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Michael Hooper cited for off the ball punch against Argentina

Tegid, you say he should have let the officials deal with it, but there is no way in hell the officials were going to deal with that.

It's like rucking. Back when you risked being rucked you made sure to get out of the way. Now that there's no risk people are always on the wrong side. If you pull someone's jersey and get a smack in the head then you're not going to do it next time. It's self-policing.

3 Days, 4 Hours ago

All Blacks score late to deny Springboks in another Ellis Park classic

Jimmy, I don't think any NH (I don't know why it's a hemisphere thing considering the good teams are confined to Europe) will be a match for New Zealand, but England and Ireland have a fairly good record against SA, and I wouldn't discount France's chances either. SA even lost to Australia before the match here, so it's not like they're invincible.

3 Days, 14 Hours ago

The Two Greatest Teams in the History of Rugby Face Off on Saturday

Is that 'historically the two greatest teams' or are they claiming that the current two teams are the best that have ever played? There'd be an argument to make for New Zealand being the best ever, although I definitely wouldn't agree, but the current South African team are definitely not the second best that there's ever been. Even the SA team of 2009 is better than the current one.

5 Days, 16 Hours ago

Alesana and brother Vavae Tuilagi cause damage against the USA

It's funny because shoulder charges normally blast the person onto the ground, but in the case of Tuilagi it just made him change direction and nothing more.

1 Week, 1 Day ago

Ed Morrison admits that Springboks probably scored try in 1995 World Cup Final

Hi Stroudos, I think Eddie-g is saying that Cueto didn't score. He was talking about bad camera angles being used, but he said that the fact that Cueto did put his foot in touch saved the referees' bacon.

I actually don't see how he scored. Maybe English and non-English have different agendas and so we both see what we want to see, but for me his foot clearly brushes the line. Watching the replay, Stuart Barnes doesn't even entertain the thought that his foot brushed the line, making me think that his judgement was based on emotion rather than the video evidence. Is it not really obvious?

2 Weeks, 13 Hours ago

Ed Morrison admits that Springboks probably scored try in 1995 World Cup Final

An occasional cock-up is to be expected, but handing the home team the final on a silver platter goes beyond an occasional cock-up. The referee's job is to handle pressure.

2 Weeks, 1 Day ago

New Zealand beat England to fifth Under 20s World Championship title

RD, that should be 'Cremona' rather than 'Cremano'.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

South Africa beat Australia to book Under 20's semi final spot - Day 3 Highlights

Seeing tries awarded without 5 minutes of video consultation is actually great - I had forgotten what it was like.

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

Sergio Parisse brilliant inside flick sets up try for victorious Stade Francais

If he had been born in New Zealand we'd be looking at the man regarded as the best player of the 21st century so far. Superb, as always.

1 Month, 2 Weeks ago

Friday Funnies - Henry Seniloli's premature showboating costs Treviso a try

If I was the Treviso management I would actually get rid of him just for this. Absolutely unforgivable. So unprofessional.

2 Months, 1 Week ago