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Carl Hayman suspended for four weeks for Zee Ngwenya spear tackle

why spear tackle? its so obvious, referee's are getting increasingly strict with spear tackles and with the introduction of white cards could mean further off the field penilties

6 Years, 1 Day ago

The Beautiful Bulls on CGW ahead of their clash with the Chiefs

Nice to hear commentators having a bit of a laugh, dont want to hear facts and statistics all the time, ey?

6 Years, 2 Days ago

Quade Cooper returns after seven months off through injury

Best of luck to him, hope he comes back with a bang, quality player.

He does seem like a decent bloke but stil, Il dont like "any" player that gives cheap shots or rubs it peoples face when their down. hope to see less of that in the future and more rugby from him

6 Years, 4 Days ago