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Prolific tryscorer Julian Savea on his debut, being starstruck and his recent tries

And there was me thinking that his strength was useless outside of rugby. He's found another use for it, anyway.

18 Hours, 35 Minutes ago

Unique footwork sets up bizarre pushover try for Leicester's David Mele

If I was the referee I would have told that centre to keep his hands off me.

3 Days, 9 Hours ago

Julian Savea scores a brace as All Blacks win comfortably vs Argentina

I was under the impression that the difference between a knock-on on a charge-down depended on the trajectory of the ball. If it's travelling upwards you charge it down, and if it's travelling downwards you knock it on.

6 Days, 19 Hours ago

Female Streaker has no regrets after high shot near miss in Napier

If you want to interrupt the game by running around naked I think you should be prepared to get absolutely smashed when the security finally catch you. And if female streakers can't be treated heavy-handedly just because they're women then they shouldn't streak in the first place.

And Steve Hansen can do his best to look like a nice-guy all he wants but to say that the security measures in place should prevent this is a bit hopeful. To make it absolutely impossible to streak would require a massive security presence with fences and guards everywhere. Paying an extra few hundred thousand per game to make sure c**ts like this don't streak doesn't seem very feasible.

The difference in punishment between her and the guy is also ridiculous.

1 Week, 18 Hours ago

Julian Savea scores a brace as All Blacks win comfortably vs Argentina

I think the Argentine captain is as much to blame as the ref. For such an absolutely appalling decision he should have gone to the referee and demanded that the video referee be consulted. I'm all for respecting the referee's decision and such, but a blatantly incorrect call needs to be brought to the referee's attention.

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Rugby World Cup 2015 advert featuring rousing team talk from Charles Dance

Paul Wallace appeared at 2.02. He works in England though.

2 Weeks, 13 Hours ago

Scrumhalf Maxime Machenaud lifts and carries Heini Adams in big tackle

That isn't at all a replication of what George North did. North had the ball and picked up his tackler one-handed; Machenaud didn't have the ball and tackled the ball-carrier with two hands. Also, Machenaud didn't end up giving himself what the World Wrestling Federation calls a DDT.

In any case, great work from Machenaud. It's funny though because if someone else had joined in the tackle or tried to get Adams down he probably would have been flipped over and Machenaud red-carded for a spear tackle. The difference between a super tackle and a red card can be so small.

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

The Top 5 Best Haka Responses ever!

I have to agree that it's gotten very tiresome. If the haka was something that was done before each professional international match at home in New Zealand, then fair enough; I could accept that.

But when every rugby match, soccer match, game of tennis, and formal welcome starts with a haka, the thing just becomes annoying. Seeing people 'welcomed' in New Zealand during the World Cup by a special haka was just ridiculous. Personally, I'd probably just yawn uncontrollably if I was facing it, or I'd just laugh at Caucasians like Ali Williams sticking his tongue out and shouting in a language he doesn't speak.

In any case, if you compare the tame haka used in the old days to the one the All Blacks use now, it shows that it's no longer about traditional dances, and now it's simply a way to get a psychological advantage over your opponent before the match starts by working yourself into a frenzy and screaming blue murder at your opponent while he remains immobile for fear of being fined or branded disrespectful of other cultures.

4 Weeks, 22 Hours ago

France are top seeds as New Zealand go out of Women's Rugby World Cup

I don't know about that penalty try; it seemed like a pretty crap decision to me. It was given for repeated infringements, but penalty tries aren't supposed to be given for that; they're given when the team would have scored a try if not for an illegal intervention. Preventing a pass from a static ruck after a few pick-and-drives doesn't constitute preventing a certain try. It was a yellow card all day, but there's no way in hell it was a penalty try.

I'm all for positive refereeing to help the flow of the game, but this is just punishment à la carte, which seems quite farcical to me.

1 Month, 5 Days ago

The Top 5 Worst Celebrations in Rugby history

I think the referee said the celebration was too crap and had to disallow the try to teach Farrell an important lesson.

No, but really, it was for a forward pass; I think the one from Goode to the winger.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

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