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Stuart Hogg named Six Nations Player of the Championship for 2016

Thanks for the introduction.

He was a deserving winner. There were other people that played well, but he was a cut above the rest of them in a less than oustanding team.

1 Month, 4 Days ago

England take the Grand Slam after beating France in Paris

My comment was centred around the fact that he's in front of Cole and literally has his arms and body wrapped around him to protect him from tacklers. Let's put it like this: if Vunipola had disappeared into thin air a second before the tackle would Guirado have tackled Cole? Yes. Did Vunipola act as a screen and prevent that tackle from being made? Quite clearly yes. I don't really understand where the doubts are.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

Johnny Sexton blasted by fans and players for playacting

I really don't want you to be right, but it's difficult to argue with what you're saying.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

England take the Grand Slam after beating France in Paris

I'm sorry but it's simply not true that there no was obstruction and Guirado just aimed for the wrong person. Go to 2.20 in the video above and you'll see clearly that Vunipola was blocking Cole from being tackled. Vunipola literally has his arms wrapped around Cole and his body in front of him at the moment the tackle is made. It really couldn't be any clearer.

I don't even buy the bit about him thinking Vunipola was the receiver - Cole clearly had the ball, and even if Guirado picked the wrong guy, the obstruction is still there, as clear as day.

Just because Nigel Owens is the best referee around doesn't make him perfect, and here he made a crap decision.

And one point that a few commentators made was that it wasn't considered obstruction because there was another player immediately available to make the tackle and so the defending team didn't suffer as a result, which is complete nonsense.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

England take the Grand Slam after beating France in Paris

That try was a complete joke. Clear obstruction. Even if there's another player ready to make the tackle, the first one has been taken out of the equation and so the defending team is a man down. And asking a fullback to tackle a tighthead who has built up a head of steam instead of the hooker who had lined him up doing it is not ok. Terrible, terrible decision from Owens.

1 Month, 1 Week ago

Tomas Lavanini suspended for a week for diving on tryscorer

Admission of guilt reduces your sentence by 50%? Is that a joke? His guilt was clear to see in the video. It's not like him pleading guilty helped the enquirers to crack the case of the otherwise unsolvable mystery. Good God they are so out of touch with reality.

1 Month, 4 Weeks ago

England stay on course with win over Ireland at Twickenham

@Stroudos, I don't really buy points 2 and 3. In fairness, for point 1, in the video Care doesn't seem to be involved - I was actually referring to the Haskell thing as being visibile. I think I remember it being a justified yellow though, although I may be wrong, so I take your point.

Point 2, Haskell is initally right to contest the ball, but he's then cleared and is clearly no longer supporting his body weight but continues to play the ball. At the moment that Murray was dragged in, he's clearly not supporting his own weight - leaning on another player and on your elbow doesn't count as being on your feet.

3. Murray initially holds the ball steady at the base of the ruck which isn't illegal (or if it is, it's literally never penalised), and when Brown competes, yes, he then holds on illegally. However, once he gets kicked in the face, I think he can be forgiven for holding on, and the pre-kick-in-the-face holding is about 1-2 seconds, so I think atrociously illegal is a bit of an exaggeration. The fact that it arrives after an English foul though - at least in the eyes of the referee - means that it's essentially a non-existent foul, so I don't think he can be blamed in the slightest.

2 Months, 20 Hours ago

England stay on course with win over Ireland at Twickenham

Am I the only one who remembers the genesis of the incident being James Haskell, off his feet, playing the ball on the ground and causing Murray to fall into the ruck in which he then held on? And that's not mentioning Care also obstructing everything, so to call Murray the cheat seems a bit one-eyed to me. You can see it at 55 seconds in here:

In any case, saying that a player holding on on the ground is mitigation for raking his face with your boot isn't really ok. It was extremely reckless and I was actually shocked when not alone was he not red-carded, but he wasn't even penalised for reckless use of the boot.

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2 Months, 22 Hours ago

The Greatest Opening Six Nations Matches Ever

2012 Six Nations: Ireland 21-23 Wales - Isn't that the match where Wales won with a last-minute penalty for a non-existent tip tackle that the IRB later said shouldn't have been given? 'Great' isn't the word I'd use for a match decided in the last minute by a crap refereeing decision. I'd say 'travesty' would be more appropriate.

2 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Throwback Thursday - When Sebastien Chabal took on the All Blacks

Oddly enough I think a Chabal is actually what the French team is missing. He was a poor, poor player, but he gave an image and an aura to a team that today is severely lacking in character. For all his flaws, sometimes teams need iconic figures like Chabal to rally around.

3 Months, 21 Hours ago