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Farewell to Shane Williams - Final try and interviews after the game

I agree welshsheep, the guy deserved that game all for his own. It may have been a test match, but a test match that nonetheless mattered for no reason to anybody other than to say goodbye to the greatest player of his era.

3 Years, 1 Week ago

Shane Williams' 6 tries - British & Irish Lions Tour 2005

That tour, much like the 2009 tour, was just all wrong for him, each for different reasons. in 05 woodward just stuck him out on the wing and basically said "mark sivivatu", whilst at the same time told the rest of the team "remember england in 03? yeah? well try and play like that". it was never going to work like that.

shane roams. he goes looking fir the ball, and you often find him at first receiver more than most centres would. he thrives off a broken field, and too much structure simply squeezes him out of the game.

And in 09, the team did the opposite - in times of creative depression they just thought "give it to shane - job done". never gonna happen, no matter who you are. he often suffers for trying too hard in games. he tries things that most would never dream of trying, and when it's not a natural option (which is a result of the pressure on him to do something purely alien every time he gets the ball) it not only doesn't come off, but more often than not has a negative effect.

on both accounts, the attitude and adaptive capacity of the players and coaches around shane williams chopped down his chances to nil. so it shines a remarkable light on a player who can bounce back from that and score 5 wonderful tries, or two in the test series in 09. it also shows that he belongs nowhere but in wales. only in wales is a player like shane understood and encouraged appropriately. i'm not just talking about fast, or flair, or small players, but the daring do of shane williams combined with his romantic approach to rugby - putting the 'ball' in ballet - are uniquely welsh traits.

3 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Farewell to Shane Williams - Final try and interviews after the game

The greatest player of a generation; the Prince of Wales; the Magician; our hero, our Shane... We will miss you. Diolch yn fawr

3 Years, 2 Weeks ago

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