immobile for fear of being fined or branded disrespectful of other cultures.

1 Week, 4 Days ago

France are top seeds as New Zealand go out of Women's Rugby World Cup

I don't know about that penalty try; it seemed like a pretty crap decision to me. It was given for repeated infringements, but penalty tries aren't supposed to be given for that; they're given when the team would have scored a try if not for an illegal intervention. Preventing a pass from a static ruck after a few pick-and-drives doesn't constitute preventing a certain try. It was a yellow card all day, but there's no way in hell it was a penalty try.

I'm all for positive refereeing to help the flow of the game, but this is just punishment à la carte, which seems quite farcical to me.

2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

The Top 5 Worst Celebrations in Rugby history

I think the referee said the celebration was too crap and had to disallow the try to teach Farrell an important lesson.

No, but really, it was for a forward pass; I think the one from Goode to the winger.

3 Weeks, 15 Hours ago

Ireland Women upset New Zealand on Day Two of Women's Rugby World Cup

Is that Johann Muller of South Africa or the German soccer player?

3 Weeks, 15 Hours ago

Shane Williams discusses life in Japan and that British & Irish Lions call up

10stonenumber10, you make some valid points about Davies being picked over O'Driscoll, and if that selection decision was an isolated incident then maybe I could accept it as being 'tactical', but when he picks a Welsh captain and everyone around the world says, "Why him?", when he continues to pick an underperforming Welsh scrumhalf over the others, when he picks a Welsh centre who hadn't played in six months, when he picks his old retired Welsh mate Shane Williams for one last farewell match because he happened to be on holidays nearby, it stops being an isolated incident and starts looking very much like a trend.

As well as that, I think we've all come to realise that 'pick loads of big guys and bash it up the middle' is as far as tactics go for Gatland.

1 Month, 4 Days ago

Shane Williams discusses life in Japan and that British & Irish Lions call up

DrG, tell that last point to the South African rugby administrators.

1 Month, 5 Days ago

Shane Williams discusses life in Japan and that British & Irish Lions call up

Sorry, but the point about Davies is simply not true. He absolutely was not playing good rugby, as evidenced by the fact that the deciding try in the 2nd test was his fault and he hadn't impressed at all in the actual test matches. Then, why would a Lions coach pick up-and-coming stars? The tour was going to be over a week after, so what difference would it have made if he picked an established player or an up-and-coming one? The only team Davies was an up-and-coming star for was Wales, so if he was picked for that reason then it was because Gatland saw potential to develop his Welsh player.

Then, yeah, the Lions won the third test after Gatland actually started to use some of the key players he had excluded until that point like O'Brien, Murray and a decent loosehead who could actually scrummage, but they shouldn't have been in a winner-takes-all situation in that test - they should have been going for a third test win. Australia were absolutely useless and should have been destroyed in all three tests.

In any case, the quota idea would just be foolish. It'd cause ill-will more than anything and would seriously undermine the team's chances of winning, because they'd be playing with dead-weight who are playing solely based on their nationality. The team should be picked on merit, because naturally there will always be a good mix when done like that (except lately for Scotland). Quotas should only be imposed when there's a risk of someone deserving NOT being picked based on nationality (or gender, or race, etc.). Just because Gatland turned out to pick loads of undeserving Welsh players doesn't mean that all coaches are going to be that biased, so it'd just be opening a can of worms that shouldn't be opened.

1 Month, 5 Days ago

Jonah Lomu wreaking havoc against Australia in 1995

If I remember correctly, he didn't score against Wales either. I wouldn't read into that too much though.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

Three streakers at once during Chiefs vs Hurricanes game

I don't know if you're being serious or speaking in jest, but I completely agree. Not so much about a player being slapped - although that South African fan that attacked a referee set a precedent - but more for the ridiculousness of the thing.

As a fan, when this happens, if I find myself saying, "Has the match I was watching actually been stopped because some naked fella' is running around the pitch?" then something isn't right. It's just annoying. If I was a player I'd absolutely smash the guy to the ground at the first opportunity I got.

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

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