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England get the better of France with some great tries at Twickenham

One thing you cannot argue against Burgess is his physical attributes, the man is a machine. I'm super impressed by him in general, a RL forward only 10 months into union, and handling all the media hype. BUT... Think he'll be a better 6, bath will keep playing him there, he'll learn the lineouts etc and then he'll be a wrecking ball.

2 Weeks, 3 Days ago

La Rochelle defeat champions Toulon 32-29 with dramatic try in the final play

Toulon are a hard team to like, paid like footballers, and now behaving like them too.

4 Months, 1 Week ago

Massive schoolboy hit from new Edinburgh signing Nasi Manu in 2006

He is only 17 so I think you can excuse the 'afters'.

That excused, great hit, and the 11 took it like a trooper.

4 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Get Excited For The Rugby World Cup, Less Than Six Months To Go

That final left a horrible taste in my mouth. I went into it wanting NZ to win. They had been playing the best rugby for the past 8 years, France had been awful in the 2011 competition, and NZ deserved another world cup. But by half time I was cheering for France because of the way they were being treated.

NZ tried their very hardest to bottle it again, but Joubert wouldn't let them. I mean, I'm English and it frustrates me, god knows how the French feel. I think this is where all the 'conspiracy against the French' posts that we see on these forums stems from.

4 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Test Rugby Results - November 7th and 8th 2014

Hah, I'm adding that to my repertoire of comebacks, so true.

9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Springboks survive Salta scare after excellent Argentina performance

So gutted Argentina lost that one! They played great, and the last time I saw an SA scrum blown away like that was... never!

One thing is for sure, when ARG finally win, it is going to go off, and we're all going to want to be at that party.

1 Year, 1 Week ago

Beauden Barrett wins IRPA Try of the Year 2013 for try against France

Completely agree with Eddie G.

Quick and easy experiment for anyone who wants forward passes to be judged relative to the field. Next time you are training, run at full tilt from your 22, when you cross the half way line, pass the ball backwards as if you had a support runner maybe 2 metres deeper than you. See where the ball lands.

Unless you're not very quick you might be surprised

1 Year, 6 Months ago

The Top 5 Swan Dives of all time

Can I just point something out to highlight the kind of unjustified bashing Ashton gets.

1st post - "Ashton behaves like an arrogant tool, I cant wait for his dives to backfire.

This should be something saved for something special, an important match winner or milestone, not something you do every time you score."

This post - "but when I first saw his break at the WC where I went past Aus down the touchline I thought that he looked like a great winger, then he dived over and it spoiled it"

If going 90m and skinning three Aussies at Twickenham isn't a special moment, I don't know what is.

2 Years, 6 Months ago

England power past Scotland to retain Calcutta Cup at Twickenham

Scroll down to the stats comparing all the home nations opensides. That's why SL is England coach and not you.

2 Years, 7 Months ago

Will Genia's awkward post-match interview after injuring his knee

Tough luck on the injury, such an innocuous looking landing. Wish him a speedy recovery, it's a big loss before what will be a tough test against the pumas tomorrow. Also good on him for apologising at the end, a lot of guys would have just walked off and forgotten about it. Good lad.

2 Years, 11 Months ago