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Sean O'Brien gets rid of flyhalf Dan Biggar with huge handoff

the beast is back...... :)

1 Year, 5 Months ago

Dimitri Yachvili carded for swinging arm on Delon Armitage

KArmitage is a bitch!!!!!!

1 Year, 6 Months ago

Ian Madigan low blow in painful Impact Gumshield promo video

fucking brilliant.
cant stop laughing.

1 Year, 6 Months ago

Ronan O'Mahony back heel flick sets up try for James Coughlan vs Edinburgh

total mistake,
no rugby player flicks a ball to a team mate behind him with the try line at his mercy.
and if it was intentional he would have gotten a right bollocken from the coach and told never try anything like that again......

1 Year, 6 Months ago

Paul O'Connell knocks out Dave Kearney with clumsy kick to the head

bad reffing by owens and touch judge, kearny was hit in the air so should have been a penalty straihgt away,
oconnell shouldnt have had the opertunity to boot kearny in the head...

1 Year, 11 Months ago

The Top Five 'Don't Argues' of All Time

i want to go on the piss with these lads!!! comical.....

2 Years, 6 Days ago

Darren Cave picks up concussion after two big tackles vs Treviso

well id much rather see cave in the centre than that stocking of shite earls.....
the sooner kidney goes the better, give some new talent a proper chance,
irish rugby has gone sooooooo stale....

2 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Midweek Madness - Rob Cook's bizarre goal kicking technique

Jonny Wilkinson has a lot to answer for......

2 Years, 3 Weeks ago

The Top 5 Swan Dives of all time

i think its funny the cock ashton doesnt get a mention... what a cock!!!!!

2 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Munster's Ronan O'Gara facing ban for deliberate kick on Sean Cox

what a tool!!!
what a cheapshot!!!!
and what was earls at diving on top of cox on the ground???
maybee he saved ogaras life :)
cox done what every professional player does, he stood his ground and made a nuisance of himself, happens in every game, just look at his team mate donnacha o'callaghan, best in the game at it....
far from a shoulder charge lads...
4 weeks son.....
would love to see kidney retire with him, sick of his stale rugby....

2 Years, 2 Months ago