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Policeman tackles suspected criminal off bicycle

ye gotta love the yanks.....

1 Year, 3 Months ago

Scott Williams injures shoulder making big hit on Brian O'Driscoll

Aint karma a bitch!!!
Wales have had that match coming for a while....

1 Year, 3 Months ago

Nigel Owens shows Anthony Allen the way to the football stadium

I think owens should just concentrate on reffing instead of always looking for the lime light and to be a big celebrity!!!!

1 Year, 3 Months ago

Friday Funnies - Sebastien Chabal as a fairy in new TV ad

kick his ass seabass!!!!

1 Year, 4 Months ago

George North and Richard Hibbard huge hits in lead up to Israel Folau try

cocky welsh got brought back down to earth by the ozzies......

1 Year, 5 Months ago

Steve Thompson's incredible 80m try for England Legends + post match reaction

not bad for a fattie......
shame on the winger. hang your head son...

1 Year, 6 Months ago

Sean O'Brien gets rid of flyhalf Dan Biggar with huge handoff

the beast is back...... :)

1 Year, 7 Months ago

Dimitri Yachvili carded for swinging arm on Delon Armitage

KArmitage is a bitch!!!!!!

1 Year, 8 Months ago

Ian Madigan low blow in painful Impact Gumshield promo video

fucking brilliant.
cant stop laughing.

1 Year, 8 Months ago

Ronan O'Mahony back heel flick sets up try for James Coughlan vs Edinburgh

total mistake,
no rugby player flicks a ball to a team mate behind him with the try line at his mercy.
and if it was intentional he would have gotten a right bollocken from the coach and told never try anything like that again......

1 Year, 8 Months ago