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The Top 5 Rugby Magicians of All Time

Yes cooper is very good when he is on form. What makes him look great are the rediculous passes he tries. More often than not the passes mess up and he gives away possession. A truely great player knows when to throw the insane pass and when to leave it. A player like O'Driscoll. Cooper doesn't know when to leave the stupid pass and hold onto possession

3 Years, 7 Months ago

Courtney Lawes big tackle on Wasps flyhalf Nicky Robinson

Lawes Really need to sort out his tackling, big hits are good and all but the manner in which Lawes does it is too often leading to people getting injured. If he doesnt he will most likely send a player or two the way of Kobus Engelbrecht (R.I.P.) or Matt Hampson and ruin their career or possibly even worse. in my opinion the RU and IRB have been to lenient with him i.e. the two week ban during the world cup(he got off easy because he was a big player on a team that was expected to go far). They need to impose harsher bans on him to encourage him to tackle safer or he will cause a serious incedent.

5 Years, 11 Months ago