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Young hooker Christopher Tolofua demolishes fullback Juan Imoff

At first I was like woaaaw.... most amazing hand off ever !! And yeah, maybe it is.
But now I'm thinking more and more that Imoff was already off balance (on his heels) before the hit and not prepared at all for it (or maybe am I just looking for simple explanations). But still, amazing ! I'm trying to picture what it would have been with more speed and a lighter opponent.

4 Years, 3 Days ago

Nathan Hines hangs onto two Ulster players

3 big guys, what a skill ! haha...
No really the game was great, and Clermont played hard and better against a team which, in my opinion, used a foul play to compensate and tilt the scale towards its side (I just say, coz according to the vid one could think the opposite).
I have to say the very "liberal" style of the referee didn't help too, but Clermont really won by the sweat of their brows.

4 Years, 1 Week ago

Hat-tricks for wingers as Clermont thrash Aironi in Italy

Certainly one of the biggest difference in terms of final score in the HCup history.

4 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Samu Manoa and Mike Haywood crunching tackles vs Harlequins

*I meant inhabited continents

4 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Samu Manoa and Mike Haywood crunching tackles vs Harlequins

Sorry dude we're on RD, so I'm annoyed to go on with the debate, but I can't stand reading false statements on the net.
First, officially there are only 5 continents on Earth (America, Europe, Asia and Oceania).
Secondly, Eurasian may sometimes refer to what you say, for practical reasons, but Eurasia=Europe+Asia, not only the place where the 2 continents meet.
And thirdly... well, I think it's a bit insulting for Juggernauter to be told from a foreigner (I presume) where he lives and how it's called.

4 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Maxime Medard and Louis Picamoles tear Lyon apart

The video you can watch by clicking the link in the end of the paragraph is really good, I recommend it !

4 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Highlights of Toulon vs Clermont, including Rougerie fight & Smith yellow

I guess you're right.
I'm just frustrated that people watch the french squad once (world cup), and then make themselves a wrong opinion of the french squad, french Top14, and all french players !
That was so not representative of french rugby, except the final, and not really what the french federation expected to promote.
Instead of that we had all the nz medias, and more important, all the world betting against us, and admittedly, we did nothing wrong (only poor games).

4 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Highlights of Toulon vs Clermont, including Rougerie fight & Smith yellow


"You can make all the "attempts" to catch the ball you want but if we start allowing players to just charge out of the line whenever possible, as the opponent is putting the pressure, to knock passes down, then it'll lead to guys just pretending to catch balls they really have no hope of catching [...]"

Excuse me but when a player touch the ball, even with one hand only, he's pretty damn close to the interception.

If he was offside I wouldn't say anything, but why penalising a player who makes that effort ? Intercepting, or just touching the ball being passed, is not sthg anybody could do, it requires a powerful acceleration, timing, and is also very risky for the defending team.

This kind of penalties/cards for "knocking the ball" are really obsolete and not in line at all with the spirit of the game, imo. And I don't know anybody stupid enough to go and knock the ball willingly, whereas when you can do that you can often catch it aswell.

4 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Highlights of Toulon vs Clermont, including Rougerie fight & Smith yellow

I can't say I have sympathy for you. Wait, let me guess...

You've watched the last world cup and have discovered Rougerie, certainly because of the "eye-gouge" on McCaw (and btw given his attitude during and after the game, and Rougerie behaviour background, I would clearly say it was accidental and McCaw heavily milked it...) am I right ? With a bit of 'luck' you're also maybe a fair reader of the NewZealand Herald.

And now what ? You're comparing Ashton and Rougerie ??

Your comments are killing me. Ashton might be a bitch but Rougerie is a fair player only focused on the game, like most of Clermont players apart from Cudmore.

NB: I've seen the game, Rougerie was just pulling Oriolli out of the fight to free Parra, when Oriolli jumped on him and attacked him. The sinbin is unfair, Rougerie did not throw a single fist.

4 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Fight Night in France - Agen vs Biarritz mass brawl

Hahaha, and the commentator: "it's been a long time we haven't seen such pictures in Top 14..."

And as a matter of fact Agen is involved ! For sure they know something about fighting spirit, and I'm a bit surprised Agen coaches Deylaud and Lanta didn't take part in the scuffle !
Reminds me of this, in september:

4 Years, 1 Month ago