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A look at England and Georgia's epic scrum training session

Yeah, seeing Georgia get beaten even worse than Italy would be a great idea.

2 Days, 20 Hours ago

Anscombe try disallowed by TMO as England edge Wales at Twickenham

Are you actually joking? Back off his hand into his knee? So the ball was travelling forward at pace, but somehow it magically completely changed direction on contact with his fingers, and this change of direction is clearly visible in the milliseconds between it hitting his fingers and it hitting his knee? So even though all logic would suggest it's a knock-on, it's actually not?

Just admit that it wasn't a try.

6 Days, 20 Hours ago

Anscombe try disallowed by TMO as England edge Wales at Twickenham

Your video has made all the posts on this topic - including mine - completely irrelevant. I hope you're happy!

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Anscombe try disallowed by TMO as England edge Wales at Twickenham

I actually thought it was a knock-on, although I can understand why other people say it's a try.

I also thought the penalty and three points against Farrell for playing the scrumhalf was ridiculous.

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Johnny Sexton's last minute heroics hailed as 'inspirational' by Joe Schmidt

Henderson. The guy is being sold short. He had a fantastic match. First the catch, then he got over the gainline two phases before Sexton's drop, giving him the necessary time to execute.

1 Week, 5 Days ago

Add this one to the list of the craziest rugby bloopers you've ever seen

Does anyone else think sevens is kind of ridiculous? This kind of stuff happens all the time. Even the players don't take it seriously.

2 Weeks, 5 Days ago

Ruan Pienaar's controversial stalling asks questions about the spirit of the law

It's more a problem of the law-makers. 90 seconds for a conversion is absurd. The intelligent thing to do would be stop the clock as soon as the try is scored and restart after the conversion. That way the time factor is completely removed and nobody worries about taking too long or too little.

I'd say Pienaar was crafty rather than unsporting.

2 Weeks, 6 Days ago

Filthy tackle leaves Josua Tuisova seeing red

Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought Botha was generally regarded as hard, but also a thug. Armitage was regarded as one of the worst examples of rugby players around. Having respectable players like Wilkinson doesn't balance that. Not to mention Bastareaud, Maa Nonu, SBW. I just picked the worst offenders to simplify.

The culture is also typified by the owner, who publicly berated referees when his team lost and, as mentioned, created a team of mercenaries to buy the Heineken Cup.

And I don't see what's wrong with the rest of my comment. Also, 'few Toulon whistlers'? They put have really powerful whistles, because those 'few whistlers' are so loud it seems like the entire crowd is whistling.

3 Weeks, 1 Hour ago

Filthy tackle leaves Josua Tuisova seeing red

Toulon isn't exactly the most respectable club at any level. They became successful with the worst examples of sportsmen around like Delon Armitage and Bakkies Botha, they bought their way to success, so seeing that their fans are as disrespectful as this isn't really surprising.

3 Weeks, 18 Hours ago

Wayne Barnes humbles moany Ma'a with a schoolboy telling off

Now that you mention it, I haven't seen 10m given for backchat in years and years. And it's not because there's no backchat.

3 Weeks, 4 Days ago